Now that you’ve found the recipe, It’s time to bake with Mickey!
Since home-grown ingredients are the best, Mickey walks you through how gardening works in Dreamlight Valley.
To stop your newly planted crops from drying out, you start searching for a Watering Can.
Having found a new Tool in the Village, you use it to water your crops.
With gardening covered, you’re ready to learn to cook. And what’s better than starting with a Fruit Salad and some Crackers?
It is time to see if Mickey thinks your cooking skills are up to par with Remy’s.
To get this quest, you have to complete the quest Mickey’s Memories. After completing this quest, you get a Sink and Tiled Wall and a White Gas Stove. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Talk to Mickey at his garden: Mickey’s garden is in front of his house
  • Dig a hole and plant 3 Wheat: Mickey just gave you some Wheat, dig a hole in the ground with your shovel and interact with it to plant the Wheat.
  • Use the book in your Backpack to learn the Crackers recipe: open up your backpack and then open up the recipe.
  • Well done! Talk to Mickey: interact with Mickey to talk with him. He will tell you where the Watering Can is. 
  • Find the Royal Watering Can near your House: The Watering Can lies next to your house.
  • Use the Watering Can to water your three crops: hold your Watering Can in your hand and interact with the crops you plant earlier in this quest.
  • Talk to Mickey while you wait for the crops to grow: he will explain things about gardening.
  • Gather 3 apples and 2 wheat: gather the wheat you just watered. There is an apple three next to your house. You can gather over there some apples.
  • Go to your house with Mickey to start cooking: go inside your house, Mickey will follow you.
  • Where do we bake? Talk to Mickey: Mickey will give you a stove.
  • Place the Stove in your House: in your backpack, there is a place for furniture. Go over there to your stove and place it in your house.
  • Cook one fruit Salad and Crackers using your stove. When you interact with your stove, you can select the recipes. You can select the things you need our do autofill and cook it.
  • See what Mickey thinks: talk with Mickey, this is also the last thing you have to do for this quest.

At 00:23:48 starts Foodception quest.

Fruit Salad