AL Armin Episode 2

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 1000 – 1150 AP
Positive Watching A Movie/Sleeping Route 1054 AP
Positive Playing A Game Route 1120 AP
Neutral Playing A Game Route 1094 AP
Fairy/Auntie 18 AP

Outfit 170G

Illustrations: 2 in total. You can get one out of two in a single play through. The illustrations depend on LOM and dialogue choices, you need at least an LOM of 65.

Fairy/Auntie: in the library. You can find her after you have talked with Armin in your room, and before you go to class. She will give you a Laptop Computer and her part costs 18 AP.


Outfit 170G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in your room. It is the day after you kissed Armin. You are talking with your roommate Yeleen. 

Yeleen: (Choice)

A. Don’t tempt me! +5
B. Mmm… Sorry, I’m talking too much, aren’t I? /
C. I’m having a hard time knowing if you’re serious or not? -5

Armin knocks at your door, and you let him in.

Armin: (Choice)

A. I’m not sure I want it… /
B. What proves to me that this time it will be different? That you’re sincere? /
C. Okay. /

Armin: And you find that in my quest to win you back, it’s not a great first move.

A. That’s it. Things are off to bad start, in any case… -5
B. (I smiled at him, indulgently.) /
C. Exactly! You see, when you put your mind to it! +5

You have to go to class. But before you do, you can meet Auntie at the library. She will give you a Laptop Computer and her part costs 18 AP. 

For your class, go to the main auditorium. After your classes, you will go automatically to your room to choose your outfit. There is only one outfit to pick.

Outfit 170G

You are ready for your date. Go meet Armin at the Gazebo.

Armin: (Choice)

A. Don’t overdo it either… -5
B. Be careful not to set the bar too high… +5
C. That makes me really happy, thanks. /

Go to the forest hiking path.

Armin: (Choice)

A. What a “charming” remark, for a first date. -5
B, Go ahead, show me. +5
C. For someone who doesn’t even want to set foot outside, that’s a very daring proposition. /

Armin: Little flings, girls I met at school, or online…

A. Wait, when you say “a few”, is it a few three or four, or a few ten or twenty? /
B. But you didn’t take any to Disneyland, did you? +5
C. Didn’t you try with Anais, after all? -5

Armin: You must have been chased after non stop, like a golden snitch.

A. Actually, no one… /
B. Not really, a bit like you, in the end… /
C. Yeah, I had quite a few boyfriends, in the end. -5

You automatically reach the end of the Forrest. There, Armin and you decide to walk to his apartment. Armin’s apartment is at the shops street.

Armin: (Choice)

A. Don’t even ask me, I have no idea what you’re going to order for yourself. +5
B. I never liked that! You must be confusing me with someone else… -5
C. You’re impossible. Did you make a list of everything I eat?! +5

Armin: Or relaxing in front of a good film.

A. Come on, let’s play LoL. / (Towards gaming illustration)
B. Let’s watch a movie, but I get to choose what we watch! / (Towards sleeping illustration)

Click here if you choose to play LoL, the game illustration.
If you choose to watch a movie, the sleeping illustration. You stay in the living room with Armin and go sit on the couch.

Armin: And you? Who would you choose?

A. Wanda! She is super classy. +5
B. Iron Man. Already, to be a billionaire. -5
C. Black Widow, of course! One of the pioneers. /

Candy: (Choice)

A. (More, I want more.) /
B. (I don’t want to skip steps.) /
C. (Just a little kiss…) / (Sleeping illustration)

After watching two movies, Armin will walk you home to the university. After you have gone through the gate, the episode will end.

If you choose to play LOL, the game illustration. Armin and you go sit behind the computer.

Armin: At the same time, seeing how he’s fed…

A. I may not be as bad as you think…? -5
B. Maybe you’re not as good as you think…? +5
C. Did you see?! They’re super good, it’s too much! /

Armin: (Choice)

A. I can do it! I just need to focus… /
B. Stop commenting on everything like that, it’s not helping me! /
C. Fff… Help me, I’m failing. / (Gaming illustration)

After playing two games, Armin will walk you home to the university. After you have gone through the gate, the episode will end.