HSL Episode 35

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Action points: 1300 – 1500 AP

Lysander outfit 37G
Armin + Castiel outfit 40G
Nathaniel + Kentin outfit 41G

Illustrations: 5 in total. You can get one out of five in a single play through. The illustration depends on outfit and dialogue choice.

Fairy/Auntie: in the park entrance at night or at the café at night. You can find her during the object: go back to the high school. The gift is a Polaroid.

Hidden item: in the café at night. It can be found during the object: move away from the park. You can find kaleidoscopic glasses.


Armin + Castiel outfit 40G

Lysander outfit 37G

Nathaniel + Kentin outfit 41G

Episode Guide:

You start this episode in the school. Talking with Rosalya.


To the beach. It’s been awhile, I need to see the water.

A. Oh, I’m jealous… I would love to go to the beach with my sweetheart. /
B. I wonder if one day I’ll be able to go away for the weekend with my sweetheart… For now, it would be way too stressful. /


A. Excuse me Rosa, but I have to go. /
B. (Well, I’m not just going to leave Rosa stranded here. Something tells me she won’t appreciate it much.) /

You will go looking for Armin. In the meantime you meet some of your friends.



A. Maybe you should give him some space? He must need to be alone sometimes. +
B. You should talk to him about it, if it hurts you. /
C. He will surely get over it, you don’t need to worry.



A. I didn’t do anything, I swear. Amber is the one who started it. /
B. I have bad grades in art, is that it? /
C. No, I don’t have anything to say. /


Mind your own business for once… Why do you even care?

A. It’s not good for you… +
B. It against the rules!
C. I don’t actually… You’re right. /

These are your options if Castiel is your boyfriend.

Are you going to tell on me?

A. Of course, I even have a hidden camera for the principal. /
B. You know I wouldn’t do that. –
C. It depends… If I’m quiet, what do I get in return? +



A. Hey! You don’t need to get defensive, I didn’t do it on purpose. /
B. What are you doing? /
C. If I had known that I was this scary before, I would have taken advantage to scare Amber. +

You will have science class. You need to pick something out of your locker for science. When you are at your locker, you will see Lysander.


Hmm? Oh, hi (nickname).

A. Rosa told me that her and Leigh were leaving this weekend, are you going with them?
B. Rosa told me about your father getting better, that’s great news! –
C. You know, I still can’t believe you came to Iris’ party. +

I’m fine, thanks for asking.

A. I heart that your father is doing a bit better. You must be relieved…
B. I heart that Rosa and Leigh are going away for the weekend. Are you going to take some time for yourself as well?
C. (I contented myself with just staring at him, trying to figure out if behind this polite response were hidden dark emotions.) +

These are the options if Lysander is your boyfriend.

I’m alright, I was just thinking… About my father.

A. You must be relieved that he’s doing better now.
B. Are you worried because Leigh and Rosa are going away for the weekend?
C. Do you want me to come with you to go visit him? +

After class, you will talk with Armin about what Iris is going through.


Well… It’s simple. We’re going to go.

A. Excuse me?!! / (- with your boyfriend)
B. There’s nothing simple about that…
C. I was hoping someone would say that! + (+ with your boyfriend)

Armin found out that Iris has to go to the park tonight. You will go also to see who is threatening her. You have to sneak out of your house.

Now you can find the fairy. She is at the park entrance or at the café. Just go back and forward between these two places until she pops up.

Sadly you won’t find out who is threatening Iris tonight. The next day you go back to school.


Great. I feel like I’m going to have a good day.

A. Can I know what’s making you so happy? /
B. You’re lucky… /
C. Uh hum, me too… /



A. Did Amber stop bothering you? /
B. How are things with Samuel? ++
C. …How are you? +


Hmm no, why? Is there a problem?

A. (I prefer to be honest, even if I can’t tell them everything.) + (+ with Alexy too)
B. (I prefer changing the subject.)
C. (I prefer to lie.) /

In your first class you will sit next to Iris. You and Iris will get kicked out.


We just got kicked out of class… I really didn’t need that…

A. (I have to reassure her, it’s the best way to get back to where we were in our conversation.) /
B. (I have to reassure her, make sure we’re on the same wavelength. So that I can come back to the subject at hand more easily.) /


A. (After all, who cares…) +
B. (No! I want to keep it a secret!) /


A. How old was he? / (- with Armin later)
B. He didn’t go to Sweet Amoris then? / (/ with Armin later)
C. What was his name? / (+ with Armin later?)

