HSL Episode 38

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 2100-2500 AP

Drink at the Café 1G for Lemonade, 1G for Hot Chocolate, or 1G for Iced Tea (Optional–if you go to the Café after the Study Session, you have to get a drink though)
Castiel’s Outfit 21G
Nathaniel’s Outfit 38G
Lysander’s Outfit 30G
Food for Li 1G (Optional)
Bus Ticket to Hospital 2G

Illustrations: 5 in total. You can get three out of five in a single play through if you are on Nathaniel’s, Castiel’s or Lysander’s route otherwise you can get two. The illustration depends on outfit and dialogue choices. The illustrations of Kentin and Armin only depends on dialogue choices.

Fairy/Auntie: in the cafeteria. Found during the object: Find how to get out of the school. You will get a rainbow wig. There are three versions of the rainbow wig. You replay the episode three times plus finding auntie every time to get all three.

Hidden item: in your room. Found during the object: Go for a walk. You will get a flower watch.


Castiel’s Outfit 21G

Nathaniel’s Outfit 38G

Lysander’s Outfit 30G

Episode Guide:

This episode will start where the last episode ended. That will be in the parking lot of the Moondance. You will be talking to Kentin. After the talk, Kentin will head back inside and your boyfriend will come out to comfort you or Alexy if you’re on Kentin’s route. He’ll take you home. You will go to sleep. The next morning it is time to go to school. You will talk to some friends before your first class starts.


Great! Did you have a good weekend?

A. Uh… Yeah. /
B. No… I had a horrible weekend. /
C. Yes, things are good, why?


He’s really gone too far…

A. Yeah, he is acting like an idiot. /
B. It makes me sad. +
C. Couldn’t you talk to him?


A. I’m so angry! +
B. Do you think I should go apologize?
C. I don’t know what to do… /


How is my princess Zelda?

A. I’m not a princess!
B. You are the princess! +
C. She is waiting to be saved. /

Your first class will be art class. If you’re dating Castiel or Nathaniel you will sit next to them and have some dialogue choices.


I saved you a seat, girly.

A. Thanks! /
B. Who said that I wanted to sit with you? +
C. You are too cute, thanks.


Why do you say that?

A. Because it’s true… /
B. I’ve been distracted recently. +
C. It’s just a feeling…

Once class is over, you’ll talk to Iris, Kim, and Nathaniel and make plans for a study session. Once the conversation is over, you need to go to your locker.


I love fair rides. And you?

A. Not really.
B. Yeah, me too! +
C. I don’t really know… /

It is lunchtime. You will be sitting next to your boyfriend. Except when you’re with Kentin you will be sitting next to Rosalya.


Do you want me to try to talk to Kentin too?

A. It’s not worth it.
B. Let it go. /
C. Definitely not! +


Believe me, it won’t just be adolescent provocation…

A. Calm down, Castiel…
B. I don’t think that would do anything. /
C. I don’t need a body guard, chill out! +


Do you want me to try and talk to him?

A. I don’t think that’s a good idea. /
B. Definitely not! +
C. No.


I almost want to go talk to him, what do you say (Nickname)?

A. No. +
B. I don’t think that’s a very good idea.
C. It’s useless.


Are you kidding me? Evan and Kentin are imbeciles! If I run into one of them, they aren’t going to hear the end of it! I swear!

A. I don’t think that’s necessary…
B. Wow… +
C. I would prefer not.

After lunch, you will go outside to take some fresh air. You will talk to Melody. After talking to her it is time for the study session. But Evan will call you before you enter the room.


*** Are you free, now? ***

A. Sure, I’m free! / (Changes to change your L’o’M with Evan. You’ll also get the flashback with Kentin. You’ll only do Okay or Bad on the Exams. You’ll also get a conversation with your boyfriend.)
B. No, I have other plans. – (You have a chance to do great on your exams. And you can get the hidden item.)

If you choose, that you are free. 

After that you will go outside and run into your boyfriend. If you are on Nathaniel’s route, you will run into him in the hall. If you are on Kentin’s route, you will run into no one.


I know there are sales on Steam today, but still… That surprises me coming from you!

A. On what?
B. No, I was just leaving. /
C. Believe me, I would have preferred that! /

Well, if you aren’t going shopping on Steam, where are you going?

A. (Find an excuse.) / (later -)
B. (Tell the truth.) / or +

Aren’t you tired of running around for Kentin when he clearly doesn’t want to be helped?

A. Yes, I’m tired of it.
B. Do you have a better idea?
C. I thought you would understand… /


You seem to be in a hurry. Where are you going?

