UL Episode 4

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 2000 -2300 AP
Priya: 2134 AP
Fairy: 42 AP

Priya’s and Castiel’s outfit 150G
Rayan’s outfit 160G
Nathaniel’s and Hyun’s outfit 120G
Gym membership 25G

Illustrations: 5 in total. You can get one or two out of five in a single play through, depending on who you’re going to the concert with. The illustration depends on outfit, dialogue and LOM. If you go to the concert with Rosalya or Chani, you can get the illustration of Rayan and Castiel. For Rayan you need 65 LOM. For Castiel, you need Priya’s outfit, some people have also got it with Rayan’s outfit, but Priya’s seems to work better. If you go to the concert with Nathaniel, you can get Nathaniel’s illustration. You need 55 LOM for it. If you go to the concert with Priya, you can get Priya’s illustration. You need 60 LOM for it. If you went to the concert with Hyun, you can get Hyun’s illustration. You need 65 LOM for it.

Notes: When you do a single replay, you can choose who you go to the concert with before starting the episode.

Fairy/Auntie: You have to skip class to meet the fairy. You have to choose this choice: (No, not this time, it’d really be better for me to go back and study.). Then go to the bedroom halls, there you see her. She will give you a round runic bag and her part cost 42 AP.


Nathaniel’s and Hyun’s outfit 120G

Priya’s and Castiel’s outfit 150G

I don’t have Rayan’s outfit yet.

Episode Guide:

You start this episode in your room. Yeleen is there with you. She reminds you that you two have a test today. Then she gets a phone call.

Yeleen: What? But you promised me!

A. (It’s none of my business; I’m going to go meet up with Rosa and Alex.) /
B. (I wonder who she’s talking to…) -5

Walk towards the dining hall. At the campus courtyard, you will make a stop to text Chani. Then walk further to the dinning hall, there you see Rosalya.

Rosalya: I got the impression he wasn’t used to drinking. Maybe he overdid it because he was stressed out…

A. Stressed out? Why? /
B. I think he has his eye on me. /

Alexy will join you two at the table.

Alexy: (Choice)

A. Tell us more! /
B. After all we did to organize the party? The goal of which, by the way, was especially for you to meet Morgan! +5

Alexy: When we were saying goodbye, we hugged, and he slipped his arms around my waist, under my jacket. And we made a date for the Crowstorm concert next week. That’s it.

A. Castiel’s concert should be interesting. +5
B. You should’ve gone for it, Alexy! /

Chani shows up, she wants to help you with the test at the library. You will see her there after lunch. Chani leaves, you talk further with Rosalya and Alexy.

Rosalya: What are are you playing, (Nickname)? I tried to warn you but he doesn’t just have a bad reputation. There’s proof and he’s messed up in some really shady business. You should watch out. (If you go to the concert with Nathaniel)

A. I know what I’m doing, Rosa. /
B. Aren’t you exaggerating just slightly? /

Alexy: Not very big, no, but there’ll be a pretty big crowd. Sure hope I see you! That’d help me relax most likely…

A. Just tell yourself he’s nervous too, Alex. +5
B. I’ve never seen you nervous like this, usually you’re pretty laid back about this kind of thing… /

Lunch time is over, head to the library. There you see Hyun.

Hyun: Good, yeah, fine… Recovered since the party?

A. Yes. You didn’t get too bored at the party, did you? /
B. Really well, but the party was almost too short. /
C. You’re the one I should be asking about that, right? +5

Hyun: (Choice)

A. What are you hiding in your bag? +5
B. I understand… It’s nice to have some quiet time without having to put up with any noise. /
C. Nothing? You don’t come to walk around and look at the shelves, I guess. /

Chani will come over to Hyun and you. You explain to Hyun that you have to learn for a test. He leaves and you go to sit next to Chani.

Chani: Are you ready to discover the incredible history and myths about monumental art in the Middle Ages?

A. I must admit, I have a hard time understanding your fascination for the subject. /
B. Thanks again for your help. /
C. Oh yes, I can’t wait, that’s all I’ve been looking forward to. +5

Chani: So, it’s not hard. We’re going to start with the ‘Roc-aux-Sorciers’, it’s one of my favorites.

