HSL Episode 32

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If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 1700 – 1900 AP

Outfit Lysander, Capucine and Peggy 36G
Outfit Rosalya 14G     

Illustrations: 4 Total. One illustration is automatic. Two depends on outfit choose and dialogue. And one you can only get if you are playing Lysander’s route.

Fairy/Auntie: Park entrance. She can be found during the objective: ask your parents to let Rosa stay with you. You will get a hairnet cap.


Rosalya 14G

Lysander & Peggy & Capucine 36G

Episode Guide:

You start the episode in your room. You just woke up it is Sunday morning. You go downstairs to have breakfast with your mother. She will tell you that your grounded time is over. You decide to call your boyfriend and spend some time with him. You will go outside to meet him. First you will come across Iris.

If you are on Lysander’s route, you will start the episode in your room. You can’t sleep. You decide to wait until a decent hour and go to Lysander in hospital. First you will go downstairs and have breakfast with your mother. She will tell you that your grounded time is over. Then you will go the hospital on your way you will meet Iris.



A. You’re really a great person Iris. I know Lysander will appreciate you wanting to go see him. +
B. How are you so nice with everyone? /
C. (Don’t say anything.)  

And then you meet your boyfriend.


But my mother decided to visit… 

A. Poor thing, I hope it went well…
B. Some atmosphere… +
C. Did you reconcile?  



A. Why didn’t you bring Demon? /
B. So… Are things going better with your parents?
C. By the way, I don’t even know where you live exactly… Is it far? +


I managed to get my way this time and chose by myself.

A. You did well! It looks great on you. +
B. I have to say I like you better before… /


A. It’s not bothering you, being outdoors?
B. So, are you pursuing your literary efforts? +
C. Did you do something special last night after your shopping spree? /


If I had been in military school for nothing, I would have felt really bad.

A. I thought you were happy that you went?
B. You didn’t go for nothing regardless. Look at how it helped you evolve.
C. By the way, you never really told me how it went over there. / Or + 

You get thirsty and you decide to go home. Your parents are not at home, what will you do?



A. (Actually, I’m too afraid to be surprised. I’ll just take a bottle of water and go back outside.)
B. (I’m at least going to call my aunt to make sure mom is over there. I hope it won’t look suspicious.)
C. (It seems the luck is on my side.) / (You will invite your boyfriend in your home)

At some time your mother gets home. You smuggle your boyfriend out of the house.

If you are on Lysander’s route you will hear that the doctor is talking with Lysander. You will meet Rosalya.


Do you want me to stay? I understand you may not want to stay here alone.

A. No. (I responded with a firm tone.) / (Towards Lysander’s illustration)
B. Yes, if you want… 

And then you can finally see Lysander



A. How are you doing? I’m very worried about you, you know. + (Towards Lysander’s illustration)
B. Do you remember me today?
C. I’m here to take Rosa’s place  

Am I right?

A. Yes, you’re right. /
B. I don’t see why you would say that.
C. There’s nothing special to know.

The next day you go back to school.


Sorry to have ruined the mood.

A. Don’t be sorry, we can’t always talk about happy things. /
B. Yeah, it’s not really very comforting.
C. I see it more as an occasion to get to know you better.

You will have art class for the first time. You will have to do a color wheel test. There will be a time cap on this test but you won’t be able to see the time ticking. So you have to do the test fast. You click on the colors and then on the place of the wheel where you want the color. These are the answers:

Going from Yellow (Y) to Cyan/Blue (B) = YYYB, YYBB, YBBB
Going from Cyan/Blue (B) to Magenta/Red (R) = BBBR, BBRR, BRRR
Going from Magenta/Red (R) to Yellow (Y) = RRRY, RRYY, RYYY

In the class you will sit next to Capucine.


It’s funny with all this talk of colors, certain paintings look like poems. 

A. You make no sense. /
B. That’s really pretty comparison!
C. (I looked at her, stunned.) +

Class is over, you will meet some people in the school.


I managed to get my way this time and chose by myself.

A. You did well! It looks great on you. +
B. I have to say I like you better before… /


A. What are you doing?
B. What were you trying to hide??+
C. Oh sorry, am I bothering you?

Ms. Delanay:

You were there during the accident, so I thought you may know more.

