HSL Episode 20

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 900 – 1100 AP
Lysander 1004 AP
Armin 996 AP
Castiel 1.050 AP
Kentin 1.022 AP
Nathaniel 1.016 AP
Fairy 10 AP

Outfit 23G

Illustrations: 10 in total. You can get two out of ten in a single play through. The illustrations depend on LOM and dialogue choices.

Fairy/Auntie: in classroom B. You can find her when you are looking for Lucy. Her part cost 10AP and according to your choose she will give you a sad or a happy mask.

Talking about acting makes me think of this one play… It’s said to be cursed. And one should never pronounce it’s name on stage!

A. Macbeth? (Sad mask)
B. Hamlet? (Happy mask)


Outfit 23G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in classroom B, right where the last episode ended. The prince pal is talking about the open house and play. You will get a form from Nathaniel. Then you will leave the classroom to give Rosalya her gift. You can find her at the staircase. You will go together into classroom B. There you will give her the gift. Then you want to know what the other student think about the open house and the play. Walk around the school.

Castiel: I’m going to end up leaving this school!

A. Yeah! Great idea! -10
B. Why’s that? /

Lysander: I’m a fan of the classics.

A. Like Romeo and Juliet? -5
B. Like Cyrano de Bergerac? /
C. Like Phaedra? +

Alexy and Armin: *Sigh* (nickname), say something!

A. Hey! Don’t get me involved in your stories! / with Armin and Alexy
B. Metal Gear is too complicated of a story… -5 with Armin and +5 with Alexy
C. I don’t even know what Metal Gear is! + with Armin and -5 with Alexy

After you have a talk with almost everyone about the play, you want to know what Nathaniel thinks. You can find him in the student council room. After you have a talk with him, it is time to go home. On the way, you will see Castiel.

Castiel: If I were you, I would take advantage of it quick before I change my mind!

A. Well then, it would be with great pleasure! / (Castiel and you will not go on a drink)
B. It’s nice of you, but no thanks. As you said, little girls should be home by now… / (Castiel and you will go get a drink)

At home, your parents will sign the form. The story will skip a few days, and you are back at school on the day you have to choose the play. Go to the staircase, there you see Kim. She will take you to the gym. There will Boris tell you, that you have to give your form to Mr. Faraize. Go to classroom B and then back to the gym.

Boris: Silence please! Well… Raise your hand to vote for the play you want! Ready?

A. (Raise your hand for “Alice in Wonderland”.) Illustration in episode 21 with Lysander or Armin
B. (Raise your hand for “Sleeping Beauty”.) Illustration in episode 21 with Nathaniel
C. (Raise your hand for “Little Red Riding Hood”.) Illustration in episode 21 with Castiel or Kentin

Go to the courtyard, there you see Rosalya. She will take you back into the gym. After talking with her and Boris, go back again to the courtyard, there Rosalya will leave you. You want to know what the boys think of the play. Walk around the school to ask them.

Castiel: I find that a story where the characters are all crazier than one another suits our school perfectly… Not you? (If you choose Alice in Wonderland)

A. For some, yeah… actually. -5
B. Uh, we aren’t all crazy! -5
C. You are so right… I can definitely see you at the Mad Hatter. +

Castiel: I don’t really see how, we are talking about a lazybones who sleeps forever… (If you choose Sleeping Beauty)

A. Lazybones? Are you serious?
B. The part of my dreams… +

Castiel: If the wolf ends up eating the hunter, it could be alright, yeah… (If you choose Little Red Riding Hood)

A. Oh no! We need a happy ending! -10
B. That wouldn’t be bad!
C. You have some weird ideas! +5

Nathaniel: Yeah… I can’t even imagine the disaster if “Little Red Riding Hood’ had been chosen!

A. Don’t even talk about it… I would have tried to jump out the window, but I would have gotten hurt. /
B. It is a cute story though! -5
C. I’m glad I picked that play then! +5

Nathaniel: Well, I wasn’t expecting to act out a grand play anyway… (If you choose Little Red Riding Hood)

A. C’mon, I’m sure it will be great! /
B. I should have chosen another play then…

Armin: Well… Now we just have to wait to see what parts we get!

A. It’s stressing me a little. Not you? /
B. I hope I get a good part! -5
C. I wonder how that will go! +

Lysander: We managed to organize a concert. We should be able to do a play!

