HSL Episode 10

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 300 – 400 AP
Lysander: 308 AP
Castiel: 370 AP
Nathaniel: 350 AP
Fairy: 6 AP

Fee for the orienteering race 10G
Outfit 13G

Illustrations: 2 in total. You can get them all. One depends on dialogue the other is automatically.

Fairy/Auntie: She is in the stairway. You can find her after you got your exam results. What you get will depend on how well you did at the exam. You will get a Gold Graduation Cap (if you had everything good), Graduation Cap (If you have more than the half right) or a Text Book (If you fall the test).


Outfit 13G

You can choose to get one of these dresses from Alexy:

Episode guide:

You start the episode in the hallway you talk about how your vacation was and are wondering how the vacation of your classmates has been. You wonder through the halls.

After talking with some classmates the intercom will go off, you have to go to classroom B.

Mrs. Shermansky (The Principal): You can choose what you want to help with… I will start with the last row. Miss Belodie, do you want to help with the exams or the orienteering race?

A. The orienteering race. (You will help with Lysander, Kim, Amber, Li & Violette)
B. The exam results. (You will help with Castiel, Charlotte, Melody & Rosalya) (Helping with the exams)

If you choose the orienteering race, you go to the courtyard. There will Lysander tell you what you can do. You are going to make groups of two. Amber will of course go with Li.

Candy: (Choice)

A. I’ll team up with Violette.
B. I’ll team up with Kim.
C. I’ll team up with Lysander.
It does not matter who you choose.

You will go to the teachers lounge to get the form and then give them to the other students.

Lysander: Now that we are finished, I’ll leave you. I saw a poster that said the exam results have been posted in Classroom B, I’m going to go see.

A. Ok! But, you really didn’t do much.
B. Ok! I was glad you agreed to be my partner! +
C. Ok! Thanks for your help, it was nice of you! /

To go further with the story

If you choose to help with the exams, you go to the courtyard.

Castiel: I was the last one to be asked what I wanted. By the time our dear principal asked me, there weren’t any spots left for the race.

A. Ha ha! You’re on her “list” then?
B. You can ask someone if they would switch with you, can’t you? /
C. Too bad. /

You will get a list from Castiel. There in stands what you have to do.

Castiel: You spend one afternoon with me and you expect special treatment?

A. I had hoped you would be a little nicer is all. /  
B. Shhh not so loud! I don’t want anyone to know!
C. Seeing as you were my knight in shining armor with Dake, yeah, I had hoped for something like that. /

Castiel: I’m being forced to do something I don’t want to do. I’ll be nice when it’s over.

A. Then, take the list and tell us what we need to do instead of complaining! /
B. We’ll finish everything quickly then. I don’t like it when you are in a bad mood. / (Castiel will blush)
C. We don’t feel like doing it either… /

You are going to make groups. It does not matter who you choose.

Candy: (Choice)

A. I’ll be partners with Castiel.
B. I’ll be partners with Charlotte.
C. I’ll be partners with Melody.
D. I’ll be partners with Rosalya.

You will get the posters, go to the teachers lounge. It seems to be locked. Find a teacher so they can open the room.

Castiel: Well, I guess you are trusted then. If they let you have the keys like that.

A. I’ve never done anything wrong! /
B. I’ll teach you one day. /
C. Mr. Faraize trusts me, that’s all. /

You have to put the posters in the hallways.

Castiel: Day at the beach was not trying? A dog tries to eat you, an idiot trying to jump …

A. You mean when you say you “moron”?
B. Yeah … Thank you for helping me when Dake arrived /

After helping, you can go see your exam results in classroom B.

After seeing your results you can meet the fairy in the stairway. Then you go find Nathaniel to leave the school.

Lysander: I have to go see my results. I hope my grade is alright.

A. You studied well, it should be ok! /
B.You should go see your results instead of standing there doing nothing. +

Nathaniel: Here’s one. Sign the register to prove that you’re gone by here before you go. I did not see the day, so I wanted to ask you … How was the rest of your vacation?

A. Very good! I had so much fun after leaving the beach! +
B. I admit that you missed me a little .. I hesitated to go to the beach. /
C. It was not our day as well as at the beach, but it was fun! /

Nathaniel: Really? But I do not feel we have done anything exceptional …

A. You were there, it was already great! /
B. You’ve still helped when Dake arrived. /

After you have found Nathaniel you will go home, but on your way you meet a new student. You will show him where the Principal offices is. Then you go home and the next day will start. 

