HSL Episode 37

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 1400 – 2200 AP

Bus Ticket for the Mall 2G
Earrings for Rosalya 3G (Optional)
At the Mall 1G for a Crepe, 2G for Grilled Cheese, or 1G for Soda (you only buy one)
Nathaniel’s Date 4G (Optional)
Twins’ Outfit 58G
Evan Outfit 58G
Kentin Outfit 57G
Bus Ticket for Moondance 2G

Illustrations: 4 in total. You can get two out of four in a single play through. The illustration depends on outfit and dialogue choices.

Fairy/Auntie: in the park at night. You can find her during the object: when you need to meet the twins at the bus stop. The gift is a cloud purse.

Hidden item: in the living room. You must tell your mother the truth. You will get it after buying your outfit with Alexy or Rosalya. You should get it when you enter the house. If you don’t get it immediately. DON’T GO TO YOUR ROOM. Just keep re-entering the house until you get it. You will get a glitter bow.  


Kentin 57G

Evan 58G

Twins 58G

Episode guide:

You start this episode where episode 36 ended. That is in front of the café. You are supposed to meet the mysterious caller.



A. (I can understand him, we know nothing about this Evan…) /
B. (I don’t understand him, Evan seems so nice…) /
C. (He must surely be having a hard time with what he’s going through.) /

Options if Armin is your boyfriend.


A. (I can understand him, we know nothing about this Evan…) /
B. (A bit hesitant, I leaned towards him and whispered…) +
C. (I don’t understand him, Evan seems so nice…) /



A. No, sorry, I think I have to go home. /
B. If you really want me to, I’ll stay for one drink. /

It doesn’t matter what you choose. You will go home either way to meet up with Lucy. But first you will text your boyfriend. You will only send a text if you are on Lysander’s, Nathaniel’s or Castiel’s route.



A. “I’m spending the evening with a friend. Big hugs.” / With Lysander, Castiel and Nathaniel
B. “Thinking of you. Have a good evening. Kisses.” + With Lysander and Nathaniel, / with Castiel
C. “My friend Lucy is sleeping over. I would have preferred if it was you…” + with Castiel, / with Nathaniel and Lysander,


These shorts are so cute!

A. Oh yeah, you think so? It’s just an old thing… /
B. It looks good on you, you should keep it. +

It’s really nice of you to have let me come over. I know I kind of invited myself…

A. I’m starting to get used to it.
B. You’re always welcomed here, you know. +
C. What did you want to talk about? /


A. It’s really not cool for you to go through that. /
B. Did you try talking to your mom about it? +
C. After all, you kind of do the same thing, don’t you?

Maybe I should talk to her about it. But I don’t really know how to…

A. If I were you, I’d be honest and direct with her.
B. Try to be understanding. +
C. Maybe you should talk to your dad about it?

That’s also why I haven’t talked to my mom… I feel a bit stupid to comment on her situation when I’m doing the same thing.

A. It’s not the same. +
B. It’s true, it’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle black…

Lucy stays until you have to go back to school. In school there will be an announcement by the principal and then Iris shows up.


I’m hesitating on whether or not I should just hide in the locker room until tonight. To escape all this…

A. I don’t think that’s a good idea, Iris. /
B. Don’t you think you’re exaggerating a bit?
C. Can I come with? +

The principal announced that there will be a sex-ed class today. You are going to ask your friends what they think about it.


I wonder how Ms. Delanay took it…

A. She must be turning green! – With Melody, / with Violette
B. From what I saw, she’s not taking it well. + With Violette and Melody
C. I don’t think she has a say in it… / with Melody and Violette


So, in my point of view, it’s only been somewhat informative.

A. I’m sorry… +
B. I don’t know if it’s the school’s role to be so… Through.

Then you have the sex-ed class from Ms. Delanay in the science classroom.

Ms. Delanay:

Okay. HIV, Herpes, what else?

A. (I raised my hand to answer) / (more dialogue)
B. I prefer not to say anything. /


A. Hepatitis A? /
B. Hepatitis B? / (correct answer)
C. Mono? /



A. What is she doing? She’s crazy! /
B. I love this girl. / (Towards illustration with Rosalya)
C. Delanay was going to pick me! /

Me too. She’s awesome.

A. It’s really ridiculous, all of this for a piece of latex… /
B. I wouldn’t have dared. / (Illustration with Rosalya)
C. How is she that confident? /

Next you will have history class.

Mr. Faraize:


A. I don’t know, sorry… /
B. The final exams. /
C. The current chapter. / (As close to the correct answer you can get)

When that’s over, head to the Garden to meet your boyfriend.


Yeah. It will be a nice occasion to get to know Evan a little better.

A. That’s a bit of an odd hang out when it’s only been the second time you meet, don’t you think? /
B. Good thinking! It’s going to be nice. /
C. What are you going to do? /


Yeah, it’s the perfect occasion to spend some time with Evan.

A. It’s a bit weird hanging out with him and his two brothers, when they’ve only met once before. Don’t you think? /
B. Great, sounds fun! /
C. What are you guys going to do? /

After meeting your boyfriend. You will put your stuff in the locker and talk with Alexy. 



