HSL Episode 14

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 600 – 650 AP
Lysander 638 AP
Castiel 626 AP
Nathaniel 630 AP
Fairy 8 AP

Team Lysander shirt 4G
Pole 6G
Bottles 7G
Outfit 24G

Illustrations: 3 in total. You can get one out of three in a single play through. The illustrations depend on dialogue choices and LOM.

Fairy/Auntie: in the locker room. There are multiplied moments when you can find her. This is one of those moment: after you have found a guitar and drum player. She will give you headphones.

Hidden objects: 
– You can get a Skull Barrette if you choose the neutral poster.
– You can get a team Lysander shirt. Nina will ask if you want one, just say yes.


Outfit 24G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in the hallway, at the point where episode 13 ended. Castiel just explained to you that we need more musicians. You are talking about it with Alexy. Then you have to find Lysander to know how many musicians you need. He is in the Hallway.

Armin: (Choice)

A. Hey! Did you sleep well? 
B. Hey! How was studying? +
C. Hey! Did you get further in your game?

Lysander: You seem pretty sure of yourself there.

A. But I’m not! +
B. I don’t really have the choice! /
C. Oh…Sorry.

You are going to ask everyone if the play a music instrument. Walk around the school.

Castiel: Why do you wanna know?

A. Uh well… You didn’t really know that three musicians and a singer would be enough… /
B. Just curious, because I just talked to Lysander and he has. /

Amber: I hear your name every five minutes, everyone is talking about you and your idea. Are you happy? You must feel important now, right?

A. I’ve always been important. /
B. Are you jealous? /

Armin: Yeah! I swear! I can beat all the records! If you need someone, there’s no problem, I would love to help!

A. You’re a life saver! /
B. Are you sure you can play with Castiel and Lysander? +

Nathaniel: Do you think we should keep a list of the people who will go to the concert?

A. Would that just be a lot of work for nothing? /
B. That may be a good idea yeah! +
C. I don’t have a clue about that…

Lysander: I still haven’t been able to reach my friends by phone yet. Sorry.

A. Too bad, I’m struggling here…
B. Ah! You didn’t forget! +
C. It’s ok. /

After talking with Iris, you have found your musicians. You will have to let Lysander and Castiel know. But before you do, you can find the fairy in the locker room. She will give you headphones and het part cost 8 AP.

Go find Lysander and Castiel they are in the basement.
Then go see how far Violette and Alexy are with the posters, they are in classroom A.
Then go back to the basement.
You have to find a new drummer. Go talk with Nathaniel he is in the student council room.

Iris: Lysander and Castiel seemed pretty angry, but I thought it was funny! Not you?

A. Not really… we don’t have a drummer now. /
B. Yeah, it was pretty funny. /(Another choice)

Iris: Right? Too bad he couldn’t really play with us, I would have liked to get to know him better! (If you choose the content of B)

A. He hasn’t been here too long, you’ll have other occasions! /
B. Hey! Watch it! Don’t touch Armin! /

Armin: It would have made us stand out from the other groups! Plus, have you even ever played Guitar Hero?

A. Nope, never. +
B. Yeah, I’m a pro! /

Lysander: If Nathaniel knows how to play the drums and he accepts to play, Castiel will deal with it. It’s time that they both grow up a bit.

A. That might be a bit much to ask, don’t you think?
B. I hope that you’re right…. /
C. If you say so… +

Castiel: And you are really going to ask him?

A. Yes, of course. /
B. Do I really have the choice?

Go find Kim to ask if she has a drum set. She is in the hallway.
Then go look for Violette and Alexy. They are in classroom A.

Nathaniel: That’s because he was yelling at Lysander… I didn’t think Lysander was so calm, he didn’t even raise his voice once while his friend was almost insulting him.

A. Lysander and his legendary patience… /
B. Maybe he was scared?
C. You’re quite patient too! /

Castiel: Pff…I’m going to have to deal with him now, I hope you’re happy.

A. We didn’t have the choice!
B. Don’t be childish, he’s not that bad.
C. Yes, very. For once it’s me who’s ruining your life… +

Alexy: Ha ha, I’m just kidding. So, which one do you want?

A. The neutral poster / (Hidden item: Skull Barrette)
B. The pink and purple poster /
C. The dark poster /

It is time to go home. On your way you will see Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: Yeah, I asked Melody to wait with me, that way if Mr. Faraize says it’s OK then we can put it up together.

A. (Melody and him? Oh, absolutely not!) + (You will stay on school and help Nathaniel and Melody. First go to the hallway and then to the basement.)
B. Ok. Good luck to both of you! / (You will go home)

The next day will start. You will have to meet Lysander in the basement.
Then go looking for Kim, she is in the courtyard.

Kentin: Yeah, it almost makes me regret not playing an instrument… Well, besides the flute.

A. Too bad, you could have given a reason for the girls from other schools to come to the concert. +
B. Admit that with a flute in the group they would have looked ridiculous…

Go with Kim to the basement. You will set up the drum set.
Then go looking for Rosalya. She is at the gym.

Nina/Lysandra: Yeah! We even have a T-shirt made especially for him! I made them, do you want one?

A. Yeah, I would like that! / (Hidden item: team Lysander shirt, it will cost 4G)
B. No, not really…

You will need a pole for the backstage area. You can find one in the dollar shop. It will cost 6G. Bring it to the basement.

Nathaniel: Yeah, I heard that…

A. Maybe you’ll have a fan club too after the concert! /
B. I hope you won’t have any fans after the concert… +

It is time to go home.

Castiel: Oooh, Nina? He told me about her.

A. Do you know how he feels about her?
B. I hope that after the concert you won’t have a fan club… +
C. Maybe after the concert, you’ll have a fan club too! /

The next day will start, go to the basement.
Walk to the staircase and then go back to the basement.

The story will skip to one day before the concert. You are in the hallway with Kim. You will have to buy some drinks for the concert. You can find them in the dollar shop. They will cost 7G. Bring them to the staircase.
Then go find Rosalya, she is in the hallway.

The next day will start. Go to the basement. There you will get your outfit.

Outfit 24G

Iris: Yeah! You could sing with Lysander!

A. That would be great! Are you alright with that boys? /
B. No, that’s nice, but I’ll pass. /

Go to the courtyard to talk with Melody. Then go back to the basement.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (I couldn’t keep my eyes off Nathaniel) (Illustration with Nathaniel)
B. (I couldn’t keep my eyes off Castiel) (Illustration with Castiel)
C. (I couldn’t keep my eyes off Lysander) (Illustration with Lysander)

Go to the courtyard, there you will finish this episode.