Christmas 2021

It is Christmas on my candy love. It starts on 16 December, and it will last until 26 December. In this event, you have to make Christmas Wreaths. You have a few seconds to try to capture how the Christmas Wreaths is decorated, and then you try to recreate it. You will get 40 seconds for this game. With giving a bow you can play the game, you get 3 bows every 12 hours. You need in total to make 35 Christmas Wreaths. You can buy another Christmas Wreaths for 10AP or play the game another time for 50AP. With this game, you can also win items for the Preppy Winter outfit.
After getting the 35 Christmas Wreaths, you will get access to the dates. You have one with each lover. The lover you get is randomly, you can change it for 70 AP. In the date, you have to give a good answer to four choices. To get to the choices costs a bow or 50 AP, the costs are the same if you answer a choice wrong. With giving a good answer, you will get a fragment of the illustration. After completing a date, you get the whole illustration and an item for the Modern Santa Elf outfit.
There is also a community bar. You can fill it with making Christmas Wreaths. But it is a group effort. Because it depends on how many Christmas Wreaths everyone that my candy love plays gets. So if the entire community gets enough Christmas Wreaths, you will get the Christmas Gifts bonus.
On the day before Christmas (24 December), you will get the Christmas Wishes outfit for free. It is the outfit you voted for on the social media platforms.
You can also get one outfit at the bank. In total, you can get 5 illustrations, 4 outfits and 1 bonus item.

Special thanks to Towa

Here you can see the answers for the choices:

Hyun: Well… if you ask the right questions, perhaps I’ll reveal my surprise!

A. I don’t know… Do I have to take sportswear with me? (Correct answer)
B. Are we going to eat at a really chic restaurant there?
C. Should I take my yoga pants? Are we going to take a class?

Hyun: It requires a bit of equipment… but I have everything we need!

A. Ice skating? (Correct answer)
B. Freestyle skiing?
C. Dance?

Hyun: A little. Do you know when the first ice skates were used?

A. 7th century?
B. Thousands of years BC? (Correct answer)
C. 19th century?

Hyun: Alright, can I let you go and send you sliding?

A. Don’t let go of me, please! I’m a bit scared. (Correct answer)
B. (Inside I’m trembling like a leaf, but I would prefer not to let it show!)
C. If I have a broken leg for the rest of our trip, I’ll never forgive you.

Illustration with Hyun

Castiel: That’s a real hint, you can’t figure it out with that?

A. Are we going to go canicross running in the mountains?
B. Are we going to a wolf refuge?
C. Are we going dog sledding? (Correct answer)

Castiel: Do you know the maximum speed the dogs can go?

A. 43 mph
B. 18 mph (Correct answer)
C. 31 mph

Castiel: (Choice)

A. Mountain climbing!
B. A hike with snowshoes!
C. A visit to a natural hot spring spa! (Correct answer)

Castiel: The big question is who’s going to steer the sled?

A. Can’t the instructor stay with us? I would be reassured.
B. I would like for you to steer!
C. I’ll do it! (Correct answer)

Illustraition with Castiel

Nathaniel: Tell me, what would you prefer it to be?

A. Honestly, a thrilling activity, I never get tired of them!
B. An activity where you have to think! An evening of “Guess that song” in a chalet, or something else?
C. Something calm and soothing. (Correct answer)

Nathaniel: Do you know what the word “caribou” means?

A. Animal with antlers that lives in the forest?
B. Animal that pulls Santa’s sleigh?
C. Animal that scrapes the ground with its hooves? (Correct answer)

Nathaniel: Actually… Do you know the difference between caribou and reindeer?

A. They are the same! (Correct answer)
B. The snout and the weight!
C. Their antlers?

Nathaniel: Do you recognize the smell?

A. Carrots?
B. Fish?
C. Moss? (Correct answer)

Illustration with Nathaniel


A. Are we going to go on a walk through an ice cave? (Correct answer)
B. Did you plan on going on an expedition under the sheets during our trip?
C. Night skiing? That would be great!

Priya: We don’t need a guide, I have a map!

A. Hmm… Can’t we use our GPS? I wouldn’t want us to get lost in a cave.
B. Oh… we’re saved!
C. We should probably tell someone about our trip? Just in case. (Correct answer)

Priya: If not… I can always warm you up!

A. We’re going to melt the ice at that rate.
B. Oh, I’m already cold, actually… We don’t have to go all the way to the cave, there’s a forest right here.
C. I’m here for the hike and the love of the sport! Let’s stay focused. (Correct answer)

Priya: And yet we are far from being in the largest ice cave in the world, do you know where it is?

A. In Switzerland?
B. In Antartica?
C. In Austria? (Correct answer)

Illustration with Priya

Rayan: You said one clue!

A. In any case, I’ll follow you on any adventure. (Correct answer)
B. Are we going to go wingsuit flying?!
C. In any case, if it’s hiking, you should have told me, I don’t have the right shoes!

Rayan: (Choice)

A. A hot air balloon ride? (Correct answer)
B. Hang gliding?
C. Bungee jumping?

Rayan: Actually, I would love for us to go together!

A. New Mexico? (Correct answer)
B. Turkey?
C. Switzerland?

Rayan: That depends on us… But do you think there’s a limit?

A. Over 3,000 feet?
B. Over 1,600 feet?
C. Over 9,000 feet? (Correct answer)

Illustration with Rayan

Here you can see the outfits with the prices if you want to buy another color.

Preppy Winter
Boots 40G
Sweater 50G
Skirt 45G
Wig 60G
Coat 80G
Headband 20G

Modern Santa Elf
Belt 28G
Bag 32G
Wig 55G
Shorts 50G
Blouse 55G
Boots 65G

Christmas Wishes
Body Blouse 35G
Boots 35G
Dress 50G
Necklace 20G
Earrings 20G
Scarf 28G
Hat 30G
Stocking 27G

Bank Outfits:

Headless Aristocrat
Necklace 25G
Wig 60G
Headdress 35G
Dress 70G
Sandals 20G
Cape 40G