A. Not surprising. /
B. Why’s that? -5

After studying with Chani, it is time for your test. Go to the main auditorium.

Candy: “What important person promoted the development of the arts in the Middle Ages?”

A. (Vercingetorix.) -5 with Chani
B. (Charlemagne.) / (Correct answer)
C. (Louis XIV.) -5 with Chani

Candy: “What is the sacred book studied by many art historians for its sumptuous ornamental patterns?”

A. (The Avesta) /
B. (The Puranas) /
C. (Book of Kells) / (Correct answer)

Candy: “Which major artistic current grew under the reign of Charlemagne?”

A. (Anglo-saxon art) /
B. (Ottonian art) /
C. (Carolingian art) / (Correct answer)

You will continue to make the test. After it, go to the student lounge, there you see Chani.

Chani: So, what about the test? I saw you sweating over it. Did you manage OK?

A. I think I totally screwed it up. /
B. Honestly, I haven’t the slightest idea, we’ll just have to wait and see. /
C. I had the best teacher around to help me review, obviously I aced it! +5

Chani: (Choice)

A. I’d never heard of it. /
B. I have a hard time believing in that kind of superstition, but hey, why not? At least it’s different. /
C. Haha, I didn’t realize I was dealing with a real witch. +5

Chani leaves the student lounge. You decide to want to study some more and go to your dorm room. On the way you see Yeleen.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (Hmm… After all, there’s nothing keeping me from going to the restroom, too, right away, now.) / (You follow Yeleen to the restroom)
B. (There’s no sense trying to find out more from Yeleen. Might as well just head on to the room.) /

If you choose the content of B, walk further to your dorm room.
If you choose the content of A, you will go to the restroom. There you over hear a conversation between Yeleen and a friend. When the conversaton is done you try to leave the room.

Yeleen: (nickname)?

A. Better to pretend I didn’t heard anything and get out of here. That may work considering the noise in the place, all of a sudden.) /
B. Yeleen? / (Another choice)

Yeleen: Yeah, but you’re on your way out, and there wasn’t anyone in here when I came in. Are you following me or what? (If you choose the content of B)

A. Dream on. I came in to wash my hands, I’m leaving. -5
B. Why would I follow you? /

You leave the restroom and go to your dorm room. Here both routes converge. In your room, you try to start studying, but you get a few text messages. One of them is from Alexy, he asks you and Rosalya to come to the park. You stop studying and go towards the park. There you see Alexy. 

Alexy: (Choice)

A. Alex I’ve rarely seen you in such a state, what’s wrong? /
B. Oh, really? I didn’t notice. What’s wrong? +5
C. You asked us to come immediately and I’m here. So explain instead of getting annoyed! /

Alexy: I’m overdoing a laid-back attitude going to campus when I’m actually totally stressed out about this whole concert thing!

A. It’s just a little date. /
B. Oh, that’s so cute! -5

Rosalya will join the conversation.

Rosalya: There’s only one solution for that…

A. Relax, have a drink before you meet up with him! – 5 with Rosalya and / with Alexy
B. A nice shopping spree! +5 with Rosalya and / with Alexy
C. Girlfriends to help you in case of a problem! -5 with Alexy and +10 with Rosalya

Alexy: In any case, thanks ladies for having rushed over to…

A. Don’t mention it! You can count on us. / with both
B. It’s the first and last time we’re doing that, I’ll have you know! +5 with Alexy and / with Rosalya

You all go back to campuss.

Rosalya: By the way, speaking of studying, how’d your test go? Considering how determined you were earlier in the dining hall, you must’ve aced it.

A. I would’ve “aced it” better if you had let me study a little more when I had the chance! -5
B. Not great. Fortunately Chani was there. /

Alexy: Come on, let’s do the concert and afterwards, we’ll let you study, promise!

