NG Episode 5


Video Roy’s Illustration and Uncle Archibald (Main Route)


Video Devon’s illustration (Main Route)


Video Jason’s illustration (Main Route)


Video Amanda’s illustration (Main Route)

Elizabeth (Lizzy)

Video Thomas illustration (Main Route)

Green ! Neutral choice
Yellow ! Medium choice
Red ! Critical choice

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

The LOM meter changes after playing the hole episode. After you have answered a choice positive or negative, the character’s head will pop up with a plus sign or min sign to let you know.

Costs: 1.500–1.900 AP and 120–274 Gems
Roy 1.637 AP and 120 Gems
Amanda 1.503 AP and 120 Gems 
Devon 1.590 AP and 120 Gems
Jason 1.825 AP and 120 Gems
Thomas 1.612 AP and 120 Gems
Uncle Archibald 40 AP
Outfit 65 AP
Waiting time at your desk 22 Gems
Waiting time in front of the office 12 Gems
Special scene with love interest 120 Gems
If you get the second outfit with a replay 130 AP

Illustrations: 5 in total. You can get 2 out of five in a single play through. You can get Jason’s illustration and either Amanda or Roy in the same play though. The illustrations depend on choices, LOM and outfit.

Uncle Archibald: at the park. After the waiting time, when you are going home. His dialogue will cost you 40 AP, and he will give you an All Hands On Deck outfit, if you answer: You should! It’s breathtaking! And romantic…


Outfit Devon and Thomas 65 AP

Outfit Roy, Jason and Amanda 65 AP

Episode guide:

You start this episode at you work behind your desk. You and all your coworkers were waiting for Thomas to arrive.

Candy: (Choice) (Green !)

A. (Frankly, I agree with him.) /
B. (Luckily not everyone works like Thomas.) /
C. (Maybe he should let Thomas know when everyone else is going to be expecting him.) /

Everyone goes into the meeting room.

Candy: (Choice) (Green !)

A. (Energetic) (I understand them a little. There’s no justice.) /
B. (Sweet) (At the same time, I don’t think anyone else would have wanted it…) /
C. (Rebel) (Personally, I don’t care. Good for him!) /

Devon: Are you okay with little Eglantine’s birthday? (Yellow !)

A. (Sweet) Yes, that’s good… Everything’s fine with me, I’m not difficult! 40 – 60 AP +5 with Roy and -5 with Amanda and / with Devon and Thomas
B. (Energetic) Yes! To help me practice, it’ll be perfect! 40 – 60 AP +5 with Devon and -5 with Thomas and / with Roy and Amanda
C. (Rebel) It’s not like I really have a choice, so… 40 – 60 AP +5 with Thomas and Amanda and -5 with Roy and Devon

Devon and Roy: (Choice) (Red !)

A. Thomas, do you think you could give me hand all while handling your tournament? 80 AP / with everyone (Thomas will help you with your project)
B.  Amanda, do you think you could help me? 80 AP / with everyone (Amanda will help you with your project)
C. Hmm… Roy, would you accept to be my partner? 80 AP / with everyone (Roy will help you with your project)
D. No problem, I feel comfortable doing it alone! 80 AP / with everyone (towards Jason’s illustration, he will also help you with your project)
E. I’ll admit that if you could… supervise what I do a bit… 80 AP / with everyone (Devon will help you with your project)

You go back to your desk to think about an idea. You have to wait 10 minutes before the idea comes up or pay 22 gems.
If you choose to work with someone on your project, you will have a conversation with that person.
If you choose to work on it alone, Elenda will talk with you.
Then it is time to go home. When you walk to the park, you can meet Uncle Archibald.

Uncle Archibald: You could say that, yes… I was actually hesitating to continue my walk along the seaside. (Yellow !)

A. If I were you, I’d do something else. 40 AP /
B. You should! It’s breathtaking! And romantic… 40 AP / (You get All Hands on Deck outfit for Taki)
C. Oh? Why not… let me know if you enjoy the walk! 40 AP /

Walk in front of Amoris High School to take the bus home.
If you decide to work togeter with one of your coworkers, you will enjoy your afternoon at home. 
If you decide to work on your project alone, you will work at home

Candy: (Choice) (Green !)

A. (I’m going to go with the horses.)
B. (In the end, maybe going with the astronauts would be more original.) /
C. (I liked my idea of a magician.)

If you choose to work together with a coworker, the next day starts. You will go to the office to work together, but before you go, you have to choose your outfit.
If you choose to work on your project alone. The story will skip until Monday. You have to choose your outfit before you go to work.

Outfit Devon and Thomas 65 AP

Outfit Roy, Jason and Amanda 65 AP

If you choose to work alone; click here.
If you choose to work together with one of your coworkers, you go to your work. There you have to wait 5 minutes before you can go inside. You can also pay 12 gems. Turns out the one you are waiting for is already inside. That person will leave you inside.

