HSL Episode 17

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 900 – 1050 AP
Nathaniel 982 A
Kentin 970 AP
Lysander 934 AP
Armin 1008 AP
Fairy 8 AP

Snacks 7G
Outfit 20G

Illustrations: 5 in total. You can get all illustrations in a single play through. Two illustrations are automatically, the other three depend on dialogue.

Fairy/Auntie: in classroom B. You can find her after you brought your outfit and go back to school. She will give you a Baseball Bat. 

Note: before you and your guest go to your house, you can put something on your dresser to make the LOM go up with one of the boys. The LOM will only go up if your LOM with the boy is already above 60.

To get a higher LOM with Kentin, places the teddy bear that Kentin gives you in episode 3 on your dresser.

To get a higher LOM with Nathaniel, place his photo on your dresser.

To get a higher LOM with Lysander, place his photo on your dresser.


Outfit 20G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in the hallway where last episode (16) ended. Rosalya and you are going to make a plan to get back at Deborah. You are going to ask Lysander, Kentin, Armin and Nathaniel to join you. Walk around until you asked them all.

Armin: Yeah… I wasn’t too smart before, I should have listened to what you had to say before assuming anything… Well, I didn’t hate you or anything, so I guess it’s not that big a deal… Right?

A. I did think that you would trust me, so I was a bit disappointed… /
B. You were true to yourself… I can’t really say that I was surprised.
C. Of course it is! Seeing that you were so casual about the whole thing was the worst part!


A. Why are you smiling? +
B. Is there a problem?

Kentin: Because Lysander talked about it too…And he was quite bothered by the whole thing.

A. And me? I was bothered since the beginning! /
B. Lysander? You saw him? I’m looking for him!

Nathaniel: I should have supported you long before, I’m sorry.

A. True… After thinking about it, I’m not sure if I can forgive you! /
B. You had your reasons… They weren’t very good, but we won’t dwell on it. /


A. No, I don’t forgive you, you were really not cool this time.
B. If that’s what you wanted to say, then I forgive you. /

Nathaniel: Are you saying that I’m a jerk?

A. No, I’m sorry. I got a little carried away… /
B. Yes! /

Nathaniel: I deserved it. Will you forgive me? A selfish, cowardly, jerk still has hidden qualities… right?

A. No. You should have thought of that before. I don’t want to see you anymore. – (Nathaniel won’t come to your place to discuss the plan)
B. I guess… Okay. + (Towards illustration with Kentin & Nathaniel)

Lysander: This does not upset me, I just wonder what can push you to invite boys home…

A. (Make him jealous)
B. (Explain the situation) /

Violette: That’s not nice to make fun of me like that…

A. Don’t worry, he’s a jerk. / with Violette and – with Castiel
B. He’s just joking! Of course Lysander isn’t a ghost. / with Violette and Castiel

After asking all the boys, leave the school and go to your place. At this moment you can put something on your dresser that will make your LOM go up with one of the boys.

For Lysander’s LOM going up: Lysander’s photo

For Nathaniel’s LOM going up: Nathaniel’s photo

For Kentin’s LOM going up: The teddy bear he gives you in episode 3

Armin: I just talked to my brother and that CREEP didn’t want to listen! He told me the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard him say! This, even after his Kim Possible stage!

A. H-He really didn’t believe you? But you are his brother… /
B. You don’t like Kim Possible? I like it… +

Armin: Who do you take Alexy for? He would help his greatest enemy, but even if he doesn’t believe me, he would never share the things I tell him.

A. Still, be careful what you tell him… You never know, he could let one little thing slip out and everything would fall apart.
B. But he hasn’t been himself lately… It’s not normal that he believes Deborah and not his friend or brother… +

Rosalya and you decide to get some snacks before you all go to your place. You have to walk to the dollar shop, the snacks will cost 7G. Then you can go to your room.

Nathaniel: Ha ha! Well, that’s not really a place for books!

A. You sound like my mother!
B. I like to study at the foot of my bed! /
C. It’s so I can read before I go to sleep! +

Lysander is still not at your place. You go looking for him. He is in the park.

