Christmas 2019

My Secret Santa Present
Made by Keora

It is Christmas on My Candy Love. It starts December 1, 2019 and it will last until January 5, 2020. The first 24 days we have an advent calendar. With the advent calendar we can open every day a window and get a present. You can win 3 outfits with it and 10 mistletoes. The mistletoes we need for the second part of the event. For every two mistletoes you can have a wonderful moment (date) with one of the love interest. You need to answer four question correctly and you will get an illustration. You can also get one outfit with spending money at the bank.

Advent Calender:

Day 1: Winter Tartan Overalls
Day 2: Castiel: Do you know how many branches make up a snowflake?
A. 8.
B. 4.
C. 6. (Correct answer)
Day 3: Xtrem Winter Gloves
Day 4: Xtrem Winter Coat
Day 5: Rayan: It’s very well-know. Who’s the author again?
A. René Barjavel (Correct answer)
B. Joseph Kessel
C. Fred Vargas
Day 6: Nathaniel: Actually, do you know where the first Winter Olympic Games were held?
A. Chamonix? In France. (Correct answer)
B. Lake Placid? In the United States.
C. Saint-Mortiz? In Switzerland.
Day 7: Snow Lolita Tights
Day 8: Hyun: Do you know at which temperature the human body goes into hypothermia?
A. 95°F? (Correct answer)
B. 89,6°F?
C. 84,2°F?
Day 9: Winter Tartan Slippers
Day 10: Xtrem Winter Boots
Day 11: Snow Lolita Cape
Day 12: Priya: What’s his name again?
A. Rudolph! (Correct answer)
B. Rodolph!
C. Raphael!
Day 13: Winter Tartan Sweater
Day 14: Rayan: In Greek mythology, do you know  who created Winter?
A. Demeter. (Correct answer)
B. Zeus.
C. Persephone
Day 15: Snow Lolita Boots
Day 16: Nathaniel: Actually, I know a bit about it. Look at these flowers, Helleborus… They are also known under another name…
A. Yes, those are snowdrops.
B. Christmas stars!
C. Christmas roses! (Correct answer)
Day 17: Winter Tartan Tights + Wig
Day 18: Hyun: Actually, do you know where that dish is from originally?
A. Switzerland! (Correct answer)
B. Belgium!
C. France!
Day 19: Xtrem Winter Scarf
Day 20: Castiel: Do you know what the coldest  measured temperuature on Earth is?
A. -128°F in the Arctic.
B. -135°F in Antarctica. (Correct answer)
C. -169° in Siberia.
Day 21: Snow Lolita Dress
Day 22: Snow Lolita Coat + Wig
Day 23: Priya: Actually, did you know that Junko Tabei was the first woman to climb the mount…
A. Everest! (Correct answer)
B. Popocatépetl!
C. Fuji!
Day 24: Xtrem Winter Jumpsuit + Wig




A. I really enjoyed waking up this morning and lounging in bed after you had started a fire in the chimney…
B. I really enjoyed our walk this morning. (Correct answer)
C. It’s too bad we weren’t able to get back to the slopes one last time… The weather was perfect!


A. An evening under the stars? The sky is cloudless it could be amazing!
B. An evening of night skiing?! I’ve always dreamed of that!
C. Rayan, I don’t want it to be a bother, and evening in the chalet together is fine with me. (Correct answer)


A. The next time, I would like for us to go walk in breathtaking landscapes… Like Yosemite Park! (Correct answer)
B. The next time, we could try to leave for longer, and to the other end of the world! Somewhere in Asia, that would be great…
C. The next time, I would love to visit the capital of an European country. What about you?

Is everything okay…?

A. Tell me that we’ll have another weekend like this very soon.
B. This weekend was incredible, but the next time, we should go the other end of the world! I want to visit the entire planet.
C. I would like to stay here. Do we really have to go home? (Correct answer)

Illustration with Rayan


I’m soar all over and…

A. How about a little walk through the forest? (Correct answer)
B. Do you have another idea?
C. We could stay at the chalet! That’s nice too… the chimney… music…


A. After all… It will be your butt on the cover of a magazine tomorrow, mine will be of little importance!
B. Uh… Yes, we need one! For sure! I don’t see myself bathing naked in the middle of the forest.
c. You want us to bathe naked in the middle of the mountain forest, alone… Have you lost your mind? (Correct answer)

Come on!

