Story Quests

Welcome to Dreamlight Valley
This quest starts automatically after you have started the game and created your avatar. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Try to enter the House: interact with the thorns before the door of the house. You will talk with Merlin and remove the thorns with magic.
  • Go inside the House: interact with the door to enter the house. After you have entered the house, you will talk with Merlin. 
  • Remove the Night Thorns inside the House: interact with the night thorns to remove them with magic.
  • Investigate the glowing Orb using X. Go to the globing orb to interact with it.
  • It’s a Memory! Talk to Merlin to see what it means: you have found a memory. Go over to Merlin to talk with him. Talking with him will end this quest.

At 07:17 min starts Welcome to Dreamlight Valley quest.

The Royal Tools
Merlin asks you to recover the lost Royal Tools in the Village. He mentions that the Pickaxe is stuck in a stone in the Plaza. For as long as it’s been there, darkness has hung over the Village. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Acquire the Royal Tools in the Valley: talk with Merlin by the castle. He will give you more info about the quest. Follow him then to the well.
    • Find the Royal Pickaxe in the Plaza and pull it from the Stone: the pickaxe is next to the left side of the stairs.
    • Find the Shovel in the Plaza: Mickey will show you a memory in Mickey’s memories. The Shovel lies next to the building of that memory. 
    • Find the Watering Can in the Plaza: Mickey will tell you in the quest Foodception that the Watering Can is next to your house.
    • Find the Fishing Rod in the Meadow: go over to Goofy’s house, he will help you find it. For more info you can look at the quest Fishing Expedition
  • Talk to Merlin: after finding the pickaxe, Merlin wants to talk with you.
  • Talk with Merlin: Merlin wants to talk with you after you got all the Royal tools. This is the last subject of the quest.

At 00:00:00 min starts The Royal Tools quest.

Location Pickaxe
Location Shovel
Location Watering Can
Location Fishing Rod

Mickey’s Memories
Looks like the Night Thorns have gotten to Mickey! You speak to him to see how you can help. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Remove the Night Thorns in Mickey’s House: interact with the Night Thorns, your magic will remove them. 
  • Investigate the Memory using X: go to the globing orb and interact with it. 
  • Ask Mickey about the Memory: go over to Mickey to talk with him. 
  • Find the location in Mickey’s Memory: if you stand next to the well and look towards the castle, the place is at your right hand. 
  •  Search the ares to find the Recipe: use the shovel to dig holes on the place in the ground where it sparkles. Out of one of them will come a recipe.
  • Use the Fruit Salad Recipe in your backpack: Open your backpack and open up the recipe.
  • Talking to Mickey: with talking to him, you will finish this quest.

At 00:10:53 min starts Mickey’s Memories quest.

The location of Mickey's Memory

Now that you’ve found the recipe, It’s time to bake with Mickey! Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Talk to Mickey at his garden: Mickey’s garden is in front of his house
  • Dig a hole and plant 3 Wheat: Mickey just gave you some Wheat, dig a hole in the ground with your shovel and interact with it to plant the Wheat.
  • Use the book in your Backpack to learn the Crackers recipe: open up your backpack and then open up the recipe.
  • Well done! Talk to Mickey: interact with Mickey to talk with him. He will tell you where the Watering Can is. 
  • Find the Royal Watering Can near your House: The Watering Can lies next to your house.
  • Use the Watering Can to water your three crops: hold your Watering Can in your hand and interact with the crops you plant earlier in this quest.
  • Talk to Mickey while you wait for the crops to grow: he will explain things about gardening.
  • Gather 3 apples and 2 wheat: gather the wheat you just watered. There is an apple three next to your house. You can gather over there some apples.
  • Go to your house with Mickey to start cooking: go inside your house, Mickey will follow you.
  • Where do we bake? Talk to Mickey: Mickey will give you a stove.
  • Place the Stove in your House: in your backpack, there is a place for furniture. Go over there to your stove and place it in your house.
  • Cook one fruit Salad and Crackers using your stove. When you interact with your stove, you can select the recipes. You can select the things you need our do autofill and cook it.
  • See what Mickey thinks: talk with Mickey, this is also the last thing you have to do for this quest.

At 00:23:48 min starts Foodception quest.

Fruit Salad

Fishing Expedition
There’s a new friend in the Peaceful Meadow. It’s time to meet them.
Goofy has lost his Lucky Fishing Rod somewhere in the Peaceful Meadow. He asks you to look for it.
Now that he is reunited with his Luckey Fishing Rod, he wants to introduce you to his favorite hobby and leads you to a pond in the Peaceful Meadow. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Talk with Goofy: talking with him will start this quest.
  • Find Goofy’s Luckey Fishing Rod in the Meadow: it is laying next to one of the ponds.
  • You found Goofy’s Luckey Fishing Rod, but it’s all jammed up! Bring it to Goofy so he can fix it. By interacting with Goofy, you will give him the fishing rod.
  • Follow Goofy to a fishing spot: go to a pond, the story will explain to you how to fish.
  • Show Goofy your big catch: after catching your first fish, go back to goofy and talk with him.
  • Follow Goofy to his Stall: follow Goofy.
  • Talk to Goofy: interact with Goofy.
  • Use the Scrooge McDuck sign to reopen Goofy’s stall: interact with the sign. Scrooge McDuck will shows up. He will fix it for free.
  • Talk to Goofy: by talking with him, you finish this quest.

At 01:00:57 min starts Fishing Expedition quest.

