HL Relationship Quests

In the Shadow of the Bloodline
Sebastian and Ominis were seen arguing in the Great Hall. You should find out what this is about. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Speak with Sebastian: follow the map to Sebastian and talk with him. After talking with him, you have completed this quest.

At 00:00 starts In the Shadow of the Bloodline.

The Lost Child
Natty has learned of a wizard in Lower Hogsfield who is being harassed by Theophilus Harlow, Rockwood’s right-hand man. You should meet her there to investigate.
It appears that something has happened to Mr Bickle. You should speak with Mrs Bickle to find out the details.
Mrs Bickle’s son Archie is missing. She mentioned that he has a hideout south of the hamlet. You two should look there.
Natty and you found what appears to be Archie’s hideout – but it looks as though it’s been ransacked. Revelio should help you two find him.
Using Revelio, you two were able to uncover a series of children’s footsteps. You two should follow them to see where they lead.
Natty and you encountered a pack of wolves while following Archie’s footsteps. They are blocking your way through. Natty and you are going to need to deal with them.
There are signs here of disturbance in the area. We should look for any clue that Archie was here.
Natty and you found Archie’s satchel in the area. He must have dropped it or left it behind for some reason.
You two found multiple sets of footprints and signs of distress. Archie could be in trouble! You two need to follow the trail.
All trails led Natty and you to an Ashwinder tent. You hope that Archie can be found inside and that it’s not too late.
You two have reached the interior of the Ashwinder tent. There are plenty of Ashwinders inside. You two will need to be careful while you search for Archie.
Natty and you found Archie Bickle. Luckily, he seems unharmed, but he is being held in a cage in the lower level of the Ashwinder tent. You must unlock it to free him.
You have unlocked Archie’s cage. Now to speak with him about how he got here.
You two have brought Archie home safely. His mother will be relieved. You need to speak with her. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Meet Natty in Lower Hogsfield: follow the map to Natty and talk with her.
  • Speak with Mrs Bickle: follow the map to Mrs Bickle and talk with her.
  • Find Archie’s hideout: follow the map to the hideout.
  • Search Archie’s hideout: use revelio to find footsteps.
  • Follow Archie’s trail: follow the footsteps.
  • Defeat the wolves: defeat the wolves in a duel.
  • Investigate the area: use revelio to find Archie’s Satchel and investigate it.
  • Track Archie by casting Revelio: cast another time Revelio to find more footsteps.
  • Follow the trail: follow the footsteps.
  • Enter the Ashwinders’ charmed tent: go inside the tent.
  • Find Archie Bickle: it appears to be a very big tent on the inside. Archie is st the bottom of the tent. On your way, you have to duel some enemies.
  • Unlock the cage: use alohomora level 1 on the cage.
  • Speak with Archie: talk with Archie.
  • Speak with Mrs Bickle: bring Archie home and talk with his mother. After talking with his mother, you have completed this quest.

At 07:18 starts The Lost Child.

Casting Revelio at the hideout
Investigating the Satchel
Casting Revelio Again near the Satchel
Entering the tent
Opening up Archie's cage

In the Shadow of the Study
Sebastian wants to meet outside the Slytherin common room to talk to you about Slytherin’s Scriptorium.
You think you may be able to convince Ominis to help us find Slytherin’s Scriptorium. Sebastian knows where he is. You should follow him.
We need to get through this first door. Ominis said it has something to do with threes and the braziers.
We were able to find the hidden entrance to Slytherin’s Scriptorium with Ominis’s help. Now to see what lies ahead.
We’ve come to another locked door blocking our path. We should look for any clues that may help us.
After you repaired the relief on the wall, you heard low hissing. You should talk to Ominis about this.
Ominis is a Parselmouth and so can understand snakes. He needs to use that ability to open the door.
Ominis was able to open the door using Parseltongue. Now to go through it and see what lies beyond.
The Serpent Door closed behind us, so there’s no turning back now.
You found a diary entry from Noctua Gaunt, Ominis’s aunt.
It seems the Cruciatus Curse is our only way forward. Sebastian needs to convince Ominis to cast the curse.
Ominis refused to cast the curse. You need to discuss with Sebastian what to do next.
We used the Cruciatus Curse to open the door, finally making it inside. Now, it’s time to search this place.
You found a mysterious book in Slytherin’s Scriptorium. It may hold the answers that Sebastian is looking for. You should give it to him.
You gave the book to Sebastian and he seems hopeful. We got what we came for, now it’s time to leave.
Now that we’ve left the Scriptorium, Ominis seems determined to stop Sebastian from going further down this path and asked him never to do this sort of thing again.
You can choose if you learn Crucio from this quest. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Meet Sebastian outside the Slytherin common room: follow the map to the Slytherin common room and talk with Sebastian.
  • Go with Sebastian to meet Ominis: follow the map to Ominis and talk with him.
  • Open Slytherin’s door: cast fast enough confringo on the three torches.
  • Explore beyond the doorway: go inside the doorway.
  • Figure out how to progress: use reparo on the wall.
  • Speak with Ominis about the hissing: talk with Ominis.
  • Wait for Ominis to open the door: Ominis will use his parseltongue to open the door.
  • Explore beyond the Serpent Door: go inside.
  • Find a way through: light up the torch and move the dials under the snake to the same symbols up the gates to get further through the maze.
  • Talk to Sebastian: speak to Sebastian.
  • Wait for Sebastian to talk to Ominis/talk to Ominis about Crucio: according to your choice, let Sebastian talk to Ominis or talk to him yourself.
  • Talk to Sebastian: speak again with Sebastian. Here you get the choice if you want to learn Crucio or not.
  • Explore beyond the doorway: go through the doorway.
  • Search Slytherin’s Scriptorium: find a book.
  • Give the book to Sebastian: talk to Sebastian, to give him the book.
  • Leave the Scriptorium: interact with the snake to leave the scriptorium.
  • Listen to what Ominis has to say: listen to Ominis and Sebastian talk. After their talk, you have completed this quest.

At 28:09 starts In the Shadow of the Study.

Casting confringo on the first torch
Casting confringo on the second torch
Casting confringo on the third torch
Casting reparo on the wall
Lighting up torches near snakes
Moving dials under snakes
Codes for the first gate
Codes for the second gate
Codes for the third gate
Choice for learning crucio
Slytherin's Spellbook
Way out of the Scriptorium