A. (Find an excuse.) / (later -)
B. (Tell the truth.) /

You’ve been taking care of Kentin’s problems a bit too much, don’t you think?

A. Yes, you are right. /
B. I don’t have the choice.
C. He’s my friend.



A. (Find an excuse) / (later -)
B. (Tell the truth.) / or +

And seeing how it upsets you, I don’t know if it’s worth the trouble that you band over backwards for him.

A. I don’t really have a choice… /
B. Yeah, you are right.
C. I thought you would understand…


Nathaniel: You aren’t coming to study with us?

A. (Find an excuse) / (later-)
B. (Tell the truth.) / or +

Are you sure that this is what you want?

A. I don’t have the choice.
B. Yes. /
C. I think…

Then it is time to go to the park.



A. He is out of control! /
B. He is aggressive.
C. You completely changed him!

You will have a flashback. Then go to the Park Entrance.


But since they were still babies, they went to families, and I didn’t know if I would find them again one day.

A. Why didn’t you do anything to find them?
B. That must have been hard to not be able to do anything… +
C. How’s that? /

There will be another flashback. Then go to the Dollar Shop for another flashback and then you will talk with Evan at the shops.

Then it is time to go home.



A. (Study.) / (You’ll do okay on your exams.)
B. (Talk to Alexy and Rosa.) / (You’ll do badly on your exams.)

If you had chosen, in the conversation with Evan that you’re busy.


Okay, then. Let’s start with history then. Is that okay with you, (Nickname)?

A. I ran into Melody this afternoon who was studying history. + With Nathaniel, Kim, and Iris.
B. Do you have any idea of what the subject will be? + With Nathaniel, Kim, and Iris
C. I have some doubts too. + With Nathaniel, Kim, and Iris.


Do you all want to go get a soda of something to celebrate our efficiency?

A. Sure! /
B. Not me, I’m going to head home. /

If you choose sure go to the café for some drinks.


Ahem, ahem… And for you?

A. A lemonade. / Spend 1G
B. A hot chocolate. / Spend 1G
C. An iced tea. / Spend 1G


Do you think you’ll miss this school?

A. Not really… + with Iris, Kim, and Nathaniel
B. I think so, yeah… / with Iris, Kim, and Nathaniel
C. No way… – with Iris, / with Kim and Nathaniel

Then it is time to go home. When Kentin is your boyfriend, you get the option to send him a text.



A. (Don’t send anything) /
B. (Send him a message) /

It doesn’t matter if you send the text or not.

The next day it’s time to pick your outfit. If you are on Kentin’s or Armin’s route the outfit doesn’t matter. You can pick which outfit you like the most.

Castiel’s Outfit 21G

Nathaniel’s Outfit 38G

Lysander’s Outfit 30G

Then it is time to go to school. If Kentin is your boyfriend, you will walk to school with Rosalya and otherwise you will walk with your boyfriend.


Did you know there was a colony of Growlithes in your neighborhood?

A. Gros-what? /
B. What?! Where? +
C. You still play that thing?


What do you think… I came to walk with you to school.

A. That’s nice.
B. You missed me too much? +
C. Why’s that?


A. (I slid my hand into his.)
B. (I leaned up against him.) (Illustration)
C. (I put my arm around his waist…)


I was waiting for you so we could walk to school together.

A. That’s adorable. / Or +
B. You can’t get enough of me? / Or +
C. Are you scared I’m going to get lost?


A. (I slid my hand into his.) (Illustration)
B. (I leaned up against him.)
C. (I put my arm around his waist…)


Would you like that?

A. That’s cute. /
B. If I had known, I could have been better prepared…
C. I would like that. +


A. (I slid my hand into his.) /
B. (I leaned up against him.) (Illustration)
C. (I put my arm around his waist…)

When you go inside the school, you will get a message from the Principal over the intercom. After receiving the message it is time for your first exam: History.

You will talk to some friends after you first exam.


Well, as you can expect, there couldn’t have been a more interesting subject!

A. Why? /
B. Oh…
C. I can imagine… /

After talking to Alexy, you will have a panic attack. Your boyfriend will come to calm you down. If you are on Kentin’s route Violette will come.

Your next exam will be science. After that it is time for your Gym exam.


What are you looking at?

A. (Don’t say anything.) /
B. (Lend some money to Li.) / you give Li 1G


If you think that your little act of charity will make you our friend, you are so wrong!