Sometime later you will tell Armin what you find out about Iris.


Yeah, but that means that everyone can see who you’re talking and flirting with… Is it a polygamous app or what?

A. Yeah, it seems to be rehibition, indeed. / or +
B. It’s mostly for people who can live with it! /
C. I don’t find that bad… It’s a system that’s based on popularity. / or +

A few days will pass and you will go looking again for Armin.


If I had been there, you can believe that I wouldn’t have left them off the hook

A. I don’t doubt that… Thanks for being on my side. /
B. You wouldn’t have been able to do much, you know… No one saw them do it…
C. It’s crazy… We haven’t spent a lot of time together lately but… I realize that I can always count on you. +



A. Do you think she’s hurting because you no longer live with her? +
B. Do you know if, by chance, she’s the type of person that goes onto dating sites? /
C. It about time she grows up, she’s pathetic.



A. Is that why you two were always sitting together?
B. So… You did all of that for me? +
C. You really think that will calm her down once and for all? /


Anyway, I gotta go now. No you think you can manage without me?

A. Yeah, no worries! /
B. I’ll try… /
C. I think I can find someone to help me, don’t worry. / or +

Armin and you think that the one who is threatening Iris is a girl. You will talk with Amber.


Think what you want, but it’s a fact.

A. What are your thoughts on dating sites? /
B. How would you react if you found out that your boyfriend was two-timing you? /
C. What do you think of Iris? /

You and your boyfriend will go to Iris to tell her that you know that someone is threatening her. You will go with her tonight to find out who it is.

Now you can find the hidden item. Go to the café.

You will walk up against the one who is threatening Iris.



A. (I stared yelling.) (- with Charlotte)
B. (Without thinking, I jumped on the silhouette.) (- – with Charlotte)

She will drop something.

You go back home. Your mom finds out that you sneaked out.

Lucia (Candy’s Mother):


A. It won’t happen again. /
B. We just find it romantic to see each other at night… /
C. Please don’t tell dad… /

The next morning you will choose your outfit.

Armin + Castiel outfit 40G

Lysander outfit 37G

Nathaniel + Kentin outfit 41G

At school, you and your boyfriend will confront the offender.


She usually never goes out, she’s real house cat. I spent an hour looking for her. I was so scared something might happen to her.

A. Oh, I see…. I would have done the same. +
B. I was really scared without you, you know… /
C. It couldn’t have waited?


A. (I just wanted to kiss him…) / (Towards illustration with Nathaniel)
B. (I could stay here staring deep into his eyes for hours…)
C. (I want to congratulate him as well. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.)

Illustration with Nathaniel.


They always have to show up at the wrong time. It’s so annoying…

A. I understand… I don’t think I would have known how to get away from them either. + or /
B. I was really scared without you, you know… /
C. You’re emancipated… You couldn’t have told them that you had something important planned?


A. (I just wanted to kiss him…) / (Towards illustration with Castiel)
B. (I could stay here staring deep into his eyes for hours…)
C. (I want to congratulate him as well. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.)

Armin: (if you choose A or B you will get the illustration if you have the right outfit on)

Well, it seemed like there was a lot going on in his head for a while, and he chose the wrong time to pour it all out…

A. I knew what he was feeling… It had to come out one day or another. /
B. I was scared without you, you know. +
C. You couldn’t explain to him nicely that it was the wrong time?


Like you said. He was in a really really bad mood. It’s been a while since he lectured me like that.

A. I understand that you weren’t able to go out… If I had been in your place, I wouldn’t have been able to do much either. /
B. I was scared without you, you know… + or /
C. You could have a least snuck out after he went to bed?


A. (I just want to kiss him…) / (Towards illustration with Kentin)
B. (I could stay here staring deep into his eyes for hours…)
C. (I want to congratulate him as well. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.)


I couldn’t escape and our conversation lasted so long.

A. I understand better now. It’s normal, he’s your big brother. +
B. I understand better now. He’s your big brother after all, it’s normal. /
C. You couldn’t tell him that you had something important planned? He’s your brother, not your dad…


A. (I just wanted to kiss him…) + (Towards illustration with Lysander)
B. (I could stay here staring deep into his eyes for hours…)
C. (I want to congratulate him as well. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.) /

Amber will see you and your boyfriend kiss. You go into the courtyard. And you will see that Armin will be taken away by cops. And then episode 35 will end.