Fishing Expedition

Fishing Expedition
There’s a new friend in the Peaceful Meadow. It’s time to meet them.
Goofy has lost his Lucky Fishing Rod somewhere in the Peaceful Meadow. He asks you to look for it.
Now that he is reunited with his Luckey Fishing Rod, he wants to introduce you to his favorite hobby and leads you to a pond in the Peaceful Meadow.
Goofy shows you his run-down Stall and asks you to help him by fixing it.
After fishing with him and reopening his Stall, it’s time for one last talk with Goofy.
You can get this quest after you have completed the quest Welcome To Dreamlight Valley. After completing this, you get a Pale Green Fishing Hat. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Talk with Goofy: talking with him will start this quest.
  • Find Goofy’s Luckey Fishing Rod in the Meadow: it is laying next to one of the ponds.
  • You found Goofy’s Luckey Fishing Rod, but it’s all jammed up! Bring it to Goofy so he can fix it. By interacting with Goofy, you will give him the fishing rod.
  • Follow Goofy to a fishing spot: go to a pond, the story will explain to you how to fish.
  • Show Goofy your big catch: after catching your first fish, go back to goofy and talk with him.
  • Follow Goofy to his Stall: follow Goofy.
  • Talk to Goofy: interact with Goofy.
  • Use the Scrooge McDuck sign to reopen Goofy’s stall: interact with the sign. Scrooge McDuck will shows up. He will fix it for free.
  • Talk to Goofy: by talking with him, you finish this quest.

At 01:00:57 starts Fishing Expedition quest.

Goofy's Stall