HSL Episode 7

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 500 – 600 AP
Castiel 550AP
Nathaniel 566 AP
Fairy 4 AP

Album (Gift Melody) 4G
Yellow Strawberry Pyjama 65G
Green Chinese Pyjama 55G
Stuffed Puppy 4G
Strange Stuffed Cat 6G
Stuffed Thing 3G
Stuffed Pirate Bunny 5G
Stuufed ChiNoMimi 4G
Snacks 5G

Illustrations: 4 in total. You can get 2 out of 4 in a single play through. The illustration depends on outfit and LOM.

Fairy/Auntie: In the Hallway of Melody’s House. You can find her after you have bought the snacks. She will give you birdie, bunny or panda slippers.

Hidden Item:
If you choose to buy the stuffed ChiNoMimi and where it, there is a change you will see ChiNoMimi. She will give you a stuffed polar bear.
If you ignore Violette, you can keep her stuffed animal.
If you go to Violette after the sleep party she will give you a frame to put your illustration in from last episode.


Green Chinese Pyjama 55G

Yellow Strawberry Pyjama 65G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in the hallway. You will talk with Rosalya and Leigh about how it went with their relationship. Then you go to Classroom A and you see Melody.

Melody: You don’t really invite people at the last minute…what if no one comes.

A. If you don’t ask, you’ll be sure that no one will come. /
B. That’s true, you kind of messed that one up, I can’t believe you…
C. Don’t worry, I’m sure no one will mind, even if you let them know last minute. +

Melody will ask you to give invitations for her birthday party to Kim and Violette. Kim will be in the courtyard and Violette in the garden.

Amber: So! Did you have fun while I was away?

A. Yes, it was fantastic. You wouldn’t want to go back home again, would you? /
B. (Ignore her) /

Lysander: I didn’t remember that it was today.

A. You really have an awful memory my friend. +
B. Me neither. She didn’t even tell me. /
C. It’s not a big deal…

Lysander: Yes?

A. The poem for Rosalya was really pretty…I wonder what your songs are like. /
B. I would like for you to tell me about your band… /(Another choice)

Lysander: What would you like to know?

A. Have you ever done a concert? /  (Another choice)
B. Do I know any of the members besides you and Castiel? /

Lysander: I don’t know If Castiel has every played in public. As for me, yeah I’ve sang on stage before

A. Wow! What kind of concert was it?
B. Oh yeah! Rosalya gave me a picture of you singing…. / (Another choice)
C. I have a hard time imagining you signing in front of everybody + (Another choice)

Lysander: What do you mean by “she gave you a picture?”

A. No no! Nothing! I didn’t say that!
B. Eh, well…to thank me for helping her, Rosalya gave me a choice of some pictures and there was one of you, so… +

Lysander: Which means?

A. No, nothing…forget about it.
B. You pretty much keep to yourself, so… +

Castiel: No, why would I know that? That girl is always hanging around that idiot student body president. Aside from her name, I don’t know much about here.

A. It was a stupid question. /
B. You should get more interested in others you know. +

Nathaniel: Yes. I’m pretty good at remembering that kind of stuff.

A. Me too, but she never told me when it was, so there was no way I could have known! /
B. What? She told you? /
C. Did you get her a gift? /

Nathaniel: No, but his date of birth is entered on the register of delegates. I do not know if you were aware, but it is delegated its class.

A: Oh, okay. /
B: And why do you remember his date of birth? Cheesy!

After letting Melody knew, that you have given the invitations. You have to find something new to do. Go to the garden and talk with Violette.

Violette: (Choice)

A. (Don’t get involved.) / (You can keep Violette’s Stuffed Animal for yourself, by still finding it)
B. (Ask her what’s wrong.) /

Violette: It’s…it’s a stuffed animal…

A. Oh, I get it. +
B. …uh, no really, what is it?

Violette: I know it might sound stupid, but I’ve always had it on me since I was little, and now I feel awkward without it…

A. You come to school with a stuffed animal on you?
B. That’s doesn’t sound that stupid… +

There are more than one place where you can find Violette’s stuffed animal. I have found it in the Student Council Room and in the Stairway.

Amber: Look who’s here…

A. (Ignore them) /
B. Shoot, I forgot that your “vacation” was over… /

Amber: Yeah, I’m sure… Who’s is it then?

A. … (I promised Violette that I wouldn’t say…) /
B. Violette. (Too bad for her. I’m not going to pass as the loser here!) /

Castiel: I could set my dog on her if she’s making trouble.

A. No, I’d rather you didn’t
B. Ah, that’s a thought. /
C. That’s ok, I’ll take care of myself, just like an adult. +

After giving the stuffed animal back to Violette, you have to find a bithday present.

Castiel: Nope. No ideas!

