Strut Your Stuff

Strut Your Stuff
WALL-E is back with a new plan — get a party going!
You’re on the hunt for party-goers, but Mirabel and Woody both need some help before they’re free to attend WALL-E’s party.
Mirabel and Woody’s tasks have been taken care of, but what the party really needs is someone fun and silly to help the mood along! Someone like Goofy…
With Mirabel, Woody and Goofy all confirmed for the party, there are just a few preparations left…
The party is almost ready to start! Just one last bit of decoration to go…
After placing WALL-E’s phonograph, the party went off without a hitch!
To get this quest, you have to complete the quest; Matchmaking Magic. After completing the quest, you will get a Bowlet Hat, Dapper Suit, Sunbird-Feathered Hat and a Victorian Matchmaker’s Dress. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it.

  • WALL-E wants to get a party going! Talk to Mirabel and Woody: you can see on the map where they are. 
  • Gather these materials; 10 Fabric, 5 Emerald and 12 Sunbird Feather. Fabric can be made from 5 cotton. You can get cotton seeds at Goofy’s stall on sunlit plateau. Every seed gives you one Cotton, they take 25 minutes to grow, and you need to water them 3 times. Emerald can be found at the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust. Sunbird Feathers can be found at Sunlit Plateau. You can only find 4 a day, so you need 3 days to find all the feathers. 
  • Break all the 6 Mining Rocks in the Forest: go to the forest of Valor and start mining. I only needed to mine 3 rocks. 
  • Bring the requested items to Mirabel and talk to Woody: you can see on the map where they are.
  • Return to WALL-E: you can see on the map where he is.
  • Talk to Goofy: you can see on the map where he is. 
  • Take pictures of your favorite; Villager, Animal Companion, Villager’s House and Fruit Tree. Use your camera to take the pictures. 
  • Bring the photos to Goofy: You can see on the map where he is.
  • Talk to WALL-E: you can see on the map where he is. 
  • Put on WALL-E and Mirabel’s gift: you can find the items in your backpack under the wardrobe tab. 
  • Set up the dancing area in the forest; 36 Paths to set up the dance floor, 4 Lights and 6 Traditional Decorations: you can find all the items in your backpack under the furniture tab.
  • Talk to WALL-E: you can find on the map where he is. 
  • Place WALL-E’s Phonograph where you decorated in the Forest: you find the item in your backpack under the furniture tab. 
  • Party with WALL-E and friends: take a photo with all your friends in the forest. 
  • Talk to WALL-E: with talking to him, you complete this quest. 

At 02:35:05 starts Strut Your Stuff quest.

Sunbird Feathers
Break the mining rocks in the forest
Picture with favorite villager
Picture with favorite animal companion
Picture with favorite villager's house
Picture with favorite fruit tree
Party with WALL-E and friends