Goofy's Stall

Making Cents Of Things
You find Scrooge McDuck in front of his closed store. He explains to you that he used to sell furniture and clothing to Dreamlight Valley Villagers, but the Forgetting put him out of business. He is in desperate need of an investor for his grand reopening. He suggests you trade with Goofy to make some money. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Find Goofy in the Meadow: you can find Goofy at his house.
  • Help Goofy get back in business: let Scrooge McDuck fix Goofy’s stall.
  • Talk to Scrooge McDuck: look at the map to see where Scrooge McDuck is.
  • Earn 1.000 Star Coins to repair Scrooge McDuck’s Store: you can get money with removing Night Thorns or sell stuff over at Goofy’s stall.
  • Use the sign outside Scrooge McDuck’s store to repair it: interact with the sign and pay the 1.000 star coins to fix it.
  • Talk to Scrooge McDuck: interact with him. He will give you 500 star coins
  • Buy something from Scrooge McDuck Store: you can use the money you just got to buy something.
  • You did it! Go see what Scrooge McDuck thinks: Interact with him to finish this quest.

At 00:00 min starts Making Cents Of Things quest.

Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-opening
Fixing the store was only part of the grand reopening, Scrooge McDuck needs you to promote his store around the village. The rewards you get from this quest, are a Scrooge McDuck wall sign and an iron crafting station for in your house. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Scrooge McDuck has something else for you. Talk to him: you can find him often in his Store.
  • Put on the Scrooge’s Store promotional T-shirt: Scrooge just gave you the T-shirt, you can find it in your backpack. 
  • Show Scrooge McDuck your outfit: go talk to him. You can find him most of the time at his Store. 
  • Gather 12 piece of softwood around the Village: Most of the time Softwood lies close to a tree in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow Forest of Valor, and Glade of Trust. 
  • Return to Scrooge McDuck: go talk to him. You can find him most of the time at his Store. 
  • Craft four signs for Scrooge McDuck’s Store using a Crafting Station. You can find a station in Scrooge McDuck’s Store. 
  • Place four Scrooge McDuck’s Store signs around the village: you can find the signs in your backpack at the furniture tab. 
  • Talk to Scrooge McDuck: you can find him at his Store. 
  • Gather 2 Dandelions and 2 Purple Rising Penstemon: Dandelions can be found in the Plaza. Purple Rising Penstemon can be found in the Peaceful Meadow. 
  • Craft Dandelions and Rising Penstemon Pot using the items collected: go to a crafting station to craft the items. You can find one next to Goofy’s house or in Scrooge McDuck’s Store
  • Place two Dandelion and Rising Penstemon Pot near Scrooge’s Store: you can find those items in your backpack at the furniture tab.
  • Return to Scrooge McDuck: with talking to him, you will finish this quest.

At 07:37 min starts Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-opening quest.

Crafting the Scrooge McDuck's Store signs
Purple Rising Penstemon
Crafting the Dandelion and Rising Penstemon pot

The Dream Castle
Merlin is waiting for you at the Castle.
He explains that the giant night thorns blocking the way inside are nothing like the ones you’ve seen before. You’re going to need stronger magic if you want to access the Castle.
Merlin shows you the source of Dreamlight in the Village: the Wishing Well. He encourages you to look into it to find out which Activities generate Dreamlight, as you need to gather it to open the Dream Castle. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Find Merlin waiting for you at the Dream Castle: go to the Dream Castle to talk with Merlin.
  • Follow Merlin: follow Merlin to the wishing well.
  • Keep exploring the village to find the four royal tools and talk to Merlin: for completing this subject, you have to complete the quest The Royal Tools
  • Complete 3 Dreamlight Duties: you can see the duties in the menu or at the well.
  • Gather 2000 Dreamlight to open the Dram Castle: you can get Dreamlight by doing Dreamlight duties. 
  • Talk to Merlin: you can find where he is on the map.
  • Unlock the Dream Castle: go to the dream castle, investigate it and pay 2000 Dreamlight to enter it. After this, you will talk with Merlin automatically in the castle and get to choose one character to do a quest for and get him/her to your village. You can choose Wall-e, Moana or Remi. This conversation with Merlin will end this quest.

At 13:09 min starts The Dream Castle quest.

The Dream Castle

Friendship Is Everything
Merlin has something fascinating to show you in the Village.
Merlin guides you to a strange stone with a hole at the top. What can it possible be?
The strange stone is called the Pillar of Friendship. Once, it held the Orb of Friendship. But when the Old Ruler disappeared, the orbs were scattered. Now, the Orb of Friendship is trapped, tangled up in Night Thorns. To free it, you’ll have to become better friends with the Villagers by spending time with them. In Dreamlight Valley, that’s called “hanging out”. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Follow Merlin to the pillar in the Meadow: try to stay close to Merlin.
  • Talk to Merlin: after you have followed him to the pillar, he wants to talk with you. 
  • Reach Friendship Level 5 with three Villagers: the easiest way to get higher friendship levels is; by hanging out with characters and giving them their favorite gifts. 
  • Talk to Merlin: you can find on the map where Merlin is. 
  • Go back to the Pillar in the Meadow: when you arrive at the pillar, you will see that the orb of friendship is free from the night thorn.
  • Pick up the Orb of friendship: walk to the orb and interact with it.
  • Place the orb of friendship in the pillar: interacting with the pillar will open your backpack. There you can choose the orb, and it will be placed back in the pillar.  
  • Go check out the well in the Meadow: walk to the well.
  • Talk to Merlin about the well: you can find him next to the well. He will tell you what you can do with the well. 
  • Gain access to a new Biome: open up Dazzle Beach, this cot you 1.000 Dreamlight. 
  • Return to Merlin: talking with Merlin will finish the quest. 

At 00:00 min starts The Friendship Is Everything quest.

The Well
Dazzle Beach