A Secret Mission In Uncharted Space

A Secret Mission In Uncharted Space
You enter a strange new world where everything little is large. Are there any signs of intelligent life here?
You meet Buzz Lightyear, stranded on this strange world. But Buzz’s fuel cells are dying, causing all hiss features to go on the fritz. You’ll need to replace them to talk to him.
Once Buzz’s batteries are restarted, you discover there’s an even bigger problem. Sheriff Woody has been knocked out the window! You’ll need to execute a daring rescue mission to save him.
Once Woody is rescued, you discover that he and Buzz were working on a special project for Bonnie.
To recreate Bonnie’s farm exactly how she imaged it, you’ll need some materials from the Village. You volunteer to set up a command center so Buzz can do some recon in Dreamlight Valley.
You’ve brought Buzz to the Village to look for materials… but maybe now that he’s seen the place and his memories have started to come back, he’ll decide to stay here a little longer.
You get this quest by opening up the Toy Story Realm for 7.000 Dreamlight. After completing this quest, you will have Buzz in your Village. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Explore the Toy Story Realm: look around the Realm to find Buzz and talk with him. 
  • Search the room for 2 AA Batteries: one is near the closet and one near a pile of books.
  • Bring the Batteries to Buzz: walk back to him. With talking to Buzz, you give him the batteries. You get in the conversation the question to which side you should put the switch. In my conversation with Buzz, pull it to the right side was the correct answer.
  • Search the room for 10 pieces of the race car track: there are two kinds of tracks. 6 long pieces and 4 short pieces. They are lying across the whole room. Try to find them. 
  • Bring the Race Car Tracks to Buzz, so he can repair the track: walk back to Buzz and talk with him.
  • Gather the 5 Magic Growing Cactuses scattered around the room: pick up the 5 magic growing cactuses.
  • Place the 5 magic growing cactuses under the race car tracks on the floor: walk towards a part of the tracks that is lower than the others. There you can see a sparkling place and put the magic growing cactuses.
  • Water the 3 magic growing cactuses under the race car tracks: use your watering can on the magic growing cactuses you just placed.
  • Talk to Buzz: walk back to Buzz and talk with him.
  • Go to the ladder near the toy, even on the floor: you only have to walk to it.
  • Talk to Woody near the window: go talk with Woody.
  • Talk to Buzz: he is standing next to Woody.
  • Search the room and take pictures of 4 Drawings from Bonnie on colored construction paper with gold stars on them: take photo’s of the four drawings. I found the drawings a bit hard to find. So I took screenshots of all of them. Maybe this will make it easier for you.
  • Report back to Buzz: walk back to him and talk with him.
  • Place Buzz’s RV in Dreamlight Valley: go back to Dream light Valley. Use outside your backpack and go to the furniture tab. There you can put Buzz his house in your valley.
  • Use The Scrooge McDuck sign to pay for the reconstruction of Buzz’s RV: walk to the sign and interact with it. The RV costs 10.000 star coins.
  • Talk to Buzz in the Village: with talking to him, you end this quest.

At 00:00 starts A Secret Mission In Uncharted Space quest.

AA Batteries 1
AA Batteries 2
Long Race Car Track Pieces
Short Race Car Track Pieces
Magic Growing Cactuses
Placing the magic growing cactuses under the track
Watering the magic growing cactuses
The ladder
Drawing 1
Drawing 2
Drawing 3
Drawing 4