You have to go to the gym to hand in your form. There you have to pay 10G to participate in the race. You also get to hear that you can choose a teammate. You can choose between Castiel, Lysander or Nathaniel. If you spend the last episode with Dake instead of with Lysander, Castiel or Nathaniel. Then that boy does not want to do the race with you.

Lysander: (Choice)

A. (Ask Lysander to participate in the race with me) (Lysander will go participate with you)
B. (Don’t ask Lysander to participate in the race with me. I can always ask him after talking to the other boys first) (You get the change to ask Nathaniel or Castiel)

Kim: I’m teammates with Violette for the race, it’ll be a laugh, I can tell!

A. Be careful then! She is capable of getting the both of the you lost. /
B. Be careful for her! She gets lost easily. /

Castiel: (Choice)

A. (Ask Castiel to participate in the race with me) (Castiel will go participate with you)
B. (Don’t ask Castiel to participate in the race with me. I can always ask him after talking to the other boys first) (You get the change to ask Lysander or Nathaniel)

Nathaniel: (Choice)

A. (Don’t ask Nathaniel to participate in the race with me. I can always ask him after talking to the other boys first) (You get the change to ask Castiel or Lysander)
B. (Ask Nathaniel to participate in the race with me) (Nathaniel will go Participate with you)

You will go to the gym to tell with who you are participating in the race.

Then you will see the principal she asks you to help students who fell the exam or if you felt the exam you will have to retake it.

The Prinicpal: Perfect! Would you like to retake the exam to improve your score?

A. (Yes) I had average results, I would like to improve them. (You will retake the exams)
B. (No) I had average results, my grade is fine with me. (You will help other students who have to retake the exams)

You have to go to classroom A.

Charlotte: Certain students have more trouble in certain subjects than others. What subject do you think you are better at?

A. Math (You will help Iris)
B. English (You will help Kim)

If you have felt the test, you have to choose if you want help with Math or English. Melody will help you. The answers are the same when you try to help someone.

Helping Kim/geting help with english:

Kim: Yeah…I’m not that good with conjugation. If you take the verb “run”, the third person past indicative, what does that give you?

A. She has run.
B. She would run.
C. She ran. (Correct answer)

Kim: Yeah, what is the plural form of the word “phenomenon”?

A. Phenomena (Correct answer)
B. Phenomenamena
C. Fenomina

Kim: One last thing yeah, which sentence is correct?

A. There are alots of flowers in the garden.
B. There are alot of flowers in the garden.
C. There are a lot of flowers in the garden. (Correct answer)

Helping Iris/ getting help with Math:

Iris: Yeah! You’ll help me then? For example, 40 + (40 x 0) + 2 = ?

A. 2
B. 42 (Correct)
C. 0

Iris: Yes! I don’t remember what you call a triangle that has two sides that are the same length.

A. An equilateral triangle
B. An isosceles triangle (Correct)
C. A right triangle

Iris: Yeah, about units of measurements. I don’t remember. How many feet are in a mile?

A. 528
B. 52,800
C. 5,280 (Correct)

After helping or retaking the test,  you go look around the school for the new student.

Nathaniel: There is a new student? I didn’t know…

A. Weird, when I got here you knew about it! /
B. It’s your job isn’t it? What have you been doing?
C. He wasn’t a new student then?

It turns out that there are two new students. You will get this illustration. Then you have to find a paperclip for them. It is in classroom B.

Nathaniel: Ah Ah!I had a sense of déjà vu!

A. Me too, but it’s for a good cause!
B. Answer, that’s all I do without your comments.
C. Yes, it is true, but this time it’s not for me  +

Lysander: It’s pretty quiet and relaxing. I could write and it was a moment that I did not.

A. You wrote a story?
B. You wrote a song? /
C. You wrote a poem? /

Lysander: I’ve written several, but none I really like …I do not reuse.

A. And you often write things you do not like?
B. It’s a shame, I’m sure they are worth the look! +

When you found the paperclip, you will see Rosalya. She asks you to give something to the principal.

Armin: Excuse me, I have the photo you asked me for.

A. Perfect Armin! I have the paper clip! /
B. Perfect Alexy! I have the paper clip! /

Alexy: Oh Noooo… He said he would go into town with me! We were supposed to go shopping! I really want some new clothes…

A. You like to go shopping? That’s rare for a boy… /
B. Maybe he forgot, that’s all! /
C. In my opinion he didn’t want to, he… / (Illustration)

Alexy: Which do you prefer?

A. The ripped dress! (You will get this dress)
B. The dress with pockets! (You will get this dress)
C. The empire waist dress! (You will get this dress)

You will go home and then the episode ends.