Into The West Wing!

Into The West Wing
You enter the Realm to find an empty castle. You’ll need to explore to see if anyone is inside…
You find Belle in the library, surrounded by a storm of flying books. She asks for your help in catching them and calming things down.
Belle explains that she and the Beast had an argument because she snuck into the West Wing. You volunteer to find the secret passage in the library to check on him in his room.
You find Beast brooding in the West Wing. He’s upset because he caught Belle trying to fix his old portrait. To help him, you and Belle decide to made him a new portrait using Dreamlight Magic.
You can get this quest after opening up the Beauty and the Beast Realm for 12.500 Dreamlight. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Explore the Beauty and the Beast Realm: go inside the Realm, at the end of the Hallway you can find a flying book.
  • Follow the flying book: try to stay close to the book. It will bring you to Belle.
  • Talk to Belle: you start automatically talking with Belle.
  • Catch 5 flying books in the library: walk after the books and catch them by interacting with them.
  • Bring every flying book to Belle: with talking to her, you give her the books.
  • Find a way to get into the secret passage in the library: you need to fix the rolling ladder to find the way. To fix it, you need to find 4 steps and 2 wheels. They are all lying in the library.
  • Talk to Belle: she is still in the library.
  • Gather 4 Castle Candles, 1 castle candleholder and 1 golden curtain throughout the Beauty and the Beast Realm: they are on tables, chairs and barrels throughout the castle and garden.
  • Bring what you’ve gathered to Belle: Belle is still in the library. With talking to Belle, you give her the stuff.
  • Put on the Candlestick Disguise and put on the Candle Hat; you can find them both in your backpack under the wardrobe tab.
  • Pass though the curtain in the secret passage to get to the West Wing: walk through the curtain.
  • Talk to Beast: go talk with him. He is in the room behind the curtain.
  • Talk to Belle: she is still in the library.
  • Talk to Merlin in the Village: go back to Dreamlight Valley. There you can see on the map where Merlin is.
  • Gather 12 Softwood, 8 Fiber, 4 Dream Shards, 3 White Daisy’s and 2 Garnets; Softwood can be found next to trees in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust. Fiber can be made from Seaweed, which can be found with fishing everywhere. Dream Shards can be found by digging at sparkling ground. A White Daisy can be found in the peaceful meadow. And Garnets can be found with mining in the Peaceful Meadow and Plaza.
  • Craft an Enchanted Canvas: you can use the materials, you just gathered.
  • Bring the Enchanted Canvas to Belle in the Beauty and the Beast Realm: go back to the Beauty and the Beast Realm. Belle is close to the entrance of the realm.
  • Follow Belle into the West Wing: try to stay close to Belle.
  • Talk to Belle in the West Wing: she is standing next to you.
  • Talk to Belle: by talking to her, you complete this quest.

At 00:00:00 starts Into The West Wing quest.

Catching flying books
Ladder steps
Ladder wheels
Fixing the ladder
Castle candleholder
Castle candle
Golden curtain
Dream Shards
White Daisy
Enchanted Canvas