A. I have a doubt about your ability to keep that promise, Alexy. / with both
B. To tell the truth, I’d much rather increase the number of parties a week, but… I’m trying to show some discipline. +5 with both (Another choice)

Alexy: As Oscar used to say, the only way to resist temptation… (If you choose the content of B)

A. Is to give in. / (Correct answer)
B. Is to hold on tight. /

Rosalya will head to Leigh. Alexy and you walk through the gates. At the dormitory, Alexy will leave you. And you walk further to your room. Before you enter, you will text with your Mom. When you go in the room, you see Yeleen. 

Yeleen: Oh yeah! Considering how long I’ve been waiting, I totally spaced that out.

A. Saying thanks would’ve been enough. /
B. Since you spaced it out, maybe in the end you didn’t need them as fast as you were claiming. /
C. Well, so, I finally had time to take care of them. -5

Yeleen: For Alexy and Morgan…  How’d it turn out?

A. Why do you care? /
B. Oh… You noticed what was up…? +5
C. I don’t know. (I don’t feel like telling her about Alexy’s life, after all he’s my buddy, it’s none of her business.) -5

After studying for some time, it is time to go to bed. You will wake up the next morning. You meet Chani at the campus courtyard.

Chani: I said that? Yes. But thinking positive makes positive things happen! Got to always think positive.

A. It’s funny to hear that coming from the mouth of a girl who spends her time dressed in black, telling me about horror movies. +5
B. You are so right. I’ll try to remind myself. /

Walk into the art hall.

Chani: Do you really want to know?

A. Yes. /
B. No, in the end, better if I don’t know. I’m expecting something eccentric, knowing you. /

Walk to the main auditorium. There you see Priya. She will tell you, that you have to go to the other auditorium. When you get out, you start talking.

Priya: Aren’t you awake? What is it we’re doing right this minute?

A. No, I mean… Regarding what happened last time… I wasn’t sure I’d run into you there today. +5
B. Yeah, sorry! (I wanted to get on the topic of what happened last time… But maybe it’s not the right time.) /

Candy: (Choice)

A. (I’m going to class.) /
B. (No, not this time, it’d really be better for me to go back and study.) / (Change to meet Auntie/Fairy)

If you choose the content of B click here.
If you choose the content of A, go into the auditorium 2 to follow your class.

Director: So, sorry to resort to the good ‘ole methods, but does someone have a topic to suggest? One that’s a tad more serious.

A. Go back to the topic from last time? Priya had brought up the issue of freedom of expression in her native country. / (Another choice)
B. (I’ll skip my turn this time around… I don’t have any ideas.) /
C. Dictatorships? Like in North Korea… I don’t know. /

Priya: I was kidding, relax! Just the opposite, I think it’s a good topic, too. Thanks for worrying. And I’m sorry what I said touched you to such an extent… (If you choose the content of A)

A. I was blind to what was going on all that time, you must have felt awfully alone. +10
B. OK… I was afraid I’d said something dumb again. /

Chani: (choice)

A. The director’s not bad at all. +5
B. The director’s weird… /

After class, Chani stays behind to talk to the director. Priya and you walk out of the auditorium.

Priya: Did you have something else in mind?

A. Haha, thanks for the offer. If I need it, I’ll know who to ask. /
B. I don’t know, you could’ve helped me stop stressing out like an idiot for just about anything and everything! -5
C. Maybe. +5

Melody will join your conversation.

Priya: Yes, but only very rarely.

A. He looks like a nice person! / with both
B. I love redheads. +5 with Melody and / with Priya

Priya has to leave for her next class. You go outside to talk further with melody. Click here to continue the guide.

If you decide to skip class, go to the bedroom hall. There you can find the fairy. She will give you a round runic bag and her part cost 42AP.

Auntie/fairy: (Choice) (It doesn’t matter what you choose)

A. Listen Auntie, it’s really nice of you, but I don’t really want… /
B. Auntie, you have to stop coming and hanging out here. Don’t you have anything else to do? /

Go to the library, there you will study. After it, go back to the Art building. There you see Chani and Priya. You will only talk with Priya. After a while, Melody joins the conversation.

