Burying The Eel (Level 2)

Burying The Eel
Maui wants to talk to you.
The demigod thinks Dreamlight Valley is missing something. Coconuts. To solve the problem, he decides to bring them to the village, but first he needs an Eel. He thinks Goofy can help him.
Goofy explains that in order to catch some Eels, you’re going to need a trap.
Now that you have a Fishing Trap, you just need to place it in the waters of Dazzle Beach near the dock.
As surprising as it sounds, you’ll have to plant the Eel so Coconuts can grow…
To get this quest, you have to get Maui at friendship level 2. After this quest, you can find coconuts on Dazzle Beach. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it.

  • Talk to Goofy: you can find on the map where he is.
  • Gather 3 Worms and 8 softwood: you can find softwood near trees at Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust. For the worms, you have to dig in the sparkling ground next to the ponds at Peaceful Meadow.
  • Craft a fishing trap; you can make the fishing trap with three worms and 8 softwood. You can use the items you just gathered.
  • Place the fishing trap near the deck on Dazzle Beach: you can find the fishing trap in your backpack under the furniture tap. Place it near the deck.
  • Talk to Maui: you can find on the map where he is.
  • Catch an Eel attracted by the bait in the Fishing Trap: fish at the bubbling places near the trap.
  • Bring the eel to Maui: walk back to Maui and give him the eel.
  • Bury the eel at the Beach: dig a hole at the beach and put the Eel in it.
  • Tend to the crop until it grows into a coconut tree: you have to give it water 3 times, and it takes about 5 minutes.
  • Harvest the coconut from the new coconut tree: interact with the tree. The tree will disappear after it.
  • Bring the coconut to Maui: you can find on the map where he is. Talking to him will end this quest.

At 00:00 starts Burying The Eel quest.

Fishing Trap
Coconut tree