UL Episode 13

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Action points: 1000-1400 AP

Outfit Rayan 195G
Outfit Nathaniel & Hyun 195G
Outfit Castiel & Priya 195G

Illustrations: 5 Total. You can get 1 out of 5 in a single playtrough. The illustrations are based on outfit.

Fairy/Auntie: in front of Sweet Amoris high. She can be found during the object: Go to the café. You will get fantasy socks.


Castiel & Priya 195G

Nathaniel & Hyun 195G

Rayan 195G

You start this episode in your room. You hear that the network is back on again. You will make a call with your parents.

Then it is time for your class. After class, you will lunch with Melody in the cafeteria.


I meant to tell you, for the Viking presentation we did…

A. Yeah, we weren’t exactly the most dynamic duo in the class. But we got by all the same.
B. It’s fun to study together. I liked it. +
C. We’ll do better next time. /

When lunch is over, you go outside. And you find Chani, who is back for school.


Yeah, she always worries too much!

A. Personally, my parents didn’t even bother to give me some sign of life!
B. They worry about their daughter? The little Chani who goes urbexing and has all kinds of weird experiences? +
C. She’s definitely right to worry about her daughter. She’s a mother, you know! /

Looks like the storm has passed.

A. You can put it that way, yeah. /
B. It’s partially thanks to you. /
C. If you only knew, so many things have happened in a week, I get the impression that a whole year has gone by! +

Something tells me the evening didn’t stop there.

A. That’s wild, how do you do it?!
B. Oh, it did, it all ended at the band’s event at the bar.

I’m happy for you. Priya seems like a nice person.

A. It doesn’t bother you?
B. Thanks Chani. / or +

Oh, well, you know, she’s always campaigning for the environment and keeps talking to her plants all day long.

A. I feel like all I do is talk about myself when we’re together. /
B. Do you go out and do stuff together, other than just being roommates? /

The next day will start. You forget to set your alarm. But Administrative Officer will be at your door just before you first class starts.

Administrative Officer:

But I guess you intended to skip class! Considering your first class starts in a few minutes, young lady!

A. No! I just forgot to set my alarm for this morning! I was obviously planning on going to class! /
B. You make the rounds at night now? /

Your first class will be from Mr. Zaidi.



A. I wasn’t expecting to see my first name on the board.
B. You really have to stay focused in class… I’ll do what I can to stay in the back of the room next time.
C. If you call me up at the end of each class, people are going to end up suspecting something… Sir. +

Then nothing special will happens until thursday night.



A. I thought we were supposed to see each other to talk. Do you have… something else in mind?
B. Let’s go, I can’t wait to see what your apartment looks like. /

I didn’t want to tell you all that… I didn’t want to scare you away…

A. I’m still here, aren’t I? +
B. Nath, you absolutely must go to the police, regardless of what it costs you. /
C. I can’t believe you did that… How… /

It’s starting to get late and if I’m not mistaken, you have class tomorrow morning, right?

A. You have class, too. Don’t you? +
B. Yes, you’re right… I’d better get back. /

Because I’m not going to be able to be good very long if you stay in my room a minute more.

A. Who said I wanted you to be good? /
B. So it’d be better if you walked me back then, yeah. / or +

You will go back to your room. Friday will go by. And then it is Saturday and you have to work at the café.

Now you can find the fairy. When you walk out of the campus gate you take the bus. You will be in front of sweet amoris high. Just keep taking the bus back and forward until she pops up.



A. I’m glad to see you today, this week was long without running into you. /
B. By the way… are your parents doing OK? Did you get to talk to them some more? +


We’ll only order if you promise to come have a drink with us tonight at the Snake Room!

A. Looks like you’ve bounced back! +
B. Your attempt at blackmail is unacceptable, Sir! /

Alexy and Morgan will take you to the snake room to have a night out. You will meet there some friends.


Is everything OK…? You seem… uptight.