Priya: Yes, but only very rarely.

A. He looks like a nice person! / with both
B. I love redheads. +5 with Melody and / with Priya

Priya has to leave for her next class.

Melody and you go outside to talk.

Melody: No… I have something else.

A. (I don’t want to insist.) /
B. You don’t want to tell me or what? – 10
C. A date? / (another choice)

Melody: I don’t know. I wish it were, to tell the truth. (If you choose the content of C)

A. Who with? +5
B. Why don’t you come to the concert? It’s a fun place for a first date! /

Go back into the Art building for your next class. The story skips to after all your classes. Go back to your room. On the way, you get a message from an unknown number.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (Right away I answered: “Who are you?”) – with Kim
B. (I ignored the text.) / with Kim

Go into your room. There you put on your gym outfit.

Gym outfit (Free, you already paid for it in episode 2)

You go automatically to the gym. There you see Kim.

Kim: I see you remember the rules.

A. I wanted to come back, but I’ve kind of been struggling with classes… Hard to find the time. -5
B. In any case, thanks for your text. Without it, I confess I probably wouldn’t have come… +5

Kim lets you sign up for a quarter at the gym. You have to pay her 25G.

Kim: (Choice)

A. And so… Nathaniel lends you detective novels? /
B. Nathaniel’s not around? /

Kim: Well, that’s not bad. Let’s move on to the push-ups. How about it?

A. Wow, we’re doing one after the other a little faster than I’d like to. +5
B. Now? Can’t we take a little break? /

Kim: (Choice)

A. Do you and Nath see each other often? -5
B. Are you going to the concert tomorrow night? /

After the gym, go back to your room. The story skips to the next day. You have to go to the campus courtyard, there you see the administrative officer.

Administrative Officer: (Choice)

A. I didn’t even tell you what I was looking for! /
B. I need your help, please, it’s really important. -5

Administrative officer lost your ID card. You can find it in the restroom.

When you get out of the restroom, you will see Hyun if you go with him to the concert. If you go with Nathaniel to the concert, you will see him. If you go with Priya, Rosalya or Chani to the concert, go to your next class in the main auditorium.

Hyun: Well… I just happened to be passing by the art building and I figured with some luck I would run into you, it’s nicer than a text.

A. It was nice of you to come all this way. /
B. Why were you looking for me? +5

Hyun: I was coming to say that tonight, I can pick you up at the dorm so we can walk together to the concert… I don’t want you to walk alone.

A. Thanks, Hyun, that’s really thoughtful. +5
B. Are you sure? Don’t worry about it otherwise, I know Alexy and Rosa are going, too, I can easily walk with them. -5

Nathaniel: Oh, hi. I wasn’t expecting to run into you.

A. You weren’t expecting to run into me? A class day, in the Art building where I happen to be doing my major.. How strange indeed.
B. And I was expecting you even less. But hey, apparently, I’m entitled to a little surprise of this kind every day, with you. +5
C. This is definitely the first time I’ve seen you here…! /

Nathaniel: But it’s good we ran into each other. Tonight I’ll already be at the dorm before meeting up with you, so I’ll come knock on your door so we can have time to get some fresh air before going, if you’re still game?

A. You’ll already be at the dorm? /
B. OK, suits me. +5

Go to the main auditorium for your next class. You see Chani at the end of the class.

Chani: Hey, hi!

A. So, you didn’t tell me! How’d it go with the director? / (another choice)
B. Do you want to go to the dining hall together? /

Chani: He’s quite simply awesome, it just so happens that he was a professor at the International Metapsychical Institute! I’m practically sure he saw stuff that’s classified defense. (If you choose the content of A)

A. Haha, so he’s perfect, if I read you loud and clear? /
B. So, you have the same strange obsessions. +

Chani and you go to the dinning hall.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (I really want to lift up the first page, just to get a quick glance.) /
B. (I pushed the notebook back in and zipped up the bag.) /

Chani: This afternoon we have class with Mr. Zaidi.

A. Great, another class I like. +5
B. I can’t wait. /

After having lunch, Chani and you go back outside.