A. Well… Okay! But I’m warning you, if I hear anything, I’m taking off! I won’t even turn around to see if you are following me.
B. If we get caught, we might have to pay a big fine, Castiel.
C. And if someone catches us when we are naked in the water? It would be a bit embarrassing, don’t you think? (Correct answer)


A. Castiel, I bet that we’ll be in all the tabloids tomorrow morning! (Correct answer)
B. We are surely being filmed… Security is going to at any moment!
C. Are you sure? You really want to do this?

Illustration with Castiel (NSFW)


Actually, what should we start with today? The weather is incredible!

A. Do you want to go enjoy our chalet and start a fire in the chimney?
B. A good hike to warm up! (Correct answer)
C. I really want to have a good breakfast with a nice warm hot chocolate.

I’m trying! There’s nothing better for that than a hike in the mountains, right?

A. No, you really need to let go! Stop walking, and yell as loud as you can across the valley.
B. Try concentrating on your breathing rather than your thoughts. (Correct answer)
C. We could just have a little race, to let out some endorphins and leave all your negative thoughts behind you.

You okay? Do you want to take a little break?

A. You wouldn’t mind? We’ve only been walking for about an hour… I wouldn’t want to hold us back from finishing this hike. (Correct answer)
B. I didn’t know we were training for a marathon! I wouldn’t make it against you for one second in a race.
C. No, don’t worry I’ll make it.

It’s so nice here…

A. It’s true, but… We have a hike to finish!
B. I’m not moving! Or going back to campus, or anything else. I just want to stay here… with you. (Correct answer)
C. In the end, we could stay here and sleep under the stars… The sky would be beautiful…

Illustration with Priya


Actually, did you already have an idea for the program this morning?

A. I really want to hit the slopes! It’s been so long, let’s not waste a minute! (Correct answer)
B. We could stay at the chalet this morning and relax… I really like this place!
C. A walk in the forest! I saw that there was a frozen lake not far from here. It must be sublime!

Really? I’ll teach you!

A. I’ve always been too scared to get on one of those boards. They don’t seem really stable.
B. Yes, but… maybe you want to enjoy yourself, and not spend your morning teaching me. (Correct answer)
C. I’m more comfortable skiing. We’ll waste time, but take a snowboard. I’ll follow you!


A. (It’s almost my turn. I turned towards the person running the lift to ask them for help, maybe he could slow the lift down a bit…) (Correct answer)
B. Oh… Nath… I’m don’t feel comfortable! I’m going to fall in front of everyone! Don’t you want to help me or carry me, please?
C. (It will be alright. I can do this on my own.)


A. I trust you, I forbid you to leave me in the middle of the slope!(Correct answer)
B. Even though I feel so comfortable while skiing! I could definitely beat you!
C. I should have hired a ski instruction… At least for the basics, that will have brought us some time!

Illustration with Nathaniel


Would you like to live in the mountains all year?

A. No, actually, I think that I like our little coastal city. We have the coast, the city, and the beach isn’t far. (Correct answer)
B. Without hesitation. The lakes, the chalets, I could definitely live here all year.
C. Actually, I think I would prefer to live in a big city, like New York…


A. Raclette or Savoyard Fondue in a good restaurant!
B. A chimney fire and a… romantic evening?
C. Another walk on the program? (Correct answer)

It’s saying we should turn right, when just one minute ago it said I have to go the other way!

A. Turn right, at worst, we’ll never go home, and we’ll have to live here for the rest of our lives!
B. Do you have a map? The GPS in the mountains isn’t really the best option…
C. Ugh… I think we’re going to end up lost in the forest, to be eaten by wolves. We should probably turn back. (Correct answer)


A. Aren’t you scared to stay here alone…? I mean… I saw The Blair With Project, and I promised myself I would never sleep in the forest…! (Correct answer)
B. How did you find this place? It’s beautiful!
C. This is the first time in my life that I will see a shower of shooting stars!

Illustration with Hyun


Xtrem Winter
Scarf 22G
Coat 55G
Gloves 15G
Boots 40G
Jumpsuit 63G
Wig 65G

Snow Lolita
Cape 50G
Boots 30G
Coat 45G
Dress 53G
Tights 22G
Wig 65G

Winter Tartan
Overalls 75G
Sweater 68G
Tights 20G
Wig 65G
Slippers 27G

Pure Angel
Wig 80G
Veil 28G
Sandals 25G
Dress 55G
Tights 20G
Halo 30G
Wings 45G
Aura 20G