Nina: Since you don’t want to tell me, I’ll just go ask Lysander! I’ll find him first and he will tell me everything, and I’ll give him a hug to thank him!

A. If that makes you happy… +
B. Uh! Don’t touch him! /

Lysander: You seem to find everything I lose.

A. Yeah, it’s getting annoying…
B. It must be a sign! /

Go back to your place.

Nina: (Choice)

A. (Let her hug him.) / with Nina and – with Lysander
B. (Take Lysander by the arm and move him away.) / with Nina and Lysander

Rosalya: So (nickname), what do you want to do tomorrow?

A. Help find Leigh’s suit. (Towards illustration with Kentin and Nathaniel)
B. Look up information about managers at school. /(Towards spending more time with Lysander and Armin)

The story will skip to the next day.

If you choose to help to find Leigh’s suit, click on this link.

If you choose the loop up information about the mangagers at school. You will meet Armin and Lysander at the hallway. You try to get to the library. Go up stairs. The principal will deni you access. You and your group go back to the courtyard.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (Get closer to both boys.) (You try to talk with Armin and Lysander) (You can change your LOM with both of them)
B. (Get closer to Armin.) (You try to talk with Armin) (You can change your LOM with him)
C. (Get closer to Lysander.) (You try to talk with Lysander) (You can change your LOM with him)

Lysander: And you, what were you thinking about?

A. About Amber and her bucket.
B. About my bed.
C. About the principal said about me… /

Armin: Not you? She yelled at you for something you didn’t do!

A. Of course I’m mad, but I’m keeping myself contained! +
B. Honestly? I don’t care.
C. She doesn’t know that, it’s not her fault!

Armin: But I have already done a “Back Flip” to my computer… But it was the computer’s fault, it was lagging…

A. Lagging? What does that mean?
B. Would that be more your connections fault? /

Lysander: She doesn’t want any mayhem in her establishment… Her reaction is normal.

A. But I didn’t do anything! /
B. So, you mean to say that I’m a bad seed… +
C. It still doesn’t help us out!

The principal has left the building. Go back upstairs. You will find the info you need. Leave the school.

Candy: Hey! (nickname)! (Click on the boy you want to talk with)

A. (I turned around to see who was talking to me. It was Armin.)
B. (I turned around to see who was talking to me. It was Kentin.)

Candy: (Choice)

A. (Ignore him.) – with Kentin or Armin
B. (Talk to him.) + with Kentin or Armin

The guide will continue here.

If you choose to help find Leigh’s outfit. You will wait in front of the school for Kentin and Nathaniel. Then walk towards the shop.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (Get closer to Nathaniel.) (You try to talk with Nathaniel) (You can change your LOM with him)
B. (Get closer to Kentin.) (You try to talk with Kentin) (You can change your LOM with him)
C. (Stay alone.)

Nathaniel: Me too… I would like to be alone with you.

A. Too bad Kentin is here…
B. Oh yeah? That wouldn’t bother me at all.
C. If you asked me out, we could be alone on other occasions! +

Nathaniel: That’s true, we are going to spend the day together, might as well have fun!

A. Too bad Kentin is here… 
B. You think this will take the whole day? +

Nathaniel: I never thought I would meet somebody more conscious than me! We will be as fast as possible, don’t worry! You’ll have time to finish your homework. And if not, I’ll help you tomorrow morning before class!

A. I’ll make sure to procrastinate then!
B. Thanks! That’s reassuring! /

Nathaniel: Exactly, because he is a creep, you shouldn’t have to talk to him more than necessary. You don’t need him, I’m here for you.

A. But I like Castiel a lot…
B. I know, and I don’t have the intention of talking to him, don’t worry. I ignored him yesterday.
C. But, the poor guy… He is being manipulated! +

Kentin: Yeah, I didn’t have the courage to come talk to you, I thought that you would prefer being alone.

A. Ha ha, you are cute!
B. And I thought that you were less timid than before! +
C. I could have waited a while then… /

Kentin: Yeah…Well, a bit of calm isn’t bad either.