A. You are no good…
B. Argh!!! I absolutely have to find something!! If you know what’s good for you…! +
C. Not even a tiny idea?

Lysander: If you like her, then she probably likes the same things as you.

A. She must like music then. /
B. She must like whatever’s cute then /
C. I like a lot of things.

Iris will give you the idea to buy an album. You can find it in the Dollar Shop. Then you have to choose your outfit.

Green Chinese Pyjama 55G

Yellow Strawberry Pyjama 65G

Violette If they ever see mine, we could say that we made a bet, or that it was a private joke between us…Do you see what I mean?

A. Oh yeah, I see! But the answer is no, I’ve done enough.
B. Oh yeah, I see! Well ok, if that would make you feel better, it won’t cost me anything after all. +

If you choose to buy a stuffed animal, you can get it in the Dollar Shop. You can choose between 5 stuffed animals. If you choose stuffed ChiNoMimi and where it, there is a change you will see ChiNoMimi. She will give you a stuffed polar bear.

After telling Viollete what stuffed animal you got, you will have to find Melody. She is in the Hallway. You will go to her house.
Melody forgot the snacks at school you will go back to get them.

Nathaniel: What are you doing here now?

A. I could ask the same thing! Don’t you ever go home? +
B.  …Do you have a life outside of school?

Amber: What are you doing here?!

A. What about you? Are you here to make up for lost time? (Towards Amber will pay for the snacks)
B. Leave me alone for one with you?!

Amber: So you say.

A. You!
B. I’m sick of this! (Towards Amber will pay for the snacks)

Amber: Take it easy it was only some bags of chips and drinks….

A. Humpf, you disgust me.
B. Forget it. (Amber pays 4G for new snacks)
C. Of course, it’s as simple as that.

You have to buy new snacks in the Dollar Shop. Then you go back to Melody’s house. 
In the hallway of Melody’s house you will be able to find the fairy.

Melody: Which boy do you like (Nickname)

A. I don’t know…I don’t have a preference.
B. I really like Nathaniel. (More dialogue)
C. I really like Castiel. (More dialogue)
D. I really like Lysander. (More dialogue)
E. Uh… I have to admit that I miss Ken…

You will have a great time at the birthday party. You will get an illustration of you sleeping. Green Chinese Pyjama / Yellow Strawberry Pyjama

The next day you will go back to school. If you go to the Garden, Violette will give you a frame for your illustration that you got in episode 6.

Peggy: I won’t forget this! Don’t come running to me for help anymore! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

A. If you weren’t always poking your nose around everywhere you would have been invited! /
B. I’m sorry, but Melody asked us not to tell you… /
C. If only you knew how little I care.

Nathaniel: What? My parents? What do they have to do with it?

A. Come on, I know you are, you’re just trying to impress everybody, even your parents. /
B. Is it true? Is it only to impress your parents? /
C. Don’t get upset, I was just asking a question. /

Nathaniel: He’s not as hard on Amber, like all fathers with their daughters, I think.

A. That’s not fair! /
B. Yes, I guess that’s normal.
C. Stop complaining.

Nathaniel: You’re the one who asked me about it!

A. Sorry, that’s not what I meant.
B. Yeah, but I didn’t think you’d be so whiny about it.

Nathaniel: Normal that he’s hard on me?

A. Yes, he has to be.
B. No, not everything comes down to you! I meant it was normal that he was nicer with his daughter. /

Castiel: Are you looking for Melody again today?

A. And are you looking for trouble? +
B. Ha, ha, very funny! You’re such a comedian! +
C. No, it’s you I was looking for. /

Castiel: I felt sorry for her, that’s all. Even when she was little she was already bothering people and her “bid brother” wasn’t like he is today.

A. Nathaniel? That’s surprising… /
B. You felt sorry for her….which means? 

Lysander: So? What did you learn?

A. Rosalya made me promise not to say.
B. Rosalya told me that you have something special on your back…
C. Rosalya told me you have a tattoo. +

After talking to the three boys, you will see Amber. She also talks about something that happened between her, Castiel and Nathaniel. You go to confront Nath again. But he won’t say anything. You want to talk to Melody to find out more. Melody has already left school. Iris will tell you something instead, go to classroom A. When you have found Iris, you learn that you have to go through the school dossier to find out more. You go to Peggy to get you in to the teacher’s lounge.

Peggy: What will I get out of this?

A. You will have helped a friend! /
B. Priceless information! /
C. You’ll see! /

You will confront Nathaniel again, but he won’t say anything. Then Castiel or Nathaniel will comes to you to tell the whole story. You will get an illustration. (Illustration with Castiel /Illustration with Nathaniel) Then you see Peggy. She is about to announce something big, but then the episode ends.