Fire Alarm (Level 2)

A Lost Book (Level 4)

Fire Alarm
The Fairy Godmother loves to live in the Forgotten Lands, but the other Villagers don’t seem to share her enthusiasm. She has a theory that all the fire is to blame and enlists you to help her. She thinks Merlin could be of some help too.
The Fairy Godmother and Merlin realize only you can extinguish the fires in the Forgotten Lands. She helps you devise a recipe for enchanting your Watering Can.
Now that your Watering Can is enchanted, there’s only one thing left to do. Test it on some fires in the Forgotten Lands.
With the fire gone, the Fairy Godmother thinks the time has come to add some lights, paths and seating to the Forgotten Lands.
Now the Fairy Godmother is sure the Villagers will be able to enjoy the place, but there’s one last thing she wants to show you and asks you to follow her.
You can get this quest after getting the Fairy Godmother to friendship level 2. After completing this quest, you will be able to put out the green fire in the forgotten lands. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it.

  • Listen to the Fairy Godmother and Merlin: follow the fairy godmother to the plaza. Their Merlin and her have a conversation.
  • Talk to the Fairy Godmother: she is still in the plaza where, she just finished her conversation with Merlin. Go talk with her.
  • Gather materials for the Icy Enchantment: 3 Tourmalines, 15 Snowball, 5 Dream Shards, 5 Purple Impatiens and 1 Empty Vial: you can find tourmalines with mining in the Frosted Heights and Sunlit Plateau. Snowball can be found by digging in the Frosted Heights and mining ice blocks. Dream Shards you can get by digging in sparkling ground. Purple Impatiens can be found in the Forgotten Lands. Empty Vial can be made from 3 glass. Which can be made from 5 sand. And you can find sand by digging at Dazzle Beach or mining sea debris.
  • Craft the Icy Enchantment: you can make at a crafting station from the item you gathered.
  • Use the Icy Enchantment in your Inventory: go to your backpack, there you will find the enchantment. Use it on your watering can.
  • Use your Watering Can to remove 5 Green Fires in the Forgotten Lands: go to the forgotten lands and use your watering can on 5 green fires.
  • Report back to the Fairy Godmother: you can see on the map where the fairy godmother is. Go talk with her.
  • Decorate the Forgotten Lands to make them more appealing by adding: 3 Seating, 4 Outdoor Lightnings and 25 Paths: you can find all the stuff in your Backpack under furniture. Place all the stuff in the forgotten lands
  • Talk to the Fairy Godmother: you can find on the map where she is, go talk with her.
  • Follow the Fairy Godmother: try to stay close to the fair godmother. She will walk to a plant in the forgotten lands.
  • Talk to the Fairy Godmother: with talking to her, you complete this quest.

At 00:00:00 starts Fire Alarm Quest.

Purple Impatiens
Empty Vial
Icy Enchantment
Putting out green fire

A Lost Book (Level 4)