A. Do you want me to leave you alone? /
B. You shouldn’t have offered to come with me then!
C. You’ve become a real killjoy…

Kentin: Did you miss me, you know, while I was at military school? (If you had the teddy bear on your dresser)

A. Yes, of course!
B. No, not really. / or +

Kentin: So you are going to forgive him?

A. I don’t know… I’ve been avoiding him up until now. /
B. I don’t know if he will ever come apologize, so… +
C. We’ll see how things go.

Kentin: The grey one is nice too.

A. I prefer the black one! /
B. I don’t know…We’ll have to try them on! / (Illustration with Kentin and Nathaniel)
C. I prefer the grey one! /

After buying Leigh’s outfit, go to the park. There you will have a conversation with Kentin and Nathaniel. Then go home.

You will get your outfit and the story will go to the next day. You are back at school looking for Rosalya. She is in the hallway. This is also the moment where you can find the fairy. She is in classroom B. Her dialogue cost 8 AP, and she will give you a Baseball Bat.

Nathaniel: I finished a book yesterday and now I don’t know what to read… Could you suggest something to me?

A. I don’t know, I don’t really have time to read. /
B. A police novel! Nothing is better! +

Lysander: (Choice)

A. (Look over his shoulder.) +
B. (Leave him alone.) /

You have found Rosalya. Walk around until something happens.

Castiel: Listen to me already! I-I, I’m sorry. I got carried away, I should never have told you that.

A. That’s too easy, I will never forgive you! /
B. Let me go! /

Candy: (Choice)

A. (I really wish he would understand…) /
B. (Good for him, I hope I made him the most uncomfortable as possible!) /

Alexy will pull you into a classroom, and you will receive this illustration.

Alexy: Sorry! I’ve wanted to do that for days!

A. So, why did you wait so long? /
B. Oh… I almost escaped it then… 
C. It’s really not fair! Why do you like boys…? +

When you have found Armin, he will tell you to go to the park. There will Rosalya explain what the plan for tomorrow is. Then go home. The next day will start.

You have to find Alexy. He is in the hallway, take him to classroom B. You will explain the plan to him. Then go join Armin and Rosalya in the hallway.

Rosalya: Uh, well, two people hiding is more discreet than three.

A. Come with us anyway! / (Towards illustration with Rosalya and Armin)
B. Oh, yeah, you’re right, I’m going to go alone with Armin  /

Walk further down the hallway. You will see Deborah and Leigh talking.

Rosalya: Closer? Meaning? Let me see!

A. (Move over to let her see.) (Illustration with Rosalya and Armin)
B. (Stay where I am.) /

Then follow Deborah into classroom A. After you have heard her conversation with her manager, walk outside. Deborah will find out that you tricked her. Go to the teachers louche. Deborah and you will have conversation. The hole school will hear it. Run away to the hallway. Deborah is about to hurt you, but Castiel will save you. Follow him to the courtyard.

Alexy: I know… but she must have felt so alone, like you before she got caught. You should understand, right?

A. I have a hard time being compassionate for a girl like her… /
B. Yeah… but it won’t change anything, she really deserved it. /

Nathaniel: What made you want to go against Deborah? Wouldn’t it have been easier to act like she never told you anything?

A. I’m not the type of person to let someone walk all over me.
B. I thought about it, and then I decided to do the opposite.
C. I don’t know… I must be crazy.

Nathaniel: When I heard Deborah earlier on the loud speaker, I couldn’t hold back the laughter!

A. It was a great idea! +
B. Yeah, we would have managed to unmask her without you though.

Armin: (Choice)

A. On the other hand.. We could have found an alibi. +
B. On the other hand… It could have been the perfect crime.

Kentin: Maybe you feel a little guilty to have hurt that girl? Even if she deserved it.

A. When she really cried, it really got to me… /
B. No, of course not! She got just what she deserved! +
C. Or, I’m disappointed to not have done more… I don’t understand…

Castiel: (Chocie)

A. (Leave him alone for once.) /
B. (Insist.) / (Illustration with Castiel)

It is time for your detention. Go to the hallway. There you will see Mr. Faraize. He will tell you that your detention is in classroom A. You go to classroom A. There you will get this illustration. After your detention, the episode will end.