A. (Ignore Amber.) /
B. That wasn’t why I did it. /
C. She’s your friend, you could have helped her. /

If you don’t give Li money, during the second part of the test, Li will collapse. Boris takes her to the nurse and the second group all have to start over. Candy will feel guilty.

After Gym class, you will run into Rosalya in the courtyard. 


It may be her bad karma… She may have deserved it, after bothering everyone else.

A. That’s a bit mean…
B. True. +
C. I feel a bit bad… / (and you confide in Rosa)

If you gave Li the money:

When you leave the gym, you’ll run into Capucine who had been watching your panic attack.



A. How is that your business?
B. Yes, I’m better. +
C. It was nothing. /

And your next exam will be art.

After your exam you will talk to some friends and then go outside to get some air.


Oh, did you get lost?

A. (I ignored Amber.)
B. And you? Did you lose your friend? /
C. I was just enjoying the calm.


I hope you realize that.

A. Oh? /
B. He just helped me study. /
C. Jealousy really doesn’t suit you well, you know…

Are you sure? I would bet that you hit the bullseye…

A. Then why did you ask? /
B. Is this all you have to do?
C. Why does it interest you? /

After this, you go study in the library.

It will get very late. You notice that your phone is dead. You head outside and confirm that the school is locked.

Now you can find the fairy. She shows up in the cafeteria. Go back and forth between the cafeteria and the staircase until she pops up. Don’t go accidentally to the basement because then the object will change and you will not be able to get the fairy.

After some dialogue, Kentin will wake you up. And you realize you had a nightmare. Kentin and you will get out of the school through the garden.



A. What are you doing? /
B. Are you crazy?! (I thought of my dream all of a sudden…)
C. (I understood what he wanted to do.) +

Kentin will walk you home. On your way you meet Evan.



A. He must have been hit on the head. /
B. See where your nonsense will get you, Evan? – With Kentin, / with Evan
C. (I quickly went to help him too.) + with Kentin, / with Evan

Kentin goes to the hospital with Evan. You will go home. You tell your parents what has happened. They will also ask how your exams went. If you say, I think I did pretty well. I’m rather confident! You have a chance to find the hidden item.

You will go to your room. You will charge up your phone, and see a message from your boyfriend.

The next day you will wake up panicking because you are too late. Your dad will explain that it is Saturday. You will go outside to get some breakfast.

Now you can get the hidden item. Go back and forward between your apartment and outside until your Candy says “I realized I had forgotten my keys in my bag”. She’ll automatically go up to her bedroom where she’ll run into her dad who has a surprise for her.

You will get a call from Kentin and head to the hospital. The bus ticket to go there costs 2G.

In the hospital go the third floor and take the second door.



A. Evan, are you feeling better? +
B. Kentin, you wanted to see me? /
C. Hi. – With Kentin, / with Evan

Kentin will take you to the cafeteria.


Thanks for coming…

A. I did not really have a choice.
B. It seems you needed to talk. /
C. It’s normal. +

He’s not always on his best behavior and I realize that… Neither am I when I’m in his presence.

A. It’s about time…
B. That’s sad. /
C. Why would I care?

He went through much harder things when he arrived at military school.

A. That’s no excuse.
B. Worse than what you went through?! /
C. What does that mean? +

And to this day, I feel like I need to prove to him that I’m not that fragile little boy that he once knew.

A. Prove to him or to yourself? +
B. Yeah well, your cockfights are of no interest to me.
C. And that’s how you go about things? /

Go back to third floor to talk with Evan. Then go home. The next day you will meet up with Armin, Alexy, Kentin and Evan in the café.


I told you a million times: Be a man, do not rely on others.

A. Shut up, Evan! – With Evan
B. That’s all you’ve got to say? / With Evan
C. You really didn’t listen to anything? + With Evan


Wow. That’s a great opportunity…

A. Did you accept? / With Evan
B. Are you going to teach young people? – With Evan
C. Wow, congratulations. + With Evan



A. (I can’t help but watch the scene.) /
B. It’s pointless to try to know more… No need to be a keen observer to understand that this moment belongs to them.) / (illustration)
C. (I’m not going to try to learn more, it’s their business.) /

If your L’o’M with Kentin is higher than 80 or if he is your boyfriend. He will ask you to go on a walk with him.


Because… I really do not want to lose you.

A. You didn’t ruin anything. / (illustration)
B. (I leaned over and put my face close to his.) /
C. I almost thought it was over… /

If Kentin didn’t ask you to go with him, episode 38 will end. Otherwise, it ends after you talk with Kentin.