The Super Twins (Armin)

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

The spin-off starts with Love’O’meter of 0, and it does not affect your meter in the normal episodes.

Action points: 1550 – 1750 AP

Illustrations: 1 total. The illustration is based on dialogue choices.

Outfit 160G
Tickets for the exhibit 10G
Stan Lee Figurine 35G or Mix Tape G15 or Hulk Oven Mitts G20 (Optional)


The spin-off takes place during episode 37 after you have met Evan and before the first time skip. In this spin-off, you will be on Armin’s route. It will not affect your main story.

The spin-off starts in your room. You are cleaning. Then you find your comic-con costume. Then you go back in time and the story will start.

You are in hallway talking with your friends about an upcoming event.



A. Violette was just trying to be polite and asked if you liked comics. – With Armin
B. Armin was just trying to be funny. – With Alexy
C. Violette, don’t you like comics, too? + With Violette

After the conversation, Armin will run outside all exited.



A. So my opinion isn’t worth anything?
B. Aren’t you moving a bit too fast? +
C. And what if I wasn’t available? /

You wanted to come, didn’t you?

A. Of course! I can’t wait to go out with the whole gang! +
B. Of course, as long as I can choose where we go out to next!
C. Yes, even though I’d have preferred for it to be just the two of us. +

The bell will ring. It is time for art class. On your way, you come across Amber and Li.



A. (I don’t intend to start playing their game.) /
B. Apparently, you’re taking advantage of Charlotte no being here to put together a comedy act. Great job, you shouldn’t dwell on your failures. /

In art class, you will get question to answer.



A. (… waffle iron.) / (Correct)
B. (… fondue pot.) /
C. (… microwave.) /



A. (”Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!”) / (Correct)
B. (”Tom and Jerry!”) /
C (”Frankenstein!”) /

Yes, (Nickname)?

A. Red? /
B. Yellow? /
C. Gray? + With Armin (Correct)

Class is over, you go to hallway. You will talk with some friends.



A. Go ahead, what are you waiting for? +
B. Look, there’s Alexy over there! /
C. Don’t be shy!



A. …Kentin there. /
B. …some cute guys, perhaps? /

After the conversation, you go and invite people to the exhibit.

Castiel is in the basement. 



A. I’m sure you’re not interested. Forget about it.
B. Want to come to the Marvel exhibit? The one we were talking about in class. +
C. I wanted to invite you to the Marvel exhibit, but I don’t think it’s “bad” enough for a “bad boy” like you. /

Nathaniel, Priya, and Kim are in Classroom A.

Iris and Melody are in the Library.

Lysander is in the garden


Oh yes, fine. Actually, maybe you can help me. If you had to get rid of a body, how would you go about it?

A. Um… Are you SURE everything is okay? +
B. I’d get some acid and a plastic tub. /
C. I heard that pigs could help with that…

Nathaniel told me about a creative writing project for young writers. We have to try and write a story several pages long in one month. It intrigued me and I started writing about a week ago. 

A. Don’t you usually write songs? /
B. That seems like an enormous challenge. /
C. What’s your story about? /

Once you have invited everyone, you will go outside and head to the café. There will be everyone who is invited. You will talk about what time and if you will dress-up for the exhibit.

After the meetup, you will walk home with Armin.


Please say yes!

A. Only if we can get the others to play along! /
B. Absolutely! I love dressing up! /


A. I wanted to be sure that Alexy would come. /
B. He ended up agreeing to go, so what different does it make?
C. He likes you and Alexy, so I was sure he would agree to come. +

I swear, if she keeps on looking for trouble like that, I’ll make sure she regrets it!

A. Believe me, if I had superpowers, I’d immediately go and get even with that brat! /
B. The most effective thing to do with her is always ignore her. /

When you get home, Rosa will text you.


Rosalya: ***Is everything okay with Armin? Things looked tense between you two. Don’t start fighting too, or else I won’t have any friends left :(***

A. (I replied for her not to worry) /
B. (I replied that things weren’t going so great.) /

You end up talking on the phone with Rosa.

Deep down, what are you scared of?

A. Being ugly. /
B. Looking ridiculous. /
C. For people to think I’m a “fake fan.” /

The next day, you will go to school. You decide your outfit. 