Roy: I don’t leave the door open when there’s no one, or almost no one else in the building. (Yellow !)

A. (Energetic) No, it’s me… What an idiot! 40 – 60 AP +5
B. (Rebel) You’re right, imagine people coming to break into the cleaning person’s closet… 40 – 60 AP
C. (Sweet) No, it’s me, I should have thought to ring the bell. 40 – 60 AP

Devon: And since there’s hardly anyone in the building… (Yellow !)

A. (Energetic) No, it’s me… What an idiot! 40 – 60 AP
B. (Rebel) If I had the keys, this wouldn’t have happened. 40 – 60 AP
C. (Sweet) I should have thought of that, too. I had nothing to lose by ringing… 40 – 60 AP +5

Amanda: I had something to do and it slipped my mind. (Yellow !)

A. (Energetic) No problem! I just got here, and I barely had to wait. 40 – 60 AP +5
B. (Rebel) Why didn’t you just leave it open? 40 – 60 AP
C. (Sweet) Don’t worry, I understand: you’re very busy. 40 – 60 AP

Thomas: Hi. I didn’t think to send you a message earlier, I thought I’d arrive after you. (Yellow !)

A. (Sweet) Don’t worry, I barely waited anyway. 40 – 60 AP
B. (Energetic) And yet, I hurried to get here! 40 – 60 AP
C. (Rebel) It’s understandable. It must be the first time you’re here first! 40 – 60 AP +5

You and your coworker will work together in the meeting room.

Roy: I’m sorry, that’s not very helpful. (Yellow !)

A. (Rebel) Yeah, that’s not very helpful… But, it’s okay. 40 – 60 AP
B, (Sweet) Maybe it is! What if Eglantine has a passion too… 40 – 60 AP
C. (Energetic) I can’t be angry with you: when you have a passion… 40 – 60 AP +5

Devon: It’s weird what we get attached to when we’re little. (Yellow !)

A. (Energetic) I mean, to each their own tastes… 40 – 60 AP
B. (Rebel) But we agree that they were already completely old fashioned?! 40 – 60 AP
C. (Sweet) You must have been adorable, with your little suspenders! 40 – 60 AP +5

Amanda: And… That’s it, nothing else. (Yellow !)

A. (Energetic) Did you ask for that theme? 40 – 60 AP
B. (Rebel) That’s not bad! That must have been great, being so rich… 40 – 60 AP
C. (Sweet) Oh, that must have been adorable!  40 – 60 AP +5

Thomas: I celebrated it with my mother and my sister.

A. (Sweet) I also loved celebrating my birthday with just my mother and my sister. 40 – 60 AP +5
B. (Energetic) Great! Never change a winning team! 40 – 60 AP
C. (Rebel) Oh, shoot. You didn’t have any friends? 40 – 60 AP

Candy: (Choice) (Green !)

A. I dressed up as Giselle, from “Enchanted”! OR I remember! I dressed up as Giselle, from “Enchanted”! / with everyone
B. I dressed up as a knight… OR I think I had a knight costume… OR I was in my knight phase! OR Yes! I was in my “knight” phase!/ with everyone
C. I dressed up as Marie Curie! OR On my birthday, I dressed up as Marie Curie! OR I was Maria Skłodowska-Curie! OR Oh yeah! I was in my Maria Skłodowska-Curie phase! / with everyone

Roy: So, what do you think you should do? (Yellow !)

A. I should call her parents, they can tell us more. 40 AP
B. You think I should ask her directly, don’t you? 40 AP +5
C. I don’t know exactly, she could still change phases between now and her birthday… 40 AP

Devon: You’re not wrong … What do you want to do? (Yellow !)

A. I should call her parents, they can tell us more. 40 AP
B. We shouldn’t change course if the phase doesn’t last… 40 AP
C. I think I should ask her directly, actually. 40 AP +5

Amanda: You’ll just have to ask her, and it’ll be settled. (Yellow !)

A. I could call her parents to ask then… 40 AP
B. You’re right. I’ll call her directly. 40 AP +5
C. Except between now and her birthday, who knows, she may become obsessed with something else… 40 AP

Thomas: Now, the question is what phase is she in? (Yellow !)

A. Except that by her birthday, she may change passions again, so that doesn’t help us very much… 40 AP
B. We should ask her directly. 40 AP +5
C. I could call her parents to ask them. 40 AP

Roy: Do you mind if we stop here for today? You’ve already made good progress! (Yellow !)

A. (Rebel) On the contrary, that’s fine with me. 40 – 60 AP
B. (Energetic) Oh, I was excited to spend the afternoon working with you! 40 –  60 AP +5
C. (Sweet) No problem! You’ve helped me a lot, I’ll set you free. 40 – 60 AP

Devon: And you can start working on the details on Monday. (Yellow !)

