AL Lysander Episode 2

Summary Positive Illustration Outside
Summary Positive Illustration Inside
Summary Neutral
Summary Negative
Summary Fairy/Auntie

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 850 – 950 AP
Positive route illustration outside 936 AP
Neutral route
Negative route 894 AP
Fairy 8 AP

Outfit 170G

Illustrations: 2 in total. You can get one out of two in a single play through. The illustrations depend on dialogue choices and LOM.

Fairy/Auntie: in the Pastures. You can find her after picking the apples. Her part cost 8AP, and she will give you a wheelbarrow.


Outfit 170G

Episode guide:

You start this episode waking up in Lysander’s room or the guestroom. The story will take you to the living room. There you see Rosa the Rabbit, and then you go to the kitchen.

Lysander: I can give you a tour of the house after, if you want!

A. Of course, I’d like that! You’ll be able to show me all the places you got into trouble when you were little!
B. Actually, I… I already had a look around, yesterday, when I was looking for you. +5
C. Oh, no, you don’t have to. I already had a look around yesterday. -5

No matter what you answer, Lysander gives you a tour. Starting in the kitchen and then go to living room.

Lysander: I’ll admit, I miss it a bit. I don’t play anymore.

A. If you have a more mature game than Pop-up Pirate, we can play, if you want.
B. I’ve never liked board games. They always end badly. -5
C. If you want, we can play Pop-up Pirate tonight. I’ve never played. +5

Lysander: I’m not sure there’s a moral to this story, but I find it amusing.

A. I think I preferred the kitchen stories… -5
B. I love listening to you tell your stories. +5
C. I prefer the stories that take place around the table.

Go with Lysander to the garden to help him with his work.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (I crouched down and held out the piece of cauliflower.)
B. (I threw the piece of cauliflower at him.) /
C. (I crouched down to place the piece of cauliflower on the ground.) / (Correct answer)

Lysander: I’ll fill the watering cans.

A. (I took the piece of apple and walked towards the chickens.) /
B. I’d prefer to stay with you. I don’t necessarily feel comfortable alone with the animals.
C. (I took the piece of apple and walked towards the goat.) / (Correct answer)

Go to the kitchen for lunch.

Lysander: Generally, for lunch, I just eat something quickly…

A. That’s okay. We’ll eat better tonight! -5
B. No problem, this is great! I usually don’t eat much at lunch either.
C. Are you kidding me? I’m going to be able to taste your tapenade with bread, I’m thrilled! +5

Lysander: (Choice)

A. We still have to feed the cows, right?
B. Do you think we still have a lot to do? /
C. What do we have left to do this afternoon? / (Correct answer)

Go to the Pastures for this afternoon’s work.

Lysandser: Well, there isn’t a particular technique… When you see an apple, you take it and put it in the bag.

A. I should be able to do that! / (Correct answer)
B. All of this? It’s going to take us days! /
C. Should I pick them even if they’re a bit bruised or have holes?

After picking-up the apples, you can find the fairy. She is in the Pastures. Switch between the Pastures and the Garden until you see her. She will give you a wheelbarrow and her part cost 8AP.

Go to the kitchen.

Lysander: So, what do you think about life on the farm, after your first day?

A. I… Let’s just say it’s not really my natural environment. -5
B. I found that quite nice. Exotic, in any case, it wasn’t unpleasant.
C. I really liked it! I feel… really good here. + 5

The story takes you upstairs. Where you choose your outfit. There is only one outfit you can pick.

Outfit 170G

Candy: (Choice)

A. (I’ll have to ask Lysander.) +5
B. (Maybe the key is hidden somewhere… Under the lamp, for example…?)
C. (I set my hand on the handle. He may have unlocked it since yesterday…) -5

Follow Lysander into his office.

Lysander: Are you hungry? I’ll make us something to eat.

A. No, it can wait… I want to hear more about what you write. / (Towards illustration inside)
B. I’ll come with you, to help! / (Towards illustration outside)

 When you choose the outside illustration, you follow Lysander to the kitchen. If you choose the inside illustration, you stay with him in his office. This choice only happens when you choose for the outside illustration.

Lysander: Is that a problem? Do you want me to buy some for you tomorrow? 

A. No. Maybe I should think about that, too.
B. In fact, I haven’t eaten it for a few months either. /
C. I think I’ll be able to do without it for a week, that’s fine. /

When you choose the outside illustration, after the dialogue in the kitchen, go to the living room. Then go to the garden to see Lysander. There you get the outside illustration. When you choose the inside illustration, you are still in his offices. This choice happens on both routes.

Lysander: Obviously, I write a lot more than Castiel can sing, but at least those that correspond to him travel a little.

A. You don’t need anyone to sing the others, do you? /
B. You don’t have to sing them, you can make a collection of poetry out of them. /
C. Castiel didn’t offer you to continue with him?

When you choose the illustration inside, go down to the kitchen to eat. And then head to the leaving room. When you choose the illustration outside, you are still in the garden. This choice happens on both routes.

Lysander: The last time we talked about it on the phone, you weren’t very sure…

A. I still don’t know. I like what I’m doing right now, but… /
B. Ideally, if I want to do research, I’d have to go on to complete a doctorate.
C. I’m not even sure I’m going to keep going, if I have to be completely honest. /

On both routes, you go to the bedroom. No mater what choice you made in episode 1 about staying in the guestroom, tonight you sleep with Lysander.

Candy: (Choice)

A. Good night, Lysander. Sweet dreams. -5
B. (I don’t really feel like sleeping. I’m in the mood for something more… carnal.)
C. (I cuddled up against him to fall asleep in his arms.) +5

You two fall asleep and the episode ends.