Dreamlight Parks Fest: Ursula

Dreamlight Parks Fest: Ursula
Talk to Ursula.
This is a daily quest that starts in the week of May 15 and keeps running for 21 days. After you have completed this quest, you will get 4 green buttons. Here you can see all the subjects for it with explanations behind them. 

  • Cook 5 Mermaid Cupcakes: make 5 Mermaid Cupcakes from wheat, butter, milk, sugarcane and scallop. Scallops can be found at Dazzle Beach. Wheat you can find at Goofy’s stall in the peaceful Meadow. Sugarcane you can find at goofy’s Stall on Dazzle Beach. Milk and Butter you can buy at Chez Remy.
  • Deliver the Mermaid Cupcakes to any Villagers: give the cupcakes to 5 different characters.
  • Return to Ursula: you can find on the map where she is. With talking to her, you complete this quest.
Mermaid Cupcakes