A. (Rebel) Great! I was worried about being stuck here all day! 40 – 60 AP
B. (Energetic) Oh, already?! I thought we’d spend the day working together. 40 – 60 AP + 5
C. (Sweet) If you don’t need me… 40 – 60 AP

Amanda: I’m sorry, I have to go! (Yellow !)

A. (Energetic) Go ahead! I’ll leave first, you can lock up behind me! 40 – 60 AP
B. (Sweet) Really? I thought we’d spend the day together… 40 – 60 AP
C. (Rebel) Oh no! Don’t apologize, Madame President! 40 – 60 AP +5

Thomas: I have other rounds to play this afternoon… (Yellow !)

A. (Energetic) Wow, I guess you’ve really decided to explore this game! 40 – 60 AP
B. (Rebel) Oh, okay, you’re sending me home so you can play video games!  40 – 60 AP
C. (Sweet) Oh… I thought we’d spend the day together… 40 – 60 AP +5

Click here to continue the guide.

You will work a hole week on your project. Then you will call with the parents of Eglantine. They don’t like your project. You will get another change to prove yourself next week. You are really sad that they didn’t like your idea. Elenda will get you something to drink and tells you to go outside to get some fresh air, go to the park. There you meet Jason.

Jason: Can I ask you what’s wrong ? (Yellow !)

A. (Rebel) You can always ask. We are in a free country… 40 – 60 AP +5
B. (Sweet) (I didn’t answer. Could I be less lucky…?) 40 – 60 AP
C. (Energetic) I guess you’re going to do it anyway… 40 – 60 AP

Jason: (Choice) (Red !)

A. Well… Let’s say that I want your opinion. 80 AP / (Towards Jason’s illustration)
B. It’s out of the question. 80 AP
C. Okay, please help me. 80 AP

Jason: Did you say: “Jason, help me, please”?

A. (Rebel) I didn’t come to talk to you, now help me or go away. 40 – 60 AP
B. (Energetic) Whatever, and I guess you also want me to call you “Mr. Mendal”? 40 – 60 AP +5
C. (Sweet) Pfff… Jason, help me, please.

Jason: I don’t doubt my abilities. And you shook my hand, the pact is made…

A. (Energetic) Well, okay, as you want; let’s say I owe you one. 40 – 60 AP
B. (Sweet) If you want, but I won’t give you any information about Devenementiel. 40 – 60 AP +5
C. (Rebel) Ok, I’ll help you the day I find you crying over a project in a park. 40 –60 AP

Jason will take you to his office, and you get the illustration with him (Lucy).

Candy: (Choice) (Green !)

A. (I feel like by knowing each other better, we could get along…)
B. (I don’t know why, there’s something about him that’s… fascinating.) /
C. (Any information about our rival is good to take…)

The story will skip a few days, you get to work on your project and present to your clients’ parents. They love the idea. Now you have to do everything to make your project and ideas come to life.

Devon: Since it’s your project, (Nickname), it seems logical to me that you choose first… (Red !)

A. I would like to go see what the Nautilus looks like… 80 AP / (towards Thomas illustration)
B. I’m willing to go and buy the accessories. 80 AP / (towards Amanda’s illustration)
C. I admit that I’m curious to try mermaid swimming! 80 AP / (towards Roy’s illustration)
D. I would like to go see the aquarium. Since I’ve been in Amoris, I’ve never been there. 80 AP / (Towards Devon’s illustration)

When you choose to go Mermaid Swimming, Roy and you will go to the pool.
When you choose to go to the aquarium, Devon and you will go there.
When you choose to go to Nautilus, Thomas and you will go there.
When you choose to buy accessories, Amanda and you will go shopping.

Roy: (Nickname) will have to be a mermaid for both of us then! (Red !)

A, I’m sorry… There’s really no way to…? 80 AP/ Illustration with Roy (Belodie)
B. I’ll admit that I love this more! If I drown, you can save me. 80 AP
C. Don’t worry, we’ll come back, I promise. 80 AP

Devon: (Choice) (Red !)

A. Haha! I see you’re old fashioned! 80 AP
B. You may! After you! 80 AP / illustration with Devon (Susan)
C. I’ll be fine, I think I’ll be able to walk on my own. 80 AP

Thomas: (Choice) (Red !)

A. You okay? Are you afraid the ceiling will fall on our heads? 80 AP /
B. What’s more interesting than the seabed? I’m curious… 80 AP / illustratation with Thomas (Elizabeth (Lizzy))
C. You’re not interested in the seabed? 80 AP

Amanda: Well, I just really love this shop! (Red !)

A. But if they don’t have what we want, what’s the point? 80 AP
B. Okay, lead the way! 80 AP / illustration with Amanda (Eleanor)
C. Hahaha! We’re not going to be within the budget anymore you know! 80 AP

After spending time with one of your coworkers, the episode will end.