The Treasure Hunt (Level 8)

The Treasure Hunt Part 2 (Level 10)

The Treasure Hunt
Scrooge McDuck is eager to talk to you.
The gold coin given by Ursula is proof that there is a treasure in the Village. Scrooge McDuck is sure of it. He needs your help and gives you the coin so you can examine it.
Examining the coin turns it into a Memory, giving you clues as to where to search next.
Now that you have gathered all the clues, you return to debrief with Scrooge McDuck.
You can get this quest after getting Scrooge McDuck to Friendship level 8. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Investigate the coin in your Inventory: open up your backpack and use the coin. It will show you a memory.
  • Talk to Scrooge McDuck about the Memory: on the map you can see where Scrooge McDuck is, go talk to him.  
  • Investigate the areas revealed by the Memory for clues: the memory shows you three locations. Near the waterfall on the glade of trust, you will find some sparkling ground. Want you used your shovel at it, you will find a piece of a map. In Merlin’s house also lies a piece of the map. And the third place is at the entrance to the forest of valor on Dazzle Beach. That piece of the map you also have to dig up at sparkling ground.
  • Bring Scrooge McDuck what you found: with talking to Scrooge McDuck, you will bring him the map, and then you complete the quest.

At 00:00 starts The Treasure Hunt quest.

Piece of map 1
Piece of map 2
Piece of map 3

The Treasure Hunt Part 2 (Level 10)