Something Comes A’Knocking

Village Project: Timeless Tools

Something Comes A’Knocking
Some strange Matryoshka Dolls have appeared in the Valley — where could they have come from?
The Matryoshka Dolls turned out to be a manifestation of Jack Skellington’s Halloween Magic as he tried to return to the Valley! Now he just needs some help getting settled in.
You can get this quest after getting the Fairy Godmother to Dreamlight Valley and picking up a Matryoshka Doll. After completing this quest, you have Jack Skellington in your valley. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • This quest starts after picking up a Matryoshka doll
  • You’ve found a strange Matryoshka Doll —- where could it belong?: collect 4 Matryoshka Dolls. They appear randomly, but I have found one at Sunlit Plateau, the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow and the Glade of Trust. Then find Jack Skellington’s Tree in The Forgotten Lands near the second pool. Put all the Matryoshka dolls in the back of the tree.
  • Jack Skellington has appeared in the Valley!: Welcome Jack Skellington at the well by taking a photo.
  • Talk to Jack Skellington: you can see on the map where he is. Go talk with him.
  • Place Jack Skellington’s House in the Valley: you can find his house in your backpack under Furniture. Place it somewhere in your village.
  • Use the Scrooge McDuck sign to pay for the construction of Jack Skellington’s House: the house will cost you 5.000 star coins
  • Talk to Jack Skellington: you can see on the map where he is. With talking to him, you can complete this quest.

At 00:39:18 starts Something Comes A’Knocking Quest.

Matryoshka Doll in the Plaza
Matryoshka Doll in Sunlit Plateau
Matryoshka Doll in the Glade of Trust
Matryoshka Doll in the Peaceful Meadow
Jack Skellington's Tree
Putting the matryoshka dolls in the tree

Village Project: Timeless Tools