LL Episode 1

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 800 – 1000 AP
Fairy/auntie: 60 AP
Hyun: 890 AP
Nathaniel: 832 AP
Priya: 862 AP
Rayan: 880 AP
Castiel: 846 AP

Outfit Hyun & Rayan 150G
Outfit Nathaniel & Priya 150G
Outfit Castiel 150G

Illustrations: 5 in total. You can get one out of five in a single play through. The illustration depends on outfit.

Note: The LOM you need for the illustrations in the upcoming episode is very high. So try to answer all the + ones or towards illustrations with the Love Interests.

Fairy/Auntie: in the gazebo. Right after putting posters in the park. You get a choice to find her. She will give you Scottish Rock Skirt.


Hyun & Rayan 150G

Nathaniel & Priya 150G

Castiel 150G

Episode guide:

You start this episode at your home. Your lover is calling you awake.

Hyun: *** It’s a lot of pressure, so don’t worry about me ***

A. Thank you, that’s really nice of you. /
B. But in my eyes, you count at least as much as all of that! +

You have to find Hyun’s sunglasses:

Nathaniel: (Choice)

A. It must be really exciting. I miss you, you know! /
B. I can’t wait for you to tell me more about it. It’s frightening, but it definitely seems exciting! +

You have to find food for White/Blanche:

Priya: *** And I want him to leave for retirement with a victory! I’ve learned so much from him. ***

A. Is the position going to be yours after he leaves? +
B. Do you already know who’s going to remplace him after he leaves? /

You have to find some food for yourself:

Rayan: *** I would have loved to share this in class… ***

A. Meh, I find that the 19th century Romantics lack in spontaneity… +
B. The painters before Raphael?  Meh, a bit too classic for my tastes… /

You have to find Rayan’s book:

Castiel: *** Is that Pancake that I hear? ***

A. Yeah, I have to let you go. The true man of my life needs me. +
B. Yeah, sorry but I have to take him out. Gotta go! /

It is time to go to the café to work, and to choose your outfit.

Hyun & Rayan 150G

Nathaniel & Priya 150G

Castiel 150G

Nina: (Choice)

A. I’m sorry, Sir. Let me apologize on behalf of the Cosy Bear. Please, the coffee’s on us. /
B. Well then, Nina, getting a bit too comfortable aren’t we? +
C. Nina! Don’t you think this man deserves an apology?

Eric: One day he’ll become a great inspector. You can be proud of him! (Only on Nathaniel’s route)

A. I know… but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about him, about us… /
B. Oh, I am! It’s really awesome that you pushed him to become involved! /

Eric: (Choice)

A. I understand… +
B. That must not be easy for her either…

You have to find the posters:

You go outside to hang the posters all over the city, on your way you see Alexy.

Alexy: Yeah, yeah, don’t worry! But… it won’t help to talk about it if I don’t get things a bit more clear in my own head first…

A. I understand. Don’t forget that I’m here for you, if you ever want to talk about it. +
B. You’re usually more talkative than this. You sure you don’t want to tell me anything?

When you stop to hang a poster in the High School, you will meet Steve.

Steve: (Choice)

A. These “shocking revelations” seems a little bit like a loser hungry for a buzz… /
B. Twitter posts don’t mean anything. Anybody can say anything! /

Steve: Well, we never know. After all, we only know them though the internet and their concerts. (Only on Castiel’s route)

A. Uh… well in fact, Castiel is a good friend of mine. /
B. Ah well… I personally know him very well, since him and I are together. /

When you are in the park you get the choice for meeting the fairy/auntie.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (I really want to take a walk near the gazebo, it’s been so long…) (Fairy/auntie)
B. (Unfortunately, I can’t hang around here…) (You don’t see auntie, the story will continue)

When you are at university, you will meet Chani.

Chani: After three years of preparing slides for Mr. Lebarde, they all end up looking the same, you know?

A. If you’re not feeling fulfilled anymore, you should look for a new job, Chani! /
B. I’m sure you’re just tired right now, Chani. You love ancient art! /

After hanging posters, it is time to go back to the Café. Yael will be there with a new painting.

Yael: (Choice)

A. Alright, go on, you’ve intrigued me. My relationship can wait a little bit… / (Conversations continues with Yael and you will get another choice with Yael. When you get home your lover will already be there.)
B. Sorry, but I decided to finish early today. We’ll talk about it tomorrow, at the opening, ok?(You will be the first one at home, and wait there until your lover gets home.)

Yael: Will you become the first gallery owner in the region to show his work?

A. I don’t know… It’s a little… limited in terms of exposition, isn’t it? /
B. I love it! It’s simple but striking! I’m in. Talk to me again when it’s ready. +

Then it is finally time to see your lover.

Hyun: It’s because, well… I was so excited to see you. So I didn’t even stop for lunch!

A. Oh… that’s a little extreme, isn’t it?
B. Hyun! You shouldn’t have! +

Hyun: I know you like the back of my hand! You say everything’s fine, but when you make that little pout…

A. No, really. It’s nothing, I promise. +
B. I just hope that we’ll still have time for us!

Illustration with Hyun

Nathaniel: Now in the world of 2.0, it’s as if the criminals have even more of a head start on us!

A. There are more than just criminals in the world! There’s also a beautiful side…
B. That doesn’t make your work in the field useless, quite the opposite! +

Illustration with Nathaniel

Priya: (Choice) (If you went home early)

A. (I went to open the door.) +
B. (I waited for her to finish.)

Priya: (Choice) (If you stayed talking with Yael)

A. (I sat down on the couch, staring at her insistently.)
B. (I laid across the couch, posing like a Pin-up girl.) +

Priya: Is something wrong, my sweet? You look like something’s bothering you… It’s the new trip I have to take, isn’t it?

A. Yes, honestly, it kind of sucks that you have to leave again. +
B. No, don’t worry, I’m fine. 

Illustration with Priya

Rayan: (Choice) (If you went home early)

A. (I got comfy on the couch and starting flipping through the pages.) +
B. (I can’t wait for him to get home, I’m going to wait for him.)

Rayan: (Choice) (If you stayed talking with Yael) 

A. Interesting? +
B. And here I am thinking that you were going to prepare us a little dinner…!

Rayan: It’s a type of offer that only comes around once in a career…

A. But, us… what would happen to us?
B. It’s unexpected… and complicated. +
C. But… I can’t abandon the Cosy Bear! /

Illustration with Rayan

Castiel: (Choice) (If you went home early)

A. I missed you so much! /
B. Hey, what? No horde of groupies to immortalize our meeting and post it on Snapchat? +

Castiel: Well, it’s nice of you to stop by! How have you been? (If you stayed talking with Yael) 

A. I’m sorry. Yael absolutely needed to talk to talk to me about a new artist that she is representing and…
B. I will say that after a day of hanging up pictures of you at the café, I’ve seen you quite enough! +

Castiel: I’m going to be able to bring to life a bunch of projects: the acoustic album, the set of Winged Skull covers…

A. Still, be careful not to spread yourself too thin… – (another choice)
B. All those projects are great! I can’t wait to hear about everything! +

Castiel: You know that I’ve worked hard to get to this point! (If you answered the content of A in the last choice.) 

A. Hey, Crowstorm isn’t the only thing in your life! /
B. Do you think you’ll find the time for another project…? A duo? +

Illustration with Castiel 

After a nice moment with your lover, the episode will end.