A Place For Joy (Level 2)

A Story To Tell (Level 4)

A Place For Joy
Olaf’s happy to be back in Dreamlight Valley, but something just doesn’t feel right. He asks you for help bringing joy to some of the Villagers.
While trying to bring joy to the Villagers, you discover that Olaf used to be the storyteller of Dreamlight Valley. He asks you to help build a stage so he can tell stories once more.
You can get this quest after getting friendship level 2 with Olaf. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it.

  • Gather some gifts for the Villagers: 3 Salmon, 4 Red Bromeliad, 4 White Passion Lily and 1 Blue Passion Lily: You can fish up a Salmon at the Frosted Heights and the Sunlit Plateau. The Red Bromeliad can be found on Sunlit Plateau. White Passion Lilies and Blue passion Lily can be found in the Frosted Heights.
  • Bring what you’ve gathered to Olaf: you can find on the map where he is. With talking to him, you bring him the stuff.
  • Watch Olaf give the gift to Mother Gothel: follow Olaf to Mother Gothel and watch their conversation.
  • Talk to Olaf: go talk with Olaf.
  • Bring the flowers to Scar on Olaf’s behalf: you can see on the map where Scar is. With talking to him, you give him the Flowers.
  • Meet Olaf at the bridge on the Sunlit Plateau: go to the bridge and talk with Olaf. 
  • A Memory appeared! Pick up the Memory near the bridge on the Sunlit Plateau: pick up the memory that appeared.
  • Talk to Olaf: go talk with Olaf.
  • Gather the following materials: 18 Softwoods, 4 Iron Ingot and 4 Ropes: softwood can be found near trees at Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, Glade of Trust and the Forest of Valor. Iron Ingots can be made from 5 Iron Ore and 1 Coal Ore, which can be both be found with mining in the Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights and the Forgotten Lands. Ropes can be made from 8 Fiber, which can be made from seaweed, which can be found with fishing everywhere.
  • Talk to Minnie to get a Curtain: you can on the map where Minnie is.
  • Craft the Stage: go to a crafting station and create the stage from the stuff you just gathered.
  • Bring the Stage to Olaf: you can see on the map where he is. With talking to him, you complete this quest.

At 11:18 starts A Place For Joy quest.

Red Bromeliad
White Passion Lily
Blue Passion Lily
Picking up Memory
Iron Ingots

A Story To Tell (Level 4)