The Singing Ice (Level 6)

The Singing Ice
Elsa was exploring the Ice Cavern when she touched Anna’s statue and ice blocks started to grow everywhere. She needs your help to remove them.
After freezing up the way into the Ice Cavern, Elsa realizes that the biggest of the ice blocks is infused with her magic and some Dreamlight Magic. You decide to create a special Cold of Winter Potion to improve your Pickaxe even more
You can get this quest after getting Elsa to Friendship level 6. After this quest, you will be able to remove large ice blocks with your pickaxe. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Go inside the Ice Cavern: go inside Elsa’s house.
  • Follow Elsa deeper into the Ice Cavern: walk towards Elsa in her house.
  • Talk to Elsa: talk with Elsa inside her house.
  • Gather the Flowers to turn them into an Icy Bouquet: White Daisy, Red Falling Penstemon and Pink Bromeliad: White Daisy you can find in the Peaceful Meadow. Red Falling Penstemon can be found in the Plaza. The Pink Bromeliad can be found in the Sunlit Plateau.
  • Bring the Flowers back to Elsa: you can see on the map where she is.
  • Gather the Ingredients for the spell: 5 Ice Chunks from the Ice Cavern, Icy Bouquet, 1 Vial of Freezing Water from the Frosted Heights and 3 Snowballs: go inside Elsa’s house. There you will see small sparkling ice. Pick it up to get the ice chunks. Elsa will give you the icy bouquet. A vial of freezing water you can find in the Frosted Heights. Somewhere near the water you will see something sparkling, pick it up and you have the freezing water. Snowballs can be found in the frosted heights by digging in the ground or mining ice blocks.
  • Craft the Cold of Winter Potion: go to a crafting station and make from the stuff you just gathered.
  • Return to Elsa: go talk with Elsa.
  • Break the big ice block where the sound comes from: go inside Elsa’s house and break the 2 large blocks of ice.
  • Get the Orange Crest from the Ice Cavern: pick the orange crest that appears after removing those two large ice blocks.
  • Place the new Orange Crest on the wall of the Ice Cavern: transfer the orange crest on to the wall.
  • Return to Elsa: with talking to Elsa, you complete this quest.

At 25:14 starts The Singing Ice Quest.

White Daisy
Red Falling Penstemon
Pink Bromeliad
Ice Chunks
Vial of freezing water
Cold of Winter Potion
Removing Large Ice Blocks
Orange Crest
Transferring the Orange Crest on to the wall