The Search For Pua (Level 8)

The Search For Pua
Moana wants to talk about Pua.
Enough time has passed for Pua to have found the Coconuts. Moana wants to check for herself, and you go with her.
You find traces of Pua, but… no Pua. You’re going to need to track the little pig in the Village.
You can get this quest after getting friendship level 8 with Moana. After this quest, you can choose Pua as your animal companion. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it.

  • Follow Moana to the Fishing Boat: try to stay close to Moana.
  • Talk to Moana: go talk with her, she should stand next to you.
  • Track Pua in the Meadow: find footprints of Pua in the Peaceful Meadow.
  • More Pua hoof prints! Talk to Moana: Go talk with her, you can find on the map where she is.
  • Track Pua near the Restaurant: walk to the restaurant. There you will find more footprints.
  • Leftover food! Talk to Moana about it: go talk with Moana. She should be close to you.
  • Track Pua in the Forest: walk in the Forest of Valor towards the entrance of the Frosted Heights. On your way, you find Pua.
  • Oh, no! Pua is trapped! Free the little pig from the Night Thorns: interact with the night thorns to free Pua.
  • Pick up the new Leader Shard: interact with the new leader shard that appeared.
  • Give Moana the new Leader Shard: she should be close to you. With talking to her, you give her the leader shard. With giving her the Leader Shard, you will finish this quest.

At 00:00 starts The Search For Pua quest.

Freeing Pua
Picking up the Leader Shard