NG Episode 4


Video Roy’s Route (No illustration, just seeing more choice options)

Video Roy’s Illustration and Uncle Archibald (Main Route)


Video Devon’s Illustration (Main Route)


Video Jason’s Illustration (Main Route)


Video Amanda’s Illustration (Main Route)

Elizabeth (Lizzy)

Video Thomas Illustration (Main Route)

Green ! Neutral choice
Yellow ! Medium choice
Red ! Critical choice

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

The LOM meter changes after playing the hole episode. After you have answered a choice positive or negative, the character’s head will pop up with a plus sign or min sign to let you know.

Costs: 1.500–1.750 AP and 120–262 Gems
Roy 1.626 AP and 120 Gems
Amanda 1.516 AP and 120 Gems 
Devon 1.652 AP and 120 Gems
Jason 1.734 AP and 120 Gems
Thomas 1.718 AP and 120 Gems
Uncle Archibald 40 AP
Outfit 60 AP
Waiting time 22 Gems
Special scene with love interest 120 Gems
If you get the second outfit with a replay 120 AP

Illustrations: 5 in total. You can get 2 out of five in a single play through. You can get Jason’s illustration and Devon or Thomas illustration in the same play through. The illustrations depend on choices, LOM and outfit.

Uncle Archibald: at the park. After you have decided how to go home and before you go home. His dialogue will cost you 40 AP, and he will give you an Alluring Feathers outfit, if you answer: An achievement is a bit much… But it’s going well, yes!


Outfit Amanda and Roy 60 AP

Outfit Devon, Jason and Thomas 60 AP

Episode guide:

This episode starts in the open space. You are talking with Brune and Elenda.

Candy: (Choice) (Yellow !)

A. (I have to admit that I’m a fan too.) 40 AP /
B. (It’s nice to add to a playlist every once in a while.) 40 AP /
C. (Even if I must say that their music isn’t really my style.) 40 AP /

Everyone from the office except Devon will walk together to the café. Walk to the shopping district and then to the main street. If you tried to get the illustration with Roy in episode 3, you will get a choice in front of the snake room. 

Candy: (Choice) (Yellow !)

A. (This would be a perfect occasion to talk to her about it…) 40 AP
B. (But I’d prefer to pretend as if nothing had happened. It’s easier…) 40 AP
C. (I don’t know what to do, besides Roy may have already told her…) 40 AP /

Then walk further to the Alley and then to the café terrace. There you see Devon and later Lynn (the original candy) will ask for your orders and give you drinks. 

Lynn: (Choice) (Green !)

A. I’d like to try the catpuccino too, please. /
B. A lemon tea, please. /
C. I’ll have a hot chocolate, please. /

Amanda: I know people in a relationship who find much more than what it “costs” them. (Yellow !)

A. (Rebel) Clearly, it’s not worth it: it’s too much trouble. 40-60 AP + 5 with Elenda and / with Roy, Amanda, Thomas, Devon and Brune
B. (Energetic) I agree with Amanda: it’s supposed to be easy. 40-60 AP +5 with Amanda, Roy, and Brune and / with Devon, Elenda and Thomas
C. (Sweet) I think it’s actually more complicated than that. 40-60 AP +5 with Devon and Thomas and / with Amanda, Roy, Brune and Elenda

Elenda: (Choice) (Yellow!)

A. (Rebel) Actually, I don’t really want to talk about it… 40-60 AP +5 with Amanda and / with Thomas, Devon, Roy, Brune and Elenda
B. (Sweet) It wasn’t much… Nothing exciting, anyway… 40-60 AP +5 with Thomas and Elenda and / with Devon, Amanda Roy and Brune
C. (Energetic) A rotten relationship. With a big jerk. 40-60 AP +5 with Roy, Devon, and Brune and / with Thomas, Amanda and Elenda

Candy: (Choice) (Yellow !)

A. (It’s out of the question of dating a coworker again.) 40 AP /
B. (I think I could be tempted, if an opportunity presented itself…) 40 AP /
C. (I hope that it won’t create drama in the future…) 40 AP

Candy: (Choice) (Green !) (If you chose: (I think I could be tempted, if an opportunity presented itself…))

A. (My gaze turned to Amanda.) /
B. (I flashed a small smile at Roy, almost in spite of myself.) /
C. (My gaze met Devon’s.) /
D. (I noticed that Thomas was looking at me.) /

Jason also comes to the café.

Elenda: Yeah, well, his bedroom stories don’t really concern us… (Yellow !)

A. (Sweet) I agree, it’s his private life. 40-60 AP +5 with Jason, Roy, and Elenda and -5 with Thomas and / with Amanda, Brune and Devon. (Towards Jason’s illustration)
B. (Energetic) It still says a lot about him! 40-60 AP +5 with Devon and Amanda and -5 with Brune and / with Thomas, Jason, Roy and Elenda
C. (Rebel) Us, not so much, but possible clients of his… 40-60 AP +5 with Thomas and -5 with Jason, Roy and Devon and / with Amanda, Brune and Elenda

Jason: As for me, I have work to do. I imagine we’ll meet again… (Yellow !)

