A Prince In Disguise

A Prince In Disguise 
You sorted out a problem between Belle and the Beast, but there still seems to be some unfinished business to take care of.
The Beast wants to apologize to Belle and give her a gift. He asks you to help find the key pieces to a chest containing his Enchanted Mirror.
With the mirror, you and the Beast discover Belle is writing her own stories. You decide to make her a Book Kit as a gift.
With the gift complete, you decide the Beast needs a little self-care and a rehearsal to make his apology to Belle perfect. When it’s time to apologize, Beast asks you to accompany him for moral support.
Belle and the Beast decide they want to visit Dreamlight Valley together – apology, successful!
Belle gives you a note for the Beast, telling him that Dreamlight Valley is safe and she is waiting for him.
Belle and the Beast have returned to the Valley!
You can get this quest after completing the quest: Into the West Wing (Realm Quest). After completing this quest, you have Belle and the Beast in your village. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Talk to Beast; he is in the West Wing.
  • Follow Lumier’s clues to find the Key Pieces. Hidden in a hot place: use your water can on the fireplaces in the library. Hidden in a place where silence roars: use your pickaxe to mini the left lion statue in front of the West Wing. Hidden in a thorny place: dig a whole in the ground in the middle of the garden.
  • Bring the Key Pieces to The Beast: go back to the West Wing. There you find the Beast. With talking to him, you give him the pieces.
  • Open the chest and collect the Enchanted Mirror: the chest is behind the Beast.
  • Bring the Enchanted Mirror to The Beast: go talk with the Beast.
  • Gather 20 Fiber, 3 Purple Falling Penstemon, 1 Empty Vial and ask a Villager for a Feather: Fiber can be made from Seaweed which you can find by fishing everywhere. Purple Falling Penstemons can be found in the Plaza. A Vial can be made from glass, which can be made from sand and coal ore. Sand you can find by digging at Dazzle Beach, and coal ore can be found with mining everywhere. For the feather, you have to ask Scrooge McDuck.
  • Craft a Book Kit: you can use the stuff you just gathered.
  • Bring the Book Kit to the Beast: go back to the Beauty and the Beast Realm. You can find the Beast in the West Wing.
  • Search the Beast’s room for the Beast’s Brush, Princely Cologne and Princely Shampoo; they are all in the West Wing. The brush is in a chest.
  • Listen to Beast’s apology to Belle in the garden: follow the Beast to the Garden.
  • Talk to Belle: she is in the Garden.
  • Place the Beast Castle in Dreamlight Valley: go back to Dreamlight Valley. There you can find their house under the furniture tab in your backpack.
  • Use the Scrooge McDuck sign to pay for the construction of the Beast’s Castle: it will cost you 20.000 star coins.
  • Talk to Belle: she is close to the well in the plaza.
  • Bring Belle’s Note to Beast; go back to the Beauty and the Beast realm. He is near the entrance of the realm.
  • Unlock the Beast: welcome him at the well in the Plaza.
  • Talk to the Beast; by talking to him, you complete this quest.

At 01:01:07 starts A Prince In Disguise quest.

Hidden in a hot place
Hidden in a place where silence roars
Hidden in a thorny place
Enchanted Mirror
Purple Falling Penstemons
Empty Vial
Book Kit
Beast's Brush
Princely Cologne
Princely Shampoo