A. That’s a bit of an odd hang out when it’s only been the second time you meet, don’t you think? /
B. Great, that seems fun! /
C. What are you guys going to do? /

It is time to go home. On the way you will meet some people.


You looked lost in your thoughts… Am I bothering you?

A. Yes, a little. I have to go back in.
B. No, not at all. It’s nice to see you. +
C. No, no, don’t worry. /

Alexy told me he loved vintage stuff and Armin took an interest for my superhero shirts.

A. What did you bring me? +
B. I’m sure they will love it. /
C. Oh, so you’re giving them your old stuff… That’s nice.


(Choice) (You won’t get this choice on Armin’s or Kentin’s route)

A. I look forward to learning more about him. – With Castiel and Lysander, / with Nathaniel
B. I don’t really know what to think of him right now. + With Castiel, – with Nathaniel, / with Lysander
C. Well, he’s nice to Alexy and Armin. + With Nathaniel and Lysander, / with Castiel



A. Thanks again for earlier. /
B. By the way, why did you volunteer to do the demonstration?
C. That science class was very interesting… +

Rosalya invites you to go shopping the next morning. You will take the bus to mall. At the bus stop you will see Iris and her little brother Thomas. The bus trip will cost 2G.


I hope Charlotte is having such a hard time since changing high schools… She at least deserves that.

A. I still hate the fact that she was never punished for all of it… /
B. Maybe, but Iris should have been more careful.
C. Do you think we will ever see her again one day? +

I don’t know… Maybe it’s not a useful purchase.

A. (Buy the earrings for Rosa.) + (Cost 3G)
B. (Don’t do anything.) /

Then you will eat something with Rosalya, Iris and Thomas.



A. I’m going to get a chocolate crepe. / (Cost 1G)
B. I’m going to get a grilled cheese. / (Cost 2G)
C. I’m going to grab a soda. / (Cost 1G)

After some terrible conversation with Kentin and Evan, you will head back to your town. You walk around a bit for meeting your boyfriend. If you are on Kentin’s route, you will only walk around.


You could say that…

A. Where are you going?
B. Are you waiting on someone? /
C. Can I walk with you? /

No problem. I have what you would call a “date”.

A. Is it someone I know? /
B. Oh cool! /
C. With a girl or a boy?

Guy (Kentin’s dad):


A. You must be mistaken, sir. /
B. Okay, I’ll give him the message. /
C. T-tonight…? /

Or at the movies, or both, I don’t remember exactly.

A. I didn’t plan to see Kentin tonight. /
B. Oh yeah, that’s true. I forgot. /

If you are on Kentin’s route, you will head back home. And text with him.


(Choice) (If you covered for him with his dad)

A. “You’re welcome. It’s normal. Have a good night at Moondance.”
B. “I almost let the cat out of the bag. Let me know next time that I’m your alibi!”
C. “I don’t like lying. Especially to your dad… Let me know next time.”

(Choice) (If you didn’t cover for him with his dad)

A. “I wouldn’t have let the cat out of the bag if you had told me!”
B. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t know I was supposed to cover for you.” /
C. (In the end, I decided to ignore his message and not respond.) /

If you are not on Kentin’s route, you will have a date with your boyfriend.


Which one do you prefer?

A. I want to see “Farlo”. +
B. I love science fiction!
C. I think I’d rather see the comedy.

Two tickets, that’ll be 4G, please.

A. (I paid for our tickets) + (Cost 4G)
B. (I paid for my ticket.)
C. (I looked at Nathaniel without knowing what to do.) / Or +


A. This is cool. We’re practically the only ones here! / Or +
B. Weird, there’s only one person. /
C. Oh no… The movie theater is empty.


I’m reading a book on learning how to code.

A. What’s that for?
B. Great! +
C. That must be interesting. /

That’s one of my options, yeah.

A. I’m sure you will get there. /
B. You’re so passionate… +
C. Isn’t that a bit tough to get into?

I’m not going to be able to stay really long. As you know, I live in Alcatraz right now.

A. Are things going any better with your parents? +
B. Well, you did kind of deserve it…



A. Go Demon! I’ll hold him back! +
B. You’re not afraid he will run off?
C. He looks happy to be here. /


A. You see, even your dog is making fun of you! /
B. You really should stop smoking.
C. So, who’s the little girl now? +


A. Are you going to go to university?
B. I don’t really see you going to university. +
C. You don’t know yet? /


It’s kind of like my secret garden.

A. Weird place.
B. This place is kind of like you. +
C. It’s true that it’s nice. /


A. A British rock band, Radiored. +
B. An Argentinian band, Gitan Project.
C. Cuban rap, Arishas. /

After your date, you will go home. The next day you go back to school. You start looking for Kentin. 


That’s really not smart.

A. True, it’s not real clever. +
B. Someone’s being a bit bitter.
C. That’s not at all the Kentin I know. /


Is everything okay?

A. Yes, don’t worry. It’s nice of you to ask. +
B. Everything’s fine. /
C. Things would be better if I could find Kentin. /


What is SHE doing here??