A. (Energetic) Yes, let’s do that. Later! 40-60 AP +5 with Jason and / with Amanda, Roy, Devon, Thomas, Elenda and Brune. (Towards Jason’s illustration)
B. (Sweet) (I turned away from him, might as well ignore him.) 40-60 AP / with everyone
C. (Rebel) If we could still prevent it from becoming a habit… 40-60 AP -5 with Jason and / with Amanda, Roy, Devon, Thomas, Elenda and Brune

Jason goes away and all the other coworkers go inside the café. You get to choose your outfit.

Outfit Amanda and Roy 60 AP

Outfit Devon, Jason and Thomas 60 AP

You are still alone at the table.

Candy: (Choice) (Green !)

A. (I put it down, and rubbed my hands together, ready to get back to work.) /
B. (I stared at the screen for a moment…) /
C.  (Speaking of sexy singles…) / (Towards Jason’s illustration)

Candy: (Choice) (Red !)

A. (I should isolate myself a bit, just in case.) 80 AP
B. (I typed on my screen as fast as I could.) 80 AP / Illustration with Jason (Lucy)
C. (I snuck a quick look.) 80 AP /

All your coworkers get back to the table and are ready to work. But before you can get back to work, you have to wait 10 minutes or pay 22 gems. After the timer ends, you get to choose how to get home.

Amanda: Okay… (nickname), how are you getting home? Do you want to share the ride? (Red !)

A. I’ll admit that I’m a little more enthusiastic about the idea of trying Thomas’ motorcycle… 80 AP / (towards Thomas illustration)
B. I’ll admit that I’d enjoy a ride on the handlebars… 80 AP / (towards Devon’s illustration)
C. Thanks, but I’m going to take the bus, too… 80 AP / (towards Roy’s illustration)
D. Definitely! 80 AP / (towards Amanda’s illustration)

Now you can meet Uncle Archibald, go to the park entrance and then to the park. Go back between the entrance and the park until you see him in the park.

Uncle Archibald: I learned that you’ve reached a first achievement in your new job? Congratulations! (Yellow !)

A. News travels fast! Who told you that? 40 AP /
B. An achievement is a bit much… But it’s going well, yes! 40 AP / (You get Alluring Feathers outfit for Taki)
C. Thank you! I did start off pretty strong! 40 AP /

If you choose to take the bus with Roy, go to sweet Amoris.
If you choose to go on the bike with Devon, go to the alley.
If you choose to go on the motorcycle with Thomas, go to the Alley and then to Main Street.
If you choose to take the cab with Amanda, go to the entrance of the park and then to the shop street.

Roy: (Choice) (Red !)

A. (Energetic) That doesn’t bother me at all! 90-120 AP /
B. (Sweet) I guess you won’t mind mingling with the crowd… 90-120 AP / Illustration with Roy (Belodie)
C. (Rebel) It’s not too late to take a cab. 90-120 AP

Devon: You know, if you want to travel far… (Red !)

A. You should take care of your shoes. 80 AP
B. You should keep your vessel well-oiled. 80 AP / (towards Devon’s illustration)
C. You should buy a new vessel. 80 AP

Devon: (Choice) (Green !)

A. To be honest, I don’t know. /
B. I don’t think so. Not right away, in any case.
C. Hm… Frankly, I think so yes, but…

Illustration with Devon (Susan)

Thomas: So, you could envision yourself in a new relationship in the near future? (Green !)

A. In the near future, maybe not. 
B. Yes, of course. I’m not going to stay stuck on that my whole life!
C. I don’t know… maybe. /

Thomas: (Choice) (Red !)

A. (Sweet) (I didn’t say anything. Besides, he could be thinking about something else…) 80 -120 AP
B. (Energetic) (Ironically, I looked at myself.) 80 -120 AP /Illustration with Thomas (Elizabeth (Lizzy))
C. (Rebel) Everything okay? I’m not bothering you? 80-120 AP /

Amanda: (Choice) (Red !)

A. I mean, if you don’t want to talk about it, I don’t want to force you… 80 AP / (towards Amanda’s illustration)
B. Okay, if you want to keep secrets… 80 AP
C. (I didn’t insist. I turned to look out the window.) 80 AP

Amanda: Have you ever fallen for a girl, (Nickname)? (Green !)

A. Maybe…
B. Yeah, plenty of times! /
C. No, not really.

Illustration with Amanda (Eleanor)

Roy: (Choice) (Green !)

A. Yeah, I think so… But I’ll probably be more prudent. /
B. No. Not for a while, I think. /
C. I… let’s say that I haven’t closed that door definitively.

Amanda: (Choice) (Green !)

A. Frankly, I don’t think so.
B. I think so, yes. /
C. You can always consider something…

After the moment with the LI, you go the last part alone to your house. There you enjoy your evening and the episode ends.