A. I… I went to see him, yes. /
B. I was there randomly, like you, I imagine. /



A. (Ignore her.)
B. (Look at her in the eyes.)/ (Towards Lysander’s illustration)

After this, you decide to go home. On the way home you will do some shopping.

Rosalya 14G

Lysander & Peggy & Capucine 36G

After some dialogue, the next day will begin. You will try to find Castiel to ask if he knows where Lysander’s notebook is.


What are you looking at?

A. Nothing at all… (I preferred to continue on my way.) /
B. What does it matter to you? /
C. You. You’re like a permanent show.


The more time goes on, the more he annoys me! I can’t handle his way of belittling me!!

A. Hey, don’t yell at me. It’s not my fault. +
B. Calm down, I don’t even know what you’re talking about…
C. What did he do exactly for you to be in such a state? /


Yes, but I completely messed up the color wheel exercise. As soon as it comes to picking up a paint brush or a pencil to draw, I can’t do anything, I’m stumped.

A. You can’t take classes with Violette? /
B. We can’t be good at everything.
C. I am sure you’re going to progress quickly. /

You will get this illustration automatic.


(You start conversation)

A. …Not that bad.
B. …Very surprising. /
C. …Awful.


You’re funny. How would I know more than you? 
A. Because you’re his best friend! +
B. Because you’re closer with him! /
C. Because you don’t have amnesia!

Castiel will tell you that Lysander’s notebook is probably in his locker. You will try to open it.


A. 1234
B. 2211 (Correct answer; Lysander’s birthday, November 22nd)
C. 0203 

You will go to the hospital to give Lysander his notebook.


I have some apprehensions…

A. Maybe you’re not ready yet.
B. Do you want me to leave you?/
C. Don’t be scared. You’re not alone. /

You will leave Lysander alone in the hospital. But you have lost your keys. You will not lose your keys if you are on Lysander’s route. You go back to Hospital to find them. They are in Hospital Room 2.

You will see Lysander one more time and then go back home. The next day starts. You will go to school and see Capucine talk to someone.

Amber, Charlotte and Li:


A. (I know that Capucine doesn’t care for me much, but I can’t let her face this alone, it’s so unfair.) / (Capucine’s & Peggy’s illustration)
B. (In any case, I refuse to take part in this. I’m not really in the mood to face those three pests. Especially to defend someone like Capucine.) /

Then school begins. You will have to go to science class.


Well, if he’s as young as Amber says he is, maybe she was embarrassed to admit it.

A. Are you jealous perhaps?
B. Or maybe she just wanted to keep it to herself… Sometimes there are secrets that we don’t want to tell even our closest friends. +
C. I don’t know anything at all./

In science class Capucine will burst-out in tears and run out of the class. You and Peggy will go after her. Here you get the illustration with Peggy and Capucine as long as you are wearing the right outfit and have chosen the right dialogue before.

You will try to find Rosalya. You ask her to come over and sleep at your place.


So, I hope you hung up my masterpiece in your living room?!

A. Yes, of course! My parents greatly appreciate the fine pencil techniques. /
B. Haha uh, no…. But I put it up in my locker! +
C. My goodness, how awful!

After this, you will find Rosalya. She is happy to stay at your place. She will be meeting you there in a few hours. You will go home to inform your parents about the sleep over.

Now you can meet the Fairy. You will meet her at the park entrance. Just go back and forward between the park entrance and the surrounding locations until you see her.

You convince your parents to let Rosalya stay over at your place. Rosalya will come over and you will go to your bedroom. If you have chosen to buy the pajama in this episode, you will have to put it on. Otherwise, you will have to put on the pajama from episode 23.


I refuse to believe that he’s as weird as Amber and Charlotte say he is! 

A. Well, it’s true that he seems young and his look is particularly… Original. /
B. He looks nice, at least I think so. In any case, I had never seen Capucine so kind to someone! / (Towards Rosalya’s illustration)
C. He’s clearly not my type, but you know what they say… Liking and tastes…


A. We should go to sleep. It’s late and we have class tomorrow. /
B. You look exhausted. Do you want me to make you a coffee?
C. Is the fact that we are talking about Amber’s love life boring you that much? / (Towards Rosalya’s illustration)

If you have answered the right dialogue and put on the right outfit, you will get the illustration with Rosalya.

Then the next day starts. You will go back to school to get your grade from the color wheel test and then you will meet Lysander. Here you will get the illustration with him. After this, episode 32 will end.