Valentine’s Day 2019

In this event you have to do fife missions a day. With each mission you will receive a rose. You can give the roses to your love interest. The purple ones for Nathaniel. The white ones for HyunThe red ones for CastielThe orange ones for Priya and at last the blue ones for Rayan. You have to give six roses to each love interest. Each love interest will give you a piece of their illustration with each rose. If you have given a love interest all their roses you will get their illustration and some clothes. In total, you can win two outfits and fife illustrations. For one of the outfits you will have to pay with real money.

This where the missions for each day. Between the missions you have to wait 15 á 30 minutes. In the mini games you have to do special things for Mavrica. A special flower. Auntie has asked you to take care of it.

1 Buy Fertilizer
Every day you have to buy Fertilizer for the Mavrica. What cost 5 gold.

2 Remove the bugs.
You have to remove the bugs from the plant by clicking on them. As you can see in this picture. You have 30 seconds to remove 35 bugs. 

3 Finding the sun
You have to find the sun on one of the pages of the website. Normally it can be hiding in your closet or my episode page or on the home page and otherwise it somewhere else on the website. 

4 Catching water for the plant.
You have to try to catch the clean water for the plant. You have 40 seconds to fill the watering can. 

5 Talking to Mavrica.
Every day you have to talk to Mavrica. These were the right answer for each day.
Day 1: Let me think, how about… Mavrica!
Day 2: How about “Here Comes The Sun”?
Day 3: She found you in another world!
Day 4: I’m going to clean you!
Day 5: And I picked… “The Little Prince”!
Day 6: What do you think of tulips?
Day 7: I got you an automatic water distributor.

Every time you give your roses to your love interest they will say something to you. Here what they say and which clothing item you will get from them. 

Rose 1: A-a flower… for me? It’s exquisite, thanks.
Rose 2: (Nickname)… This is a really nice gift. Thanks.
Rose 3: I never get tired of them. I love their color that’s so unique. It reminds me of Klein blue, a very good choice.
Rose 4: This one is perfect, like you.
Rose 5: I’m going to have to take them home with me… The other teachers are likely to ask questions. Thanks again.
Rose 6: Thanks, but this time, let me give you this in return. The necklace is something I fell for at first sight. The blue stone it’s made of is angelite. I wanted to give you something special.”
Clothing items: Valentine Necklace and Valentine Handbag

Rose 1: A flower? F-for… me? Thanks!
Rose 2: A second one? Thanks, I love them!
Rose 3: Ohlala, one more? I feel awkward…
Rose 4: There are enough for a bouquet. You picked them wonderfully, I love them.
Rose 5: Another one? (Nickname), I’m extremely touched… I’m going to take good care of them.
Rose 6: I knew you’d come today! But this time, I have a little something for you, too. I fell for something kind of… daring. I hope you’ll like it. And the bracelet is one of mine… It’s a gift from me to you.
Clothing items: Valentine Metal Bracelets and Valentine Lingerie

Rose 1: A flower? For me? I, uh… Thanks!
Rose 2: Another one? They’re pretty but… I… Mind telling me what you’re playing at?
Rose 3: I don’t know what to say… I’m not used to getting this kind of present. Th-thanks…
Rose 4: Maybe you could’ve given me the bouquet all at once! Whatever… I kind of enjoy seeing you every day…
Rose 5: I’m going to put them all in my dressing room. I’ll have them with me before tonight’s concert… Thanks.
Rose 6: This time, I’m the one who has something for you. I know that it’ll look good on you, everything does… I can’t wait to see you wearing it.
Clothing items: Valentine Tattoo, Valentine Wraparound Top

Rose 1: A flower for me?! Th-thanks!
Rose 2: Another one? You know… This is the first time anyone’s offered me flowers.
Rose 3: They smell so good… Thanks a million.
Rose 4: I spend my time looking at them… They make me think of you.
Rose 5: Thanks… They’re gorgeous. I hope to see you tomorrow.
Rose 6: The bouquet is beautiful. I have something for you today, too… I’m not sure you know how much I love shoes. Well, I couldn’t hold back when I saw these. And… I thought you’d like these earrings, too.
Clothing items: Valentine Earrings, Valentine Shoes

Rose 1: A flower?! It’s kind of surprising as a gift…
Rose 2: Another one? I… Thanks.
Rose 3: I admit, you know how to choose them, I love their smell.
Rose 4: I’m going to do whatever I can to keep White from eating them. It won’t be easy, she seems to love them… and so do I.
Rose 5: Thanks… I hope you’ll have another one for me… That gives me an excuse to see you every day.
Rose 6: I never get tired of this little daily ritual… I wish it would never stop. I have something for you, too. I picked it because I’m dying to see you in it…
Clothing items: Valentine Stone Bracelets, Long Valentine Skirt

At the end you will have this outfit. The left outfit is the one you will have to pay for with real money. Under the outfits you can find the prices if you want to buy another color option in the special clothing shop.

Valentine Tattoo – 20 Gold
Valentine Wraparound Top – 40 Gold
Valentine Earrings – 20 Gold
Valentine Shoes – 25 Gold
Valentine Metal Bracelets – 25 Gold
Valentine Lingerie – 40 Gold
Valentine Stone Bracelets – 15 Gold
Long Valentine Skirt – 45 Gold
Valentine Necklace – 30 Gold
Valentine Handbag – 35 Gold
Valentine Rose Wig – 70 Gold

Florist Watering Handbag – 15 Gold
Florist Tights – 20 Gold
Florist Sneakers – 30 Gold
Florist Crown of Roses – 25 Gold
Florist Overall Shorts – 50 Gold
Florist Puffy Top – 35 Gold
Florist Bouquet of Roses – 15 Gold
Florist Layered Wig – 55 Gold