A. Y-yes, really everything’s fine.
B. I think we should wait a while to show ourselves in public.
C. It’s just that this is… the first time for me. It’s dumb, I feel like everyone’s looking at us. +

For sure… I knew that in law, the quantity of personal work would be huge, but… sometimes I implode.

A. Seriously? Still, you seem so solid, it seems like you’re manage your study load no sweat. +
B. I know what it’s like! Hang in there. /



A. Listen, about last time, I know we got interrupted… /
B. I’m glad to see you. /
C. So, our pictures in the newspaper didn’t cause too much trouble? +

I was passing by here when…

A. I thought we couldn’t get together because you were too busy… And I was waiting to hear from you about this weekend.
B. I would’ve loved to spend the evening with you tonight… I’m disappointed not to have seen you earlier. +

I was on my way home… The band members are coming to my place to compose.

A. Do you have to? +
B. I understand, you must be exhausted after a day of rehearsing…
C. So we won’t see each other the whole weekend?


A. I understand, you should’ve already been with them. They can’t compose without the band’s lead singer. / or +
B. Thanks for walking me back.

B-but… I understand how that could be a problem for you. We can… be careful when we’re in public.

A. I admit it bothers me a little to know that a paparazzi might be hiding in one of those bushes, waiting to take the perfect picture. / or +
B. No… I’m kind of surprised. I didn’t think you wanted to “own up” to it.


So, good night, then?

A. You know, my roommate might still be gone… You could, come with me.
B. I’m glad I ran into you tonight… Unexpected things like that brighten up an evening. /

The next morning your roommate Yeleen will be back.



A. Is your mother the one who got you the interview? /
B. I was gonna say, at first I thought you were going to be managing a gallery at the Tate!


A. Does your mother know… about your new job as a guide? /
B. (I picked up my phone. I still feel like lounging around in bed.) /

It is time to pick out your outfit.



A. (I can’t decide… I’ve always dreamed of wearing this maxi slit dress. It looks so good on me!) Towards Rayan’s illustration
B. (I love this lace dress and my yellow pumps will match it perfectly! But I still can’t decide…) Towards Nathaniel’s and Hyun’s illustration
C. (Nothing better than a leather jacket and vinyl pants, I like playing it “badass” now and then. But I can’t decide…) Towards Priya’s and Castiel’s illustration

Castiel & Priya 195G

Nathaniel & Hyun 195G

Rayan 195G

And then you finally have your date. 


No, go on a date.

A. Are you going to get dizzy and faint? Do I need to bring some oxygen? /
B. I have a hard time believing you. You must have had dates in the past few years?
C. So maybe we should have gone all out then: out to eat, movie, dancing and cocktails. / or +


I looked forward to that all week…

A. We didn’t manage to see each other and yet you live only a floor away.
B. The hardest part was having you with me at the café. / or +


So it’s a fight between the ones who think her behavior can be explained by her epilepsy and the ones who defend a more… supernatural cause.

A. Hmm, I’m not really into horror movies but you’re sales pitch is good!
B. I don’t mind going to see it but I’m easily entertained by horror movies, so I’m going to freak out, for sure!


Nice to see you, too. So did I pull it off successfully? A real date, out on the town, not bad, huh?

A. You won’t be able to walk me all the way back to my room but… it’s a good start.
B. I’m with you and we can talk in whispers, so yeah, you pulled it off. / or +
C. I’m with Bruce Willis and you, so yeah, definitely, you pulled it off.



A. So… Did the party at your place last night go well?
B. Did you manage to compose anything last night? / or +
C. I have a hard time believing you and I found time to get together.


A. (I moved closer, I put my hand around his waist before pressing my lips against his.)
B. (I slipped my hand in his, inconspicuously.) / or +

Illustration with Rayan

Illustration with Priya

Illustration with Nathaniel

Illustration with Hyun

Illustration with Castiel

And then episode 13 will end.