Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-opening

Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-opening
Fixing the store was only part of the grand reopening, Scrooge McDuck needs you to promote his store around the village.
To help spread the word, Scrooge McDuck instructs you to put on a Scrooge’s Store branded T-shirt to wear around Dreamlight Valley. Upon seeing it on you, he decides it’d be even better with some signs. He enlists you to craft some for him.
Once you’re done crafting signs, Scrooge McDuck asks you to place them around the Village.
One last thing to do: Decorate the outside of the store to make it even more attractive to potential clients.
It’s time to report to Scrooge McDuck so you can discover what he thinks about all of your hard work.
To unlock this quest, you have to complete the quest: Making Cents Of Things. The rewards you get from this quest, are a Scrooge McDuck wall sign and an iron crafting station. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Scrooge McDuck has something else for you. Talk to him: you can find him often in his Store.
  • Put on the Scrooge’s Store promotional T-shirt: Scrooge just gave you the T-shirt, you can find it in your backpack. 
  • Show Scrooge McDuck your outfit: go talk to him. You can find him most of the time at his Store. 
  • Gather 12 piece of softwood around the Village: Most of the time Softwood lies close to a tree in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow Forest of Valor, and Glade of Trust. 
  • Return to Scrooge McDuck: go talk to him. You can find him most of the time at his Store. 
  • Craft four signs for Scrooge McDuck’s Store using a Crafting Station. You can find a station in Scrooge McDuck’s Store. 
  • Place four Scrooge McDuck’s Store signs around the village: you can find the signs in your backpack at the furniture tab. 
  • Talk to Scrooge McDuck: you can find him at his Store. 
  • Gather 2 Dandelions and 2 Purple Rising Penstemon: Dandelions can be found in the Plaza. Purple Rising Penstemon can be found in the Peaceful Meadow. 
  • Craft Dandelions and Rising Penstemon Pot using the items collected: go to a crafting station to craft the items. You can find one next to Goofy’s house or in Scrooge McDuck’s Store
  • Place two Dandelion and Rising Penstemon Pot near Scrooge’s Store: you can find those items in your backpack at the furniture tab.
  • Return to Scrooge McDuck: with talking to him, you will finish this quest.

At 07:37 starts Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-opening quest.

Crafting the Scrooge McDuck's Store signs
Purple Rising Penstemon
Crafting the Dandelion and Rising Penstemon pot