Friendship Is Everything

Friendship Is Everything
Merlin has something fascinating to show you in the Village.
Merlin guides you to a strange stone with a hole at the top. What can it possible be?
The strange stone is called the Pillar of Friendship. Once, it held the Orb of Friendship. But when the Old Ruler disappeared, the orbs were scattered. Now, the Orb of Friendship is trapped, tangled up in Night Thorns. To free it, you’ll have to become better friends with the Villagers by spending time with them. In Dreamlight Valley, that’s called “hanging out”.
After you restore the Orb of Friendship to its rightful place, the Well in the Meadow is rid of its curse.
To get this quest, you have to complete the quests The Royal Tools and The Dream Castle. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Follow Merlin to the pillar in the Meadow: try to stay close to Merlin.
  • Talk to Merlin: after you have followed him to the pillar, he wants to talk with you. 
  • Reach Friendship Level 5 with three Villagers: the easiest way to get higher friendship levels is; by hanging out with characters and giving them their favorite gifts. 
  • Talk to Merlin: you can find on the map where Merlin is. 
  • Go back to the Pillar in the Meadow: when you arrive at the pillar, you will see that the orb of friendship is free from the night thorn.
  • Pick up the Orb of friendship: walk to the orb and interact with it.
  • Place the orb of friendship in the pillar: interacting with the pillar will open your backpack. There you can choose the orb, and it will be placed back in the pillar.  
  • Go check out the well in the Meadow: walk to the well.
  • Talk to Merlin about the well: you can find him next to the well. He will tell you what you can do with the well. 
  • Gain access to a new Biome: open up Dazzle Beach, this cot you 1.000 Dreamlight. 
  • Return to Merlin: talking with Merlin will finish the quest. 

At 00:00 starts The Friendship Is Everything quest.

The Well
Dazzle Beach