Easter 2021

It is Easter on my candy love. It starts on 31 May, and it will last until 9 April. You are going to start this event with a memory game. You have to remake an Easter bilby. For playing the game you get 40 seconds. You have to remake as many bilbies as you can. You get a few seconds to remember. The time to remember will get less every time. With each good completed bilby you will get 5 bilby points. With every 35 points you will get an item of the sexy bunny outfit. In total, you need to get 175 bilby points. To play the game again you can use eggs. Every 20 hours you will get 3 eggs. When you are out of eggs you can spend 50 AP to play again or by VIP bilbies. Every 5 VIP bilbies cost 10 AP.
After finishing the bilby meter you get to go on dates with the love interests. The dates cost one egg or 50 AP. On the date you let them go on a hunt to find chocolate bilbies. While they are hunting you have to answer four questions. If you answer a question wrong you can try again for an egg or 50 AP. Going to the next question also cost one egg or 50 AP. After completing one date you will get an item of the joyful kite outfit and an illustration. When you completed one date you get randomly the next love interest. You can change the one you got for 70 AP.
After completing the last date the only thing left to do is the community bar. You can fill it by decorating bilbies. But it is a group effort. Because it depends on how many bilbies everyone that my candy love plays makes. So if the whole community makes enough bilbies you will get the chicken bonus. You can also get one outfit at the bank. In total, you can get 5 illustrations and 3 outfits.

Special thanks to Aoi.

Here you can see the right answers.

Hyun: (Choice)

A. It’s an omnivore and digs long galleries under the ground. (Correct answer)
B. It’s an herbivore and comes out during the day to eat.
C. It’s the size of a rabbit, and is carnivorous.

Hyun: And you say the bilby is endangered… how many are left in the world?

A. Less than 30,000.
B. Less than 10,000. (Correct answer)
C. Less than 5,000.

Hyun: (Choice)

A. You thought we were going to spend the evening in front of “Ratatouille”.
B. You thought we were going to spend the evening in front of “Toy Story”. (Correct answer)
C. You thought we were going to spend the evening in front of “Aladdin”.

Hyun: (Choice)

A. Hyun, I love that glass! It’s an old souvenir.
B. Haha! You’re a walking catastrophe.
C. It’s alright! It was just an old glass! (Correct answer)

Illustration with Hyun

Priya: (Choice)

A. It’s an animal that doesn’t need to drink water, it lives in an arid environment, and is tiny. (Correct answer)
B. It’s an animal that weighs on average six pounds and that is addicted to cheese.
C. It’s an animal that lives in trees and only comes out at nightfall to hunt its food.

Priya: (Choice)

A. Haiti? 
B. Bora Bora?
C. Bermuda? (Correct answer)

Priya: I had already prepared everything.

A. Oh… I’m not a fan of kites. I’ll come watch, but I’ve never liked that.
B. Oh… I would love that! It’s a great idea. (Correct answer)
C. Hmm… Wouldn’t you rather I slip my costume on right away?

Priya: What is the world record for the highest speed reached by a kite?

A. 50 mph?
B. 110 mph?
C. 130 mph? (Correct answer)

Illustration with Priya

Nathaniel: It’s cute! You even decorated them for me.

A. Of course! I can’t wait to see the eggs you decorated for me.
B. You think that’s childish, don’t you? I should have kept things simpler…
C. As you, you mean! They look like you, don’t you think? (Correct answer)

Nathaniel: Hmm… the tradition is called “Påskekrimmen” in this country.

A. Norway? (Correct answer)
B. Croatia?
C. Germany?

Nathaniel: (Choice)

A. You should have stayed concentrated! I spent so much time on it… look… it’s completely ruined.
B. I’ll get over it, don’t worry. It just took me forever to make.
C. I didn’t know I could be so distracting… (Correct answer)

Nathaniel: (Choice)

A. Would you mind reading me a passage from this book: “The Red and the Black”?
B. Would you mind reading me a passage from this book: “Murder on the Orient Express”? (Correct answer)
C. Would you mind reading me a passage from this book: “The Ice People”?

Illustration with Nathaniel

Castiel: (Choice)

A. Sorry, Castiel, I didn’t think about the fans, we can go inside if you want…
B. Say, do you want to help Castiel with a chocolate hunt? (Correct answer)
C. Sorry, miss, but we are having a private moment here…

Castiel: Guess! What country could it be?

A. Cyprus?
B. Poland? (Correct answer)
C. Russia?

Castiel: I’m capable of a lot of things…

A. There’s no way I’m putting that costume on before you’ve finished the hunt, but… you can try it on if you want!
B. Wait a bit… we have a hunt to finish! (Correct answer)
C. (I abandoned myself in his arms.)

Castiel: (Choice)

A. Okay, I’ll do it, but let me change first!
B. (I immediately pulled the trigger, and water sprayed all over his face!) (Correct answer)
C. Castiel, I can’t. Do you know how much this costume cost me?

Illustration with Castiel

Rayan: Hmm… I’ll participate in your egg hunt, if you accept to complete a challenge after.

A. Hmm… I can’t say yes without knowing what it is!
B. Does it have to do with the big box you left in the entryway? Can I see?
C. Alright… I’m in! We’ll start with the hunt, then I’ll complete your challenge after. (Correct answer)

Rayan: A Mexican tradition… Can you guess what it is?

A. Calaveras?
B. Piñatas? (Correct answer)
C. Enchiladas?

Rayan: (Choice)

A. You’re not allowed to look!
B. It’s a gift! For you.
C. If you find the last chocolate, I’ll put the rest of the costume on. (Correct answer)

Rayan: You have to choose your weapon.

A. (I took off the brush off of the broom in order to use the broomstick.) (Correct answer)
B. (I got into a fighting stance. A good punch should do the trick.)
C. (I went to get a frying pan.)

Illustration with Rayan

Here you can see the outfits with the prices if you want to buy another color.

Sexy Bunny
Bodysuit top 70G
Cuffs 25G
Stockings 45G
Ears 38G
Collar 27G
Wig 75G

Joyful Kite
Boots 45G
Tank Top 33G
Skirt 42G
Coat 70G
Wig 70G
Kite 60G

Bank outfit:

Spring Stroll
Wig 55G
Hat 27G
Top 38G
Dress 50G
Socks 15G
Shoes 30G
Basket 40G
Bike 80G