Eye On The Prize

Eye On The Prize
Talk to Mike Wazowski to start.
Mike can’t leave for Dreamlight Valley until he sets a record high score! He promotes you to Jokester assistant to help him make it happen.
As Jokester Assistant, you collect key cards to call doors for kids’ rooms. You decide to search the empty rooms for clues as to what makes the kids laugh.
After helping Mike break his old record by a huge margin, it’s vacation time! Dreamlight Valley is calling. You get ready to welcome Mike and Sulley by preparing a place for them to stay.
Sulley asks you to head back to the Monsters, Inc. Realm to get Mike, who stayed behind to take a picture that commemorates his new record.
You snap a victorious selfie with Mike and welcome him to your Village. Mike and Sulley are in the Valley at last!
You get this quest by completing the quest Escape Claws. After completing the quest, you have Mike and Sulley in your valley. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Talk to Mike: he is on the laughing floor. Go talk with him.
  • Search reception for key cards: In a red closet on the laughing floor, you can find a MIFT Toolkit. You need that to open up the door from the reception. Interact with the door to the reception. At the counter you can find the key cards.
  • Bring the key cards to Mike Wazowski: with talking to Mike, you give him the cards.
  • Enter the door in bay F2 on the Laugh Floor: go into the second door.
  • Search for clues behind door F2: investigate the three drawings. One of them is behind a curtain. 
  • Talk to Mike Wazowski: go back to the monster world and talk with Mike.
  • Enter the door in bay F3 on the Laugh Floor: go through the third door.
  • Take photos of clues in the room behind door F3: take a photo’s of the space book on the floor, the space posters in the frame and the stars on the ceiling.
  • Talk to Mike Wazowski: go back to the monster world and talk with Mike.
  • Enter the door in bay F4 on the Laugh Floor: go through the fourth door.
  • Search the room for a physical clue to bring Mike: remove all the piles of clothes, in one of them you find a whoopee cushion.
  • Bring the Whoopee Cushion to Mike Wazowski: go back to the monster world and talk with Mike.
  • Find the following sodas: Red Soda, Blue Soda. and Green Soda: you can find the soda’s in the soda machines. The red soda machine you can interact with directly. To open up the blue soda machine, you need to interact with the light panel next to it. Hit the green soda machine with your axe, then you can open it.
  • Bring the sodas to Mike Wazowski: with talking to him, you give him the soda’s.
  • Talk to Mike Wazowski: this conversation happens automatically.
  • Place Mike and Sulley’s House in the Valley: go back to your own valley. There you can find Mike and Sulley’s house in your backpack under the furniture tab. Place it where you like.
  • Unlock Mike and Sulley’s House: interact with the Scrooge McDuck Sign and pay 20.000 Star Coins.
  • Unlock Sulley: welcome Sulley at the well in the plaza.
  • Talk to Sulley: you can see on the map where he is.
  • Talk to Mike Wazowski in the Monsters, Inc. Realm: go back to the Monsters Inc realm and talk with Mike.
  • Take a selfie with Mike: make a photo with your phone.
  • Show Mike the selfie: talk with Mike to show him the photo.
  • Unlock Mike: you will go back automatically to your own valley. Welcome, Mike, at the well in the Plaza.
  • Check in with Mike: with talking to Mike, you complete the quest.

At 00:33:05 starts Eye  On The Prize quest.

MIFT Toolkit
Opening up the reception door
Key cards
Space photo
Removing the piles of clothes
Red Soda
The light panel next to the blue soda
Blue Soda
Using your axe to get the green soda
Green Soda