The Spirits Of Nature

The Spirits Of Nature
You meet Anna in the Enchanted Forest. Something has unsettled the Spirits of Nature and Anna needs your help to calm them down.
You helped Anna calm Bruni, the Fire Spirit. The next challenge is to wake the Earth Giant Blocking the path through the Enchanted Forest. Anna suggests the smell of Stone Soup might help.
After dealing with the Earth Giant, you explore the Enchanted Forest and find Elsa. But the way to her is blocked by a raging river. Hoping the solution lies at the bottom of the pond nearby, you try to fish something out.
You get this quest by opening up the Frozen Realm for 4.000 Dreamlight. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Explore the Frozen Realm: look around the Realm to find Anna and talk with her. 
  • Use your Watering Can to clear a path through the fire: you can use your watering can to get the rid of the fire.
  • Put on the fireproof gloves: go to your backpack under the wardrobe tab, there you can put on your gloves.
  • You’ve found the spirit Bruni! Catch Bruni: run after Bruni and try to interact with him. Then you will be able to catch him.
  • Return to Anna near the entrance to the Frozen Realm: walk back to Anna.
  • Bring the Fire Spirit to Anna: talk with Anna.
  • Follow Anna: try to stay close to Anna.
  • Talk to Anna: talk with Anna.
  • Gather 3 Craggy Rocks, 1 Basil and 1 Oregano to prepare the Stone soup: the craggy rocks you can find in the frozen realm on the ground where it sparkles. The Basil and Oregano you can find back in Dreamlight valley. The oregano grows in the Plaza and the Basil in the Peaceful Meadow.
  • Cook Stone soup using the Craggy Rocks, Basil and Oregano: there is a cooking station in the frozen realm that you can use. It is near the entrance of the Realm.
  • Place the Stone Soup on the pile of rocks near the Earth Giant’s foot: put the soup on the pile of rocks.
  • Talk to Anna: walk back to her and talk with her.
  • Explore deeper in the Enchanted Forest and find Elsa. Use your shovel and pickaxe to clear the path: use your shovel to get rid of the holes and your pickaxe to destroy the Stones. Anna will follow you.
  • Oh, no! The Bridge is flooded. Talk with Anna: she is right behind you.
  • Follow Anna to the calm pond: try to stay close to Anna and talk with her when she stops walking.
  • Fish in the pond in the Frozen Realm: fish at the bubbling place in the pond.
  • Bring the Engagement Ring back to Anna: talk to Anna. With talking to her, you end this quest.

At 00:00 starts The Spirits Of Nature quest.

Getting rid of the fire
Craggy Stones
Stone soup
Placing the stone soup on the pile of rocks
Destroying the rocks
Getting rid of the holes
Fishing in the pond