Chani: Yeah, sushi!

A. Love it! /
B. I’ve never really liked that much. /

You will get a call from Rosalya. She will come to see you in the meantime Chani leaves to go to the next class.

Rosalya: I suggest we go shopping now, that way there won’t be such a crowd. And we spend the first part of the evening together, so we don’t leave Alexy alone driving himself crazy for no good reason.

A. Hmm… OK, no worries. /
B. That’s going to be complicated, Rosa… I got off to a bad start this year, I can’t skip like that. -5

Whatever you choose, you will skip class. Rosalya and you walk back to the dining hall. There you see Alexy. 

Alexy: (Choice)

A. … Stop questioning yourself now that you finally have what you wanted. +10 with Rosalya and / with Alexy
B. … Give it a try at least tonight. Nothing’s keeping you from stopping everything afterwards. There’s no reason for things to go badly. / with both

Alexy, Rosalya and you go to the store to shop.

Rosalya: (Choice)

A. It’s kind of expensive for me… I don’t know if… /
B. We’re going to get discounts, I hope, considering how you work here from time to time! +5

You get to pick out your outfit for tonight. You only get to see two of the three choices. If you try to get Castiel’s illustration, you can best wear Priya’s outfit. You also have to go to the concert with Rosalya or Chani.

Nathaniel’s and Hyun’s outfit 120G

Priya’s and Castiel’s outfit 150G

I don’t have Rayan’s outfit yet.

When you are about to leave, Alexy gets a text from Morgan.

Rosalya: Hey-hey! You see! I told you so.

A. You’re going to have a good time Alexy. +5 with Alexy and / with Rosalya
B. There was definitely no reason to worry, Alex. +5 with Rosalya and / with Alexy

Alexy and you go back to the university. At the dormitory, he leaves you alone, and you head back to your room. There you see Yeleen.

Yeleen: (Choice)

A. I apologize, I didn’t want to wake you, but… -5
B. I didn’t think you were there. /

If you go to the concert with Rosalya, Chani, Priya or Hyun, they will pick you up at your room.
If you go to the concert with Nathaniel, he will let you wait in your room.

Candy: (Choice) (If you go to the concert with Nathaniel)

A. (I’m fed up. I’m leaving.) / (Go to the dorm lobby. There you find Nathaniel.)
B. (I’m going to wait for him.) / (Nathaniel will come into your room without knocking 40 minutes late)

Nathaniel: Are you leaving without me? (If you choose: I’m fed up. I’m leaving)

A. Can’t you tell? /
B. I didn’t think you’d ever get here. /

Nathaniel: (Choice) (If you choose: Can’t you tell?)

A. OK for this time. /
B. That’s not enough. /

Nathaniel: (Choice) (If you choose: I didn’t think you’d ever get here)

A. Kim? /
B. (I preferred not to ask.) /

Nathaniel: And I don’t know if the fact that I am incredibly sweaty is any evidence, but I ran like crazy to meet you. (If you choose: (I preferred not to ask)

A. Hahaha, it’s true that it’s not good for a first date. +5
B. It doesn’t prove that you ran so far because of me.

Nathaniel: (Choice) (If you choose: I’m going to wait for him)

A. About time. /
B. I waited for you, Nath… /

Nathaniel: (Choice) (If you choose: I waited for you, Nath…)

A. (I slipped my hand in his.) /
B. (I walked ahead of him without holding his hand.) /

Nathaniel: Oh, well if you’d rather, we can stay on your bed. (If you choose: (I slipped my hand in his)

A. (I shoved him away.) +5
B. That’s an appealing idea. /

Priya: That outfit really suits you well.

A. You don’t look bad yourself. +5
B. Really, you think so? I wasn’t sure about… /

Hyun: That’s reassuring, so you don’t only fall at the café. It’s just in your genes

A. Haha, sure looks that way. /
B. Or you’re the one who brings it about, every time you’re around, there’s a catastrophe involving me. /

Chani: There are more melodious ones, this one is especially rhythmical!

