Healing House (Level 2)

A Taste Of Home (Level 4)

Healing House
Mini-Casita suffered some damage while being away from the Valley, and Mirabel needs help to fix it. She asks you to help and wants to show you what needs to be repaired.
After fixing Mini-Casita, Mirabel gives you a sample of the floor, so you can decorate your own House like hers if you wish to, and then encourages you to put some work in your home.
Once you’re done, you invite Mirabel to see the changes you made to your House. 
You can get this quest after getting friendship Level 2 with Mirabel. After completing this quest, you will get a Painted Floorboard. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it.

  • Go inside Mini-Casita: walk to Mini-Casita and go inside.
  • Talk to Mirabel: she is in her house, talk with her.
  • Gather 15 Softwood, 20 Stones, 2 Yellow Daisies, 3 Dandelions and 3 Green Rising Penstemons to repair Mini-Casita: You can find softwood next to trees in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust. Stones you can find with mining rocks and minerals at every location. Yellow Daisies and Green Rising Penstemons grow in the Peaceful Meadow. Dandelions can be found in the Plaza.
  • Bring the materials to Mirabel in her House: go inside Mini-Casita and talk with Mirabel.
  • Purchase furniture from Scrooge’s Store to decorate your House: buy some furniture for your house.
  • Change the wallpaper and floor, add 5 furniture items to decorate your own Casita: go to your house. Change there from one of the rooms the floor and wall paper and place 5 furniture in a room. You only have to open your backpack, go to the furniture tab and start decorating your house.
  • Return to Mirabel: go back to Mirabel and talk with her. She is still at her house.
  • Follow Mirabel back to your house: walk with Mirabel back to your house.
  • Go inside your Casita with Mirabel: go inside, Mirabel will follow you.
  • Talk to Mirabel: with talking to her, you end this quest.

At 00:00 starts Healing House quest.

Yellow Daisy
Green Rising Penstemon

A Taste Of Home (Level 4)