HSL Episode 5

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 250 – 300 AP
Castiel 260 AP
Nathaniel 260 AP
Lysander 260 AP
Fairy/Auntie 4 AP

Sherlock Magnifying Glass: 1G
Outfit Lysander: 34G
Outfit Castiel: 29G
Outfit Nathaniel: 29G

Illustrations: 3 in total. You can get 1 out of 3 in a single play through. The illustration depends on outfit.

Fairy/Auntie: in the staircase. You can find her when you go looking for the lost key. She will give you a Sherlock Cape.

Hidden Objects:
Sherlock Hat: By guessing that Amber is the thief.
Sherlock Pipe: By the coffee bot in the teachers lounge. You can find it after you search there.
Sherlock Magnifying Glass: in the dollar shop. You can find them there after Nathaniel asked you to find the exams.


Outfit Nathaniel 29G

Outfit Castiel 29G

Outfit Lysander 34G

Episode Guide:

You start this episode in the hallway. You are talking with Peggy. She’s asking things about ghost from last episode. Then you hear the Principal talking to Nathaniel.

Candy: (We heard voices coming from the student council room. It sounds like the principal is yelling at Nathaniel. Peggy went to seee what was going on)

A. (Go and see what is going on) (You find the key in the Garden, Nathaniel will give you info about the bracelet)
B. (Turn on your heels and avoid any trouble) (Lysander will give you the key, Capucine will give you info about the bracelet)
C. (Go and spy on them to find out what’s going on) (Castiel will give you the key and info about the bracelet)

Peggy: Oh, oh! Did you hear that? “The student body president in the hot seat”! That would be a great headline! I can’t wait to find out more about his case!

A. What?! Think about him, you can’t do that!
B. It is a scoop! +

Nathaniel comes over to talk to you. He will tell you that the key from the teacher’s lounge is missing. You decide to go looking for it. While you are looking for the key, you can also find the fairy at the staircase.

Nathaniel: If someone stole it from me, I have no idea where it could be. I usually leave it in the teachers’ lounge when I’m there or I have it on me.

A. How could someone steal it if it’s always in your sight? /
B. It’s ok, we’ll find it. /
C. That’s crazy, aren’t you careful with your things?!

Lysander Hello,…(Nickname), right?

A. That’s right! So you and Castiel are good friends, right? +
B. That’s right! So, you play music? How long have you been playing? /
C. That’s right! So you like scaring people?

Lysander: Rosa? Yes. 

A. You go out together?
B. This is your sister?
C. You are close?

Lysander: What is there to know?

A. The spare keys have going missing. /
B. Someone tried to frame Nathaniel.
C. There’s a thief I the school who stole them.

Lysander: Keys don’t disappear by themselves.

A. Yes, that’s why I think a thief took them.
B. You wouldn’t have them by any chance?
C. Yes, I’m going to keep looking for them. +

Castiel: And this concerns me how?

A. You’re not happy? Since you can’t stand Nathaniel.
B. Really? You’re not at all involved in this?
C. Don’t you think we should try to help him after all? /

Castiel: No.

A. Ok, I won’t push it…. /
B. Would you tell me if you knew something? /
C. I’m sure you know where it is!

Castiel: Of course…

A. I’m not joking, be cool for once. +
B. You’ve got nothing to do with all of this, right?
C. Do you have any idea who could have done it?

You are going to guess who the thief is.

A. It was Amber who did it. (Correct answer) (You will get the Sherlock Hat)
B. It was Castiel who did it.
C. It was Capucine who did it.
D. It was Violette who did it.
E. It was Peggy who did it.
F. It was Kim who did it.
G. It was Melody who did it.
H. It was Iris who did it.
I. It was Lysander who did it.
J. It was Nathaniel who did it.
K. It was the principal who did it.

If you had chosen to go and see what is going on you can find the key now in the garden.

Nathaniel: I’m not allowed to talk about it…

A. Ok, I see…I’ll stay focused on the key for now then. /
B. Tell me! How am I supposed to help you otherwise. /
C. If you don’t trust me, then work it out yourself! /

Nathaniel: Wait! All right… The documents that were stolen were the upcoming exams. They are kept locked in the teachers’ lounge as you can imagine.