A. It’s none of your business, Amber. – With Nathaniel.
B. Hmm, okay, I’m going to go. Thanks anyway Nath. + With Nathaniel
C. Amber, have you seen Kentin? / With Nathaniel


Are you still playing the good Samaritan? Doesn’t it tire you sometimes?

A. And you, aren’t you sick of making fun of everyone? /
B. It’s my Wonder Woman side, I can’t help it. +
C. None of your business.

You seem unable to find Kentin. You have to go to history class. After that, you will eat in the cafeteria.


Speaking of, Kentin isn’t here today?

A. No, I don’t know where he is… /
B. What observation skills! +
C. What does it matter to you?

Who’s the older guy who hangs with Kentin and the twins?

A. It’s Alexy and Armin’s brother. /
B. It’s Kentin’s friend. /
C. It’s none of your business.


I’m really disappointed in Kentin. I didn’t think he was so easily swayed.

A. It’s mostly Evan’s fault. /
B. Me neither… /
C. There’s going to be some explanation… /


I’m not sure he’s going to be very receptive to your remarks…

A. It’s still worth a shot! / Or +
B. What a pessimist!
C. Maybe, but I don’t really have a choice. / Or +


That’s even more ridiculous than I could have imagined.

A. That’s mean, Castiel.
B. I think it’s more complicated than that. +
C. True. /


He still hasn’t come to terms with the fact that we are together, he may take your remarks badly…

A. That has nothing to do with it.
B. I hope he will be able to take things into consideration. /
C. I don’t know. But someone has to talk to him. / Or +

Your next class is science class.

Candy: (You only have this choice on Kentin’s route)


A. (Sit next to Castiel.)
B. (Sit next to Nathaniel.)
C. (Sit next to Lysander.)
D. (Sit next to Armin.)

The one you pick will fight with Kentin.


Go on, I’m listening.

A. Is there a problem? /
B. You’re really going too far!
C. I’m worried about you… +


A. Why are you provoking strangers?
B. I’m afraid you’re in danger. /


A. Your attitude has changed a lot since Evan came back. /
B. I heard about what happened at the Moondance… /
C. I don’t think Evan is a good influence on you. /

Then it is time to go home. A whole week will go by. You will meet up with Armin and Alexy in the café. If you are on Lysander’s, Nathaniel’s or Castiel’s route the one whose route you are on will also come.

You will make a plan to go to Moondance. And then you go home and talk with your mother.



A. (Lie.)
B. (Tell the truth.) / (Towards hidden gift)

When you get to your room, you get to decide if you want to go with Rosalya or Alexy to shops to pick out an outfit. The one you ask you can change your Love’O’Meter with.



A. Rosalya /
B. Alexy /


They are all so beautiful!

A. I trust you on that. +
B. Are you sure?
C. Okay, let’s go see. /


This consultation will only cost you 100G! That’s a friend’s discount!

A. In your dreams, Alexy. +
B. WHAT?! /
C. You think that’s funny?

You will choose your outfit.

Kentin 57G

Evan 58G

Twins 58G

Then you go home. Now you can get the hidden item if you have told your mother the truth. You will get it when you enter your house. If you don’t get it immediately. DON’T GO TO YOUR ROOM. Just keep re-entering the house until you get it.

Then you can go to your bedroom. You will have some dialogue and then you will go to the Moondance.

Now you can find the fairy. Go to the park at night. Just switch between the park and the surrounding place until she pops up. 

When you are at the bus stop you will meet with Alexy and Armin. If you are on Lysander’s, Nathaniel’s or Castiel’s route the one whose route you are on will you also meet. You will take the bus all together to the Moondance. The bus trip will cost 2G.


You look like a high schooler, that’s what’s wrong!

A. That’s true… – with Armin
B. Stop fighting, you two! /
C. Shut up! – With Armin and Alexy



A. Good evening. / (Towards illustration with Armin and Alexy)
B. Hey. / (Towards illustration with Armin and Alexy)
C. Hello! /


Uhh, do we know each other?

A. Not yet… / (Towards illustration with Armin and Alexy)
B. I don’t think so. /
C. Uhh n-no… /


If I end up at the cops again, this won’t do. I’m telling you!

A. Of course not. Everything will be fine! / (Illustration with Armin and Alexy)
B. (I roll my eyes, exasperated) /
C. Oh mercy, no… /

Then you go inside the Moondance.



A. Now do you see what your idiocies have done? / (Illustration with Evan)
B. I hope you’re proud of yourself! /
C. All of this is your fault!

Kentin has gone outside. You go after him.



A. It is my business, you’re my friend!
B. How can you say that? / (Towards illustration)
C. You want us to leave you alone? /

Options if Kentin is your boyfriend.


A. It is my business, I’m your girlfriend! /
B. How can you say that? – (Towards illustration)
C. You want us to leave you alone? /


A. Kentin, wait!!
B. That’s it, get lost!
C. (I watched him leave… A strong sensation of powerlessness in the pit of my stomach.) (Illustration)

Options if Kentin is your boyfriend.


A. Kentin… /
B. (I got close to him.) (Illustration)
C. (I can’t believe he said that.)

Then episode 37 will end.