A. Captain Marvel and Captain America? / (Towards illustration)
B. Superman and Wonder Woman? /
C. Diablo and Kitty Pryde? /

Then you try to convince the other girls to dress-up. They are in classroom A.


N-No, I don’t. Just thinking about everyone looking at me makes me want to faint.

A. But you’d be perfect for playing Violet from The Incredibles! +
B. Exactly, if we all do it, you won’t need to worry! /
C. I won’t force you to do cosplay if you don’t want to. /

The Bell will ring. Your next class is from Mr. Faraize in classroom B.



A. (Sit next to Alexy) + with Alexy
B. (Sit next to Armin) + with Armin

After school Rosa, the twins and you will go to Iris to make the outfits.


In order to avert a disaster, I suggest that we switch off so that there’s always one of us present. To try and get them to quit being so stubborn.

A. Assuming we can get past step 1 first, but okay. – With Armin and Alexy
B. I’m not sure we need to resort to military tactics just yet… /

If you choose A, you will go to kitchen.


Oh wow, I really did screw things up.

A. Is this really the best time for that right now?
B. The situation would have gotten worse in any case. +
C. It’s their fault. You were just trying to help! /

You get to choose if you go to the Patio to follow Alexy or to the Bathroom to follow Armin. If you had chosen B. (I’m not sure we need to resort to military tactics just yet…). Then you directly get to choose if you want to go after Armin or Alexy.

If you have talked to Alexy or Armin, you will all go back to the living room to work at the outfits.

The day comes that you go to the exhibit. Rosa comes in the morning with your outfit. It cost 160G.

You show it to your parents. Then Armin comes inside. It will get a little bit awkward and then you go to the exhibit.


Ooh! Say, you weren’t kidding, things are really lively at your house!

A. Yeah, and thanks to who?
B. I wish we could have avoided that. /

You meetup with everyone at the park entrance.



A. (I should go back home. After all, I shouldn’t have to force myself to endure this if I don’t want to.) /
B. (No way I’ll let their jeers get to me!) /

To get in the exhibit you will have to pay 10G for the tickets.



A. (Go with Armin, Alexy, Kentin, and Violette) /
B. (Go with Rosa, Leigh, Capucine, and Samuel) /
C. (Go with Nathaniel, Melody, and Kim.) /
D. (Go with Priya, Iris, and Thomas). /

After some time with group you chose, you lose them out of side. You walk up to a statue.



A. (I walked up to Thanos.) / (You get a conversation between Thomas and Priya)
B. (I walked up to Ultron.) / (You get a conversation between Nathaniel and Melody)

At the end of your visit, you notice a shop.



A. (Go to the shop) / (Towards Bonus Accessory)
B. (Leave)

If you pick to go to the shop:

A. (I went toward the kitchenware.)
B. (I went toward the figurines)
C. (I want toward the CDs and DVDs.)

If you pick the kitchenware, you can buy the Oven Mitts with giant Hulk Hands on them. 

A. (Buy the oven mitts for G20) (You get a gift from Armin)
B. (Look for another gift)
C. (Leave the shop)

If you pick the figurines, you can buy a Stan Lee Figurine.

A. (Buy the mix tape for G15) (You get a gift from Armin)
B. (Look for another gift)
C. (Leave the shop)

If you pick the CD’s and DVD’s, you can buy a Guardians of the Galaxy Mix Tape.

A. (Buy the Stan Lee figurine for G35) (You get a gift from Armin)
B. (Look for another gift)
C. (Leave the shop)

If you pick looking for another gift. You get to choose again, in which direction you want to go. If you choose to leave in one of the option you go to park directly, otherwise you do that after the shopping.

In the park, you will get notice by some kids.  

A. (Maybe I’m not completely comfortable, but it might be fun.) /
B. (I don’t know about Captain Marvel, but I’m not all that comfortable improvising.) /

Then you go back to park. If you have buy something, you will give Armin his gift. You get a clutch back that will fit your outfit. The group will take some picture of you and Armin. 


Who cares? Just make something up!

A. (Pose with your hands on your hips) /
B. (Make a “peace” sign) /
C. (Take a fighting stance) / (Illustration)


A. I love you, too. /
B. Even though I don’t feel ready to say it back… /

Then you are back again in your room cleaning. That is the end of this spin-off.