Halloween 2019

It is Halloween on My Candy Love. It starts October 24th 2019 and it will last until November 2nd 2019. So you have 10 days to complete this event. In this event you and your friends will be organizing a party in an abandoned manor. You need to succeed 14 mission to complete this event. Each day you can do two missions. To succeed each mission you have to give the right answer. If you don’t want to wait for the next mission you can spend 50 AP. With the first mission you get clothes items and with the second one you get pieces of an illustration. If you complete all the missions you get a bonus outfit and illustration.

Day 1:

Mission 1:

Chani: Yeah, but… I’m not sure how we could go about confirming that…

A. We’ll have to call the city… Maybe they have some information that could be useful to us. (Correct answer)
B. The best thing to do would be to go on site and see for ourselves.
C. We could send a letter to the house in question to ask for authorization. We could also look up the number in the phonebook!

Mission 2:

Chani: What should we do?

A. We don’t have the choice. We could try to open the door. In the worst case, if someone is there, we could just say we thought the place was abandoned and apologize.
B. We could try to yell… Maybe they didn’t hear us knocking.
C. We could set up a sort of test… to see if someone comes by here, and come back tomorrow. (Correct answer)

Day 2:

Mission 3:

Alexy: I should be able to open it with a good kick.

A. NO! (Correct answer)
B. We could use a knife from the kitchen, to try and force the mechanism. That way we wouldn’t damage the door.
C. Maybe it’s a bedroom or… a bathroom. Try to force the door, but not too hard.

Mission 4:

Chani: (Choices)

A. No, I would prefer not to organize the Halloween party here. I don’t feel comfortable.
B. This place is a real find! We have to do it here! (Correct answer)
C. We should keep looking around a bit more before we decide.

Day 3:

Mission 5:

Yeleen: No. I mean that the painting moved. It’s… shifted.

A. Haha! Your imagination is playing tricks on you, Yeleen… (Correct answer)
B. If you’re saying that just to convince us to have the party elsewhere, it’s too late. We voted, Yeleen!
C. A shifted painting, that doesn’t mean much.


Priya: Yeah, but it’s still small to take care of a whole group of students, don’t you think?

A. Not if we call on professionals… Like a caterer who would handle all the cooking!
B. Candy and other sweets! Perfect for Halloween! (Correct answer)
C. We could make different pasta salads and punches. It’s easy, and everyone should find something they like!

Day 4:

Mission 7:

Yeleen: Someone is in this manor!

A. No way… You must have set it somewhere while walking around.
B. Go look for it while we finish agreeing on the food situation, okay? (Correct answer)
C. The painting and now the phone… It seems like this place just doesn’t make you feel comfortable.

Mission 8:

Chani: Yeah, there is also this old book about creatures of the night in medieval folklore.

A. What does the book say, Mr. Zaidi? The one about the haunted house?
B. What are the works of Edgar Allan Poe about?
C. A book about creatures of the night in medieval folklore? (Correct answer)

Day 5:

Mission 9:

Alexy: Who wants to try them on?

A. No, that’s not a good idea. These clothes don’t belong to us, we should leave them where we found them.
B. They won’t be the right size for everyone… But yeah, it could give us some ideas for our costume party. (Correct answer)
C. Yeah, I really want to try on that golden outfit! The fabric is so soft.

Mission 10:

You get this illustrations piece automatic, if you just play through the dialogue.

Day 6:

Mission 11:

Alexy: No, it’s probably just a window that opened.

A. Yeah, one of us should go see.
B. I’ll go see. I’ll be right back.
C. Let’s go see… together! (Correct answer)

Mission 12:

Priya: The noise sounded loud for just a draft… And I thought I heard a piano with…

A. We aren’t going to leave without understanding what is going on here! Let’s go look around the ground floor.
B. I thought I saw a room with a piano… We should go see.
C. Personally, I would prefer to go back to campus… I don’t feel at ease here. (Correct answer)

Day 7:

Mission 13:

Yeleen: We’ve been here way too long!

A. We have to go back upstairs to look for him. We don’t have the choice. (Correct answer)
B. Maybe he went outside… Let’s go outside to check things out.
C. Maybe we should call him…?

Mission 14:

Alexy: I urge you, our carelessness is pushing you towards the edge, we need to get out of the abysses.

A. Maybe he needs to eat something. He may be have low blood sugar…
B. We need to call an ambulance, immediately!
C. Now that we have Alexy, let’s get out of here! He may need medical help… (Correct answer)

Note: Right after Melody’s bubble that is interrupted by the GRRRRRRRRR…, the jump scare will begin upon clicking you next “(Next)”. Please mute your computer’s sound or the entire site if you’re not comfortable with jump scares.

Needle Knight
Boots 25G
Belt 25G
Sword 30G
Dress 40G
Shoulder Pads 30G
Tunic 35G
Coat 45G
Wig 55G

Red Sorceress
Top 35G
Gloves 10G
Pants 40G
Helmet 30G
Boots 25G
Coat 50G
Magic 15G
Wig 65G

Bonus Outfit:
Vampire Countess
Wig 60G
Pants 40G
Boots 30G
Coat 55G
Blouse 30G
Lavallière 20G
Vest 25G

Event illustration

Bonus illustration