Sprouting A Story

Sprouting A Story
You found a mysterious book with a sketch of WALL-E on one cover…
You found a strange book with a drawing of WALL-E on it — what could it be
WALL-E’s plant is sick! But the book you found has a magical story that can help heal the plant… if only you can find more of the story.
The continuous story time has helped the plant perk up a little, but it’s still in danger!
The story continues and the plant slowly heals! There’s something oddly familiar about this story, but you’ll have to find more pages to confirm your suspicions.
You found all the pages, but disaster strikes — the plant is gone!
Mother Gothel is behind the disappearance of the plant, and you’ll need to fulfill her request before she tells you where she left the plant.
Mother Gothel has been appeased, and luckily she left the plant in WALL-E’s House (which she had thought was the Village’s garbage dump).
You have to by the Dapper WALL-E Dream Bundle for 4.000 Moonstones to get this quest. After completing this quest you will get WALL-E’s Scavenged Items Crate. In that crate is 50 Iron Ores, 3 White & Pink Falling Penstemons, 3 White Bell Flowers, 25 Pebbles and 2.805 Star Coins. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it.

  • You have to find a book on Dazzle Beach to start this quest. 
  • Show the Ancient Storybook you just found to WALL-E: go talk with WALL-E to show him the book. 
  • Follow WALL-E: follow WALL-E to his house. 
  • Go inside WALL-E’s House: go inside his house.  
  • Talk to WALL-E: go talk to him.
  • Keep an eye out for the missing 10 Storybook Page in the Peaceful Meadow and on Dazzle Beach: you can find 5 in the peaceful meadow and 5 at dazzle Bach. 5 of them are in night thorns and 5 just lay on the ground. 
  • Go back to WALL-E’s house: go back inside WALL_E’s house. 
  • Talk to WALL-E to read to the plant: go talk with WALL-E.
  • Keep an eye out for the missing 18 Storybook Page in the Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor: you can find 9 pages in the Glade of Trust and 9 in the Forest of Valor. 5 of them are in night thorns, 3 in mushrooms, 2 in ice blocks and 8 just lay on the ground.
  • Talk to WALL-E: go talk with WALL-E, he is in his house.
  • Keep an eye out for the missing 22 Storybook Page in the Sunlit Plateau and in the Frosted Heights: there are 11 at Sunlit Plateau and 11 in Frosted Heights. 7 of them are in night thorns, in 3 ice blocks, 3 at the Vitalys mines and 9 just lay on the ground. 
  • Talk to WALL-E: you can see on the map where he is.
  • Check on the plant in WALL-E’s House: go inside WALL-e’s house.
  • Oh no! The plant is gone! Search the House for a clue: pick up the youth tonic from the floor.
  • Talk to WALL-E: he is with you in his house.
  • Figure out the owner of the Youth Tonic: go talk with Mother Gothel. 
  • Gather Mother Gothel’s Ingredients; 6 Cucumber, 8 Seaweed and 5 Sunflower: Cucumbers can be found at Goofy’s stall on the frosted heights. Seaweed you can get with fishing everywhere. Sunflowers can be found on Dazzle Beach.
  • Bring the ingredients to Mother Gothel: you can find on the map where she is. 
  • Check in WALL-E’s House for the missing plant: go inside WALL-E’s house. 
  • The plant is back! Talk to WALL-E to read to the plant: with reading the last part of the story, you complete this quest. 

At 00:37:54 starts Sprouting A Story quest.

Ancient Storybook
Storybook page on the ground
Storybook page in the night thorns
Storybook page in ice block
Storybook page in mushroom
Storybook page in vitalys mines
Youth Tonic