LL Episode 2

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Special thanks to crossyourdamnfingers, neilada-d6-meghah and ohquenon.

Action points:  900 – 1100 AP
Fairy/auntie: 44 AP
Hyun: 1014 AP
Nathaniel: 1044 AP
Priya: 1040 AP
Rayan: 1002 AP
Castiel: 1004 AP

Outfit Hyun & Rayan 160G
Outfit Nathaniel 160G
Outfit Castiel & Priya 160G

Illustrations: 5 in total. You can get one out of five in a single play through. The illustration depends on outfit and dialogue choice. And on all the route’s except Nathaniel’s and Priya’s you have to have a LOM above 40 probably.

Note: The LOM you need for the illustrations is already very high. So try to answer all the + ones or towards illustrations with the Love Interests.

Fairy/Auntie: in the restaurant at the shops street. Right after you went to the studio. She will give you panama hat with bow.


Nathaniel 160G

Castiel & Priya 160G

Hyun & Rayan 160G

Episode guide:

This episode starts at home. You wake up with your lover in the morning. You put on your outfit. And eat breakfast together. Then it is time to go to work.

Nina: It’s really cool! It will help us to create a community, and to develop loyalty with our clients… So, what do you think?

A. I don’t know… It’s a bit excluding for the others, don’t you think?
B. I like the idea… +

You go inside the café.

Eric: (Choice)

A. (Oh well, I’ll call him back later.) + with Eric and – with Gustave (The bank) in the next episode
B. Excuse me, Eric, I absolutely have to take this call… Can you see with Nina if… -with Eric and / with Gustave (The Bank) in the next episode

Hyun will call you to come meet with the band and make a video. You will go over to the studio.

Hyun: As you know, I’m quite familiar with the place!

A. I couldn’t dream of better help! +
B. The Cosy Bear belongs to me. I’ll get through is, I’m sure of it!
C. No, that would make me uncomfortable. You have your own business now, and I would prefer that you concentrate on that. /

Hyun: Plus, you will remain the stars of the expo! What do you think, (nickname)?

A. I really think it’s a good idea. + (Towards illustration with Hyun)
B. No, to be honest, Hyun, I’m not sure I follow you.

After recording the video, you can meet the fairy in the restaurant at the shop street. She will give you panama Hat with Bow, then you go back to the restaurant to set everything up for the expo. And of course than will the expo begin.

Hyun: (Choice)

A. Hmm… I wonder if I won’t hire him to replace you. What do you think, Hyun? /
B. Being a community manager requires more than just looking at Twitter all day… +

Go outside to help at the terrace.

Marina: The other teachers are more at the aesthetic level of say… Mr. Labarde.

A. (I burst out laughing.) +
B. At the same time, a good teacher can’t be judged by his physique! /

Go back inside the café.

Castiel (Choice) (Castiel’s route)

A. (I still kissed him, passionately.)
B. (I simply greeted him.) + (Towards illustration with Castiel)

Castiel: I can’t stand hearing the clicking of pictures… Do I have to stay here much longer? (Castiel’s route)

A. Castiel… you just got here… Plus… that wouldn’t do me any good in terms of promoting the café.
B. I understand… It won’t be long, and you should concentrate on the essential. The expo is a hommage to your work. / (Towards illustration with Castiel)

Castiel: You know that… If it’s just a question of money, you just have to say the word and… (Castiel’s route)

A. No. That’s nice, but the Cosy Bear was a bet and I’m going to do it. I want to get out of this on my own.
B. I don’t want to put a financial situation between us. + (Towards illustration with Castiel)

Castiel: With pleasure. Well, I’ll let you work. I’m going to go see the painting up close…

A. Okay, see you later. /
B. And don’t forget to let everyone know that you come here often!

Go outside to help at the terrace.

Chani: (Choice)

A. I’m sure that one of these days I’ll be showing your work on this very wall!
B. I’m sure that will help you feel better! +

Go back inside the café.

Nathaniel: It’s not like that in real life, (nickname). Anyone could be a suspect. (Nathaniel’s route)

A. Well, I’ll let you know if I see any suspicious behavior. Inspector (nickname) checking in for duty! +
B. Just enjoy the evening, Nath. It will do you some good.

Alexy: Mojitos! The first round is on me!

A. Sorry, guys… but it’s going to be a virgin mojito for me. This is just a break for me. /
B. Well… Just one then. I have work to do. /

Go outside to see where the voice came from.

Priya: Plus, we really hit it off! And she wants to give me more responsibilities very soon! (Priya’s route)

A. That’s all great. I’m so happy for you. I’m sure you are going to learn a lot from her! /
B. She reminds me of someone, this Renata Dautzenberg! Intelligent, full of energy, charming… +
C. Gosh… She seems perfect! I wonder how I’m going to be able to compete…

Go back inside the café. You will find out what DarkJon316 did, and then you will follow Castiel to the terrace.

Nathaniel: Yeah… But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m the right person to intervene in this type of case. (Nathaniel’s route)

A. Castiel has been there for you during hard times. /
B. You shouldn’t let that stop you, Nath. You are a cop and you have the capacity to help him… This case could take them to court.

Nathaniel: But I don’t know what to tell him… (Nathaniel’s route)

A. We don’t want to leave him in this situation. Come with me. / (Towards illustration with Nathaniel)
B. Well, maybe you’re right… I should probably go alone.

Castiel: But if the band really wants to do a video… I’ll have to think about it… (Nathaniel’s route)

A. (I elbowed Nath to push him to say something.)
B. Nath… Was there anything from your cyber criminal training about this? + (Illustration with Nathaniel)

Priya: Maybe we should talk to him… (Priya’s route)

A. I don’t know… You don’t think he wants to be alone?
B. Yeah, you’re right. Nobody wants to be alone during times like this… + (Towards illustration with Priya)

Castiel: I feel like everyone is totally off the mark. (Priya’s route)

A. Priya… Is this really the right moment to be so professional? (Illustration with Priya)
B. Don’t take it like that, Castiel. Priya has just learned to channel her passion.

Rayan: Uh… Me too…? We don’t really know one another. (Rayan’s route)

A. I’m sure that you’ll find the right words. After all, you are used to it. /
B. I understand. But you always find the best words for the worst situations, so I was thinking that… (Towards illustration with Rayan)

Rayan: I heard some people whispering, then I saw your friends moving about, but I didn’t follow a thing. (Rayan’s route)

A. Actually, I think that Castiel is disappointed with his friend Zack. – with Rayan and Castiel
B. Well, it all started with an incriminating video on Twitter. + with Rayan and Castiel (Illustration with Rayan)

Castiel: (Choice) (Hyun’s route) (If you choose to do the video)

A. I don’t think you have much choice, Castiel… Do it for the band. (Illustration with Hyun)
B. That’s unfair, don’t you think? Shouldn’t the apology come from Zack? – with Hyun

Castiel: (Choice) (Hyun’s route) (If you choose to not do the video)

A. I feel like i’m doing better than Hyun, though… – with Castiel
B. What can… I do to help you? / with Castiel

Castiel: Especially with what you told me about your banker… (Castiel’s route)

A. I would have liked for people to stay longer, yes… But that’s how things go. We couldn’t have planned for this.
B. That doesn’t matter. What just happened is more serious than one ruined event… (Towards illustration with Castiel)

Castiel: What do you think? Should I have done the video immediately? Was I wrong to react like I did? (Castiel’s route)

A. Let’s just say… you need to try to put yourself in Zack’s shoes… (Illustration with Castiel)
B. No, you were right. When faced with your manager, Zack should have supported you.

Then you go back inside to clean-up, and the episode ends.