A. No way! The concert was much easier! -5
B. Well, this time you won’t be the only ones on stage. +5
C. It does seems a little hard though. /

Kentin: That’s alright; at least there will be some action! (If you choose Little Red Riding Hood)

A. Oh man… Where is Kentin that was scared to fight? -10
B. Military camp really changed you…
C. Maybe during the scene, the two of us will have to fight each other! +5

After you have a talk with all the boys, go to the courtyard. There you see Kim and Violette. You will promise them to practice for the audition tomorrow. Then you have to leave school. On the way, you see Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: Oh… You wouldn’t want to do it with someone else too, would you?… You… You can never practice too much…

A. No, thanks. Once is fine for me! -10
B. Oh yeah? With pleasure then! +5

After talking with Nathaniel, go home. There you will practice with your mom and then the next day will start. You are back at school, you have to find Violette and Kim. Walk around the school, they will pop up after you had a talk with some people.

Lysander: Why not? I saw other students practicing in the halls. Plus, I haven’t had the occasion to practice in front of someone. I know an outside opinion will help me. What do you say?

A. No, I really need to find Kim now, you can show me later! -5
B. S-Sure, I’ll do it! +5

Armin: No, I’ve got plenty of time! We can even practice Friday morning before the auditions, no need to stress!

A. You’re acting a little too casual about this! -5
B. Don’t complain if you don’t have a good part then! -5
C. I would like to be as carefree as you… +

Violette and Kim: Me too… Where do you want to go? The locker room or the basement?

A. (Choose the locker room.) / (More dialogue with Castiel)
B. (Choose the basement.) / (More dialogue with Kentin)

Go to the locker room or the basement. In the locker room, you see Castiel.

Castiel: What I’m doing?… Hmm.. Uh, well your plan was just a few minutes away from working.

A. Phew, I missed a horrible scene… +5
B. B-But since I don’t have a plan!! /
C. Shoot, I could have seen you changing then?

After practicing with Violette and Kim, go to the courtyard. From there you will go home. On the way, you see Amber. After arriving home, the next day starts. You are back at school in the courtyard. When you walk inside, Melody tells you that a girl walks around the school who doesn’t go here. You think that it is Lucy. You go looking for her. Walk around the school, she will pop up with Armin after you had a talk with some people. In the meantime, you can find the fairy. She is in classroom B. Her part cost 10 AP. She will give you a sad or a happy mask.

Fairy/Auntie: Talking about acting makes me think of this one play… It’s said to be cursed. And one should never pronounce it’s name on stage!

A. Macbeth? (Sad mask)
B. Hamlet? (Happy mask)

Castiel: Oh yeah? That’s interesting…

A. Uh, don’t start checking out other girls! +5
B. Is that all that gets your attention… -5
C. Uh, how come you don’t care when I dress lightly then? /

Kentin: No, I preferred not to let her know. She’s capable of making fun of me anyhow…

A. No, you’re cute, you will definitely please her! -5
B. Oh yeah, maybe… Even I have a hard time seeing you as something other than old ‘four eyes’. +5
C. How could she make fun of you? You’re perfect! /

Armin: With pleasure!

A. I thought you didn’t like being outside… /
B. If you want, but hurry up to follow us! +5
C. Wouldn’t you prefer to go play?

You will take Lucy with you to the courtyard. There you two see Kentin and talk with him. After talking with Kentin, he will leave being in a sad mood. You let Lucy leave the school. You go look for Kentin, you can find him in the science classroom. He is there with Alexy and Armin. After you have seen that Kentin is in good company, you leave the science room.
All the LI you have a LOM with for 90 or higher will practice the audition with you. Go with them into classrooms. After practicing the audition, go outside and walk around until you see Amber. Mr. Faraize will ask you on the intercom to come to classroom B. There you will discuss what will happen after the show. Then the day of the audition arrives. You get to choose your outfit. There is only one outfit to pick.

Outfit 23G

Some sound will lead you to the basement. There, Amber will lock you up. The LI you have the highest LOM with will come save you.


A. (Hit the door.)  /(Illustration with Lysander / Nathaniel / Armin / Castiel / Kentin)
B. (Yell louder.) /

After your LI saved you go with him to the gym. There you will audition.

Lysander: (Choice)

A. Will you be disappointed if I don’t get a good role? / (Illustration)
B. At least you are sure of getting a good role! /

Nathaniel: (Choice)

A. My heart is beating so fast, it’s horrible!  / (Illustration)
B. (Don’t say anything) /

Castiel: (Choice)

A. I would like to be as calm as you…. /
B. (Don’t say anything.)  / (Illustration)

Kentin: You shouldn’t worry. You are taking this to heart too much!

A. Easy for you to say! You were good! /
B. I know, but I can’t help it… (Illustration)

Armin: Ha ha, yeah, can’t you see? I’m flipping out… And you? You look paler than usual.

A. My stomach hurts a little… /
B. I’m really stressed! / (Illustration)

After getting your illustration, the episode will end.