A. Rhythmical yes, you could say that! +5
B. My eardrums are busted. /

The one you go with to the concert, and you walk to the ally. There you go automatically in front of the snake room.

Amber: Are you together? (If you go to the concert with Nathaniel)

A. Yes -5 with Nathaniel and / with Amber
B. No! +5 with Nathaniel and / with Amber

Hyun: I like your friends. I thought they were awesome at the last party. So, really, it’s up to you.

A. OK, let’s go over and see her. /
B. That’s sweet, but I said I was spending the evening with you, so, you’re my priority. +5

Priya: (Choice)

A. It all depends on what kind of cocktails they have. -5
B. I’m with you, I want to have fun tonight. /

Chani: An old vampire movie.

A. Vampires aren’t really my thing. +5
B. I love vampire movies. /

The one you go with to the concert, and you go inside to see the concert. If you go to the concert with Chani or Rosalya, you maybe get the illustration of Castiel.

Rosalya: (Choice)

A. I liked it a lot. +5
B. It wasn’t bad… But it’s not the kind of thing I usually listen to.

Nathaniel: (Choice)

A. I liked it a lot. +5
B. It wasn’t bad… But it’s not the kind of thing I usually listen to. /

Hyun: (Choice)

A. I liked it a lot. +5
B. It wasn’t bad… But it’s not the kind of thing I usually listen to. -5

Priya: (Choice)

A. I liked it a lot. +5
B. It wasn’t bad… But it’s not the kind of thing I usually listen to. /

Chani: (Choice)

A. I liked it a lot. /
B. It wasn’t bad… But it’s not the kind of thing I usually listen to. /

You have to go to the restroom, there you walk into Melody.

Melody: Oh, (Nickname), how’s it going? (If you talked about the date earlier in the episode)

A.I didn’t think you were supposed to come tonight, did you end up changing your mind? /
B. Did you come with your much talked-about “date”? Where is he? -5

Castiel will come towards you and take you to some place calm to talk.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (I waved to her before following Castiel.) – 10 with Yeleen
B. (I just looked the other way before following him.) / with Yeleen

Castiel: (Choice) (If Castiel is your ex)

A. It’s nice to see you again. /
B. I didn’t tell you ahead of time because… I didn’t know how to go about it… –5

Castiel: (Choice) (If Castiel is your ex)

A. Is that what you want? /
B. The long-distance relationship was complicated, you know what as well as I do. -5

Castiel: (Choice)

A. I really liked the concert. /
B. I didn’t think you were so famous you had to hide in a storage closet to talk. / (Another choice)

Castiel: (Choice) (If you choose the content of B)

A. Don’t you like the fame? /
B. On the road touring, music and girls – that’s pretty much the life you wanted.

Castiel: Lysander wasn’t around anymore to sing and write… And I never managed to find someone to replace him, so it was the only solution if I wanted to keep going…

A. Bummer Lysander’s not around anymore. /
B. It’s better than what you used to do in high school. +5

Castiel: Oh. (If Castiel was your ex and you went to the concert with Nathaniel)

A. I was expecting a more aggressive answer on your behalf. /
B. You don’t mind…? /
C. Yes… He has changed a lot. /

Castiel will leave you. Then you see Rosalya. Together you walk to Castiel.

Rosalya: Well, that’s not very nice; I’m talking! (If Castiel is not your ex)

A. Stop, come on, let’s go get some fresh air. +5 with Castiel
B. Rosa, there’s no sense insisting… -5 with Castiel

Rosalya: You could get back together and we could do couple outings and we would all be happy and we could party and (Nickname) was so sad when… (If Castiel is your ex)

A. Come on, Rosa, let’s get some fresh air. / with Castiel
B. Hahaha, she’s funny when she’s drinking. -5 with Castiel

You want to take Rosalya outside. On your way, you see Alexy and Morgan, and they take Rosalya home. You go outside. There you see Nathaniel and Amber.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (I should help her.) / (Towards illustration with Nathaniel) – 10 with Nathaniel if you didn’t go to the concert with him
B. (I prefer waiting a little and watching from a distance to see what’s going on.) / (Towards illustration with Priya, Hyun, and Rayan)

Nathaniel: I told you to get out of the way. We don’t need anybody!

