A Dark Experiment (Level 8)

A Dark Experiment
Merlin is looking for you.
He’s finally figured out a way to improve the Royal Watering Can for good, and it involves Purified night shards. He gives you the list of ingredients he needs.
The best way to know if the enchantment worked is to test your new and improved Royal Watering Can.
Merlin will be happy to learn that the experiment was a success.
You can get this quest after getting friendship level 8 with Merlin. After completing this quest, you can remove small patches of Mushrooms. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it.

  • Gather 10 Mushrooms, 5 Emeralds and 3 Purified Night Shards for Merlin’s experiment: you can find mushrooms in the glade of Trust. Emeralds can be mined in the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust. Purified Night Shards can be made from 5 night shards and 1 dream shard. You can find both shard by digging at sparkling places on the ground.
  • Bring Merlin the ingredients you collected: you can find on the map where he is.
  • Remove 3 small patches of big mushrooms from the village: You can use your watering can for it.
  • Go back to see Merlin: you can find on the map where he is. With talking to him, you complete this quest.

At 00:00:00 starts A Dark Experiment quest.

Purified Night Shards
Removing small patches of mushrooms