Lair Sweet Lair

Lair Sweet Lair
Despite being freed, Ursula is still missing something. You decide to find out what it is.
Since she’s out of the cave, Ursula needs a proper lair. It’s up to you to make sure she gets it.
Now that she has a new house, Ursula wants to start making deals again. To do so, she needs some paper and asks you to steal some for her contracts. Instead of sneaking into Villagers’homes, you talk openly with Merlin.
Once you’ve gathered the materials for the Magical Scroll and Ink kit, it’s time to craft them.
You can get this quest after completing the quest: With Great Power… (Story Quest Merlin). Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it.

  • Place Ursula’s House in the water: you can find her house in your backpack under the furniture tab.
  • Use the Scrooge McDuck sign to finish building Ursula’s House: it will cost you 8.000 star coins.
  • Talk to Ursula to see what she thinks of her home: you can find on the map where she is.
  • Talk to Merlin about what to do about Ursula’s request: you can see on the map where he is.
  • Get 3 papers for Ursula from the Villager’s houses: you can find some at Mickey’s, Goofy’s and Merlin’s house.
  • Bring the paper to Ursula: you can see on the map where she is.
  • Gather 6 Dream shards, craft 2 Purple Pigment and 1 empty vial to craft the magical scroll and ink kit: Dream shards you can find by digging holes in sparkly ground. Purple pigments you can make from 4 purple falling penstemons and 4 purple rising penstemons. The falling penstemon is in the plaza and the rising in the peaceful meadow. The empty vial can be made from glass, which can be made from sand and coal ore. Sand can be found by digging at Dazzle Beach, and Coal ore can be found with mining everywhere.
  • Craft the magical scroll and ink kit: you can use the items you just gathered.
  • Bing the Magical Scroll and Ink kit to Ursula: you can see on the map where she is. With talking to her, you complete this quest.

At 00:00 starts Lair Sweet Lair quest.

Paper in Mickey's house
Paper in Goofy's house
Paper in Merlin's house
Dream shards
Purple pigment
Empty vial
Magic scroll and ink kit