A. She needs help, I won’t leave without being sure that everything’s OK. / (Illustration with Nathaniel if your LOM is at 55 or above)
B. (I let go of Amber…) Are you sure it’s going to be OK?

Nathaniel and Amber go home.
If you did go to the concert with Nathaniel
or Rosalya you go home.
If you go to the concert with Priya, she comes to you.
If you go to the concert with Hyun, he comes to you.
If you go to the concert with Chani, she comes to you.

Priya: And?

A. And… I ended up here, I was going to come back towards the bar to see if you were there. /
B. And… I just saw Amber… And Nath. It looked like something was wrong. / (Another choice)

Priya: Yeah… That might be it… But, there are rumors… (If you choose the content of B)

A. Hmm… In any case, I was afraid at the time… I already saw myself calling 911. +5
B. What kind of rumors? -5

Priya: I hope we’ll have other opportunities to make up for tonight that was kind of… a flop!

A. I’d love to, whenever you want! /
B. I really have to concentrate more on studying and less on going out… But… I’ll do my best. +5

Hyun:  I figured we’d have a hard time finding each other.

A. Yeah, for sure, I looked for you a super long time… With the crowd, there was no way. -10
B. To tell the truth, I ran into… a high school acquaintance, we talked, and it dragged on longer than I realized. +5 (Towards Illustration with Hyun)

Hyun: Do you want to go home?

A. Yes… Let’s go home. /
B. (Maybe I’ll go back to see if Castiel is still there before… We didn’t finish our conversation.) / (Illustration with Hyun if your LOM is at 65 or above)

Chani: Then when I came out you were nowhere to be found and I ran into this guy that complimented my shoes, and one thing led to another…

A. I hope you didn’t have too bad of an evening because of me… /
B. Is there a future date in the making? +5

You walk home alone or with the one you go with to the concert.
If you did go with Priya to the concert, you will talk in front of the university gate.

Priya: (Choice)

A. What’d she want to talk about? +5
B. Did you stay together long? /

If you went to the concert with Priya, you get the illustration if your LOM is at 60 or above.
If you went to the concert with Chani or Rosalya, you see Rayan.
If you went to the concert with Priya, Nathaniel or Hyun, walk further to your room.

Rayan: By the way… speaking of that, I noticed you were absent this afternoon…

A. I’m sorry, something important held me up and I regret not being able to attend your class. /
B. Yes, I definitely count on catching up as fast as possible over the weekend. /
C. It was unavoidable. -5

Rayan: On the absence. (If you choose: Yes, I definitely count on catching up as fast as possible over the weekend.)

A. Haha, that’s strange. On a more serious note? +5
B. Such as?

Rayan: Isn’t it? I find the teacher pretty good at choosing topics.

A. I wouldn’t want to seem unkind, but “the teacher” is speaking of himself in third person. +5
B. For sure, he definitely is. /

Rayan: But even me. You don’t really know who I am…

A. But I wouldn’t mind finding out… +5
B. That’s sweet of you to worry, I’ll be careful. /

Rayan: (Choice)

A. You are the one who is unique… Sir. / (Towards Illustration with Rayan)
B. Me… Unique, meaning? /

Rayan: And that… Intrigues me… It ihas intrigued me since the very first day. I want to know… What you’re thinking about, right here and now…? (If you choose: You are the one who is unique… Sir.)

A. I’m thinking about you…  +5 (Towards Illustration with Rayan)
B. I’m telling myself we shouldn’t be having this conversation. -5

Rayan: (Choice)

A. (I held onto his hand.) / (Illustration with Rayan if your LOM is at 65 or above)
B. (I let him pass by me.) /

Go to your room.

Candy: (Choice) (If you got Rayan’s illustration and he isn’t your crush)

A. (As I want to know more about him)
B. (I’m not sure if I want the same) /

The episode will end.