A. Great! So the exams are being pushed back?
B. I understand how serious this is now. /
C. Oh I see! Don’t worry, we’ll find them! /

Natheniel: Of course not, I wouldn’t be so worried if I knew who did it.

A. Someone who has bad grades who would need to cheat? /
B. Someone who knew it would put you in a difficult situation? / (another choice)
C. Uh…I’m trying to figure it out….  /

Nathaniel: Are you thinking of Castiel?

A. No, he wouldn’t do that! /
B. Maybe, yeah…But I’m not positive. /
C. Yes, that would be something he would do. /

Castiel: (Choice)

A. Come on, tell me the truth, I’ll get it all settled and won’t say anything. Promise!
B. Did you know that it was upcoming exams that were stolen? /

Casteil: Really? We don’t have to worry about it for a while then?

A. Do you have good grades? +
B. You seem thrilled, huh… /
C. You still have nothing to tell me?

Castiel: Well…Not all that much but I’m not not a lost case either. Why?

A. To see if you had a motive to steal those exams of course!
B. Do you know any students who are having problems with their grades? /
C. For no reason.

Castiel: Geez … She not a magnifying glass.

A. I really thought it was you …
B. How could she do this to his brother?
C. I hope she will get fired. /

Castiel: What head in the air that one … Not sorry.

A. The fact is that I could come see you play? /
B. You’re playing together for a long time otherwise?
C. Can you tell me more about Lysander?

Castiel: Here it is. Now stop hinting at accusation, ok? Good girl.

A. Thanks, I believe you now, sorry. +
B. I knew it was you who had it!

Lysander: (Choice)

A. I still haven’t found the key. /
B. Did you know that the upcoming exams were stolen from the teacher’s lounge? /

Lysander: They must not be far.

A. That means you know something! (Insist)
B. I’m going to keep on looking. (Don’t insist) /

Lysander: No I did not.

A. Do you have good grades you? / (Another choice)
B. It did not seem to shock you
C. Are you sure you know nothing?

Lysander: I don’t think I can complain about my grades.

A. Ok, I see, so no need to cheat then. +
B. Maybe because you cheating!
C. Really? Could you help me out? /

Lysander: I found those famous keys completely by chance, here take them.

A. Ah! I knew you were the one who had them!
B. Super! Thanks so much. +
C. Mmm…Thanks, but that’s a bit suspicious.

You have the keys now. You are going to give them to Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: That’s true…Are you sure you want to risk it?

A. Yes, I really want to know who did it! /
B. No, but I feel a bit obligated…
C. I’m, not sure, but I want to know who did it. +

Nathaniel: I can only let you in once, and be quick, before someone comes. Ok?

A. Ok, I understand! /
B. Umm…wait, can you say that again? /

You are going into the teacher’s lounge. If you don’t want to get caught, you have to make the choices in this order. (If you do another order you will get caught and lose LOM with Castiel)

1. Search in the file cabinets. (If you look at Lysander’s file, he will get angry)
2. Search near the chairs. (You will find Ambers bracelet)
3. I have everything I need (leave)

Before you leave, you can find Sherlock’s pipe near the coffee machine.

After you found the bracelet, you will go around and ask everyone if they know who the bracelet belong to.

Castiel: Hmm…She’s always up to something.

A. I really did think it was you…   –
B. How could she do that to her brother?  /
C. I hope she gets expelled.  +

Someone will tell you that the bracelet belongs to Amber, you are going to confront her.

When you confront Amber. Nathaniel will also be there. He will ask you to get the exams. This is the moment that you can find the Sherlock Magnifying Glass in the Dollar Shop.

You can find the exams here: 

You are going to take them back to Nathaniel.

Castiel: Cool, and I couldn’t care less.

A. You knew already? /
B. Well…If ever there’s a sale on kindness, could you please go and buy some?
C. I thought you’d like to know. /

Nathaniel: I don’t really want to, but I don’t see what else I can do.

A. I understand, but I think you’re right… +
B. There’s no other solution, you have to! /
C. You shouldn’t do that!

Lysander: You know my notepad, the one you found the other evening? Did you read it?

A. I leafed through it a little, why? – if you have not read the file and / if you read the file
B. No, not really, why? + if you have not read the file and – if you read the file

Lysander lost his notebook you can find it here:

You are going to take the notebook back to Lysander.

Lysander: (Choice)

A. So what instrument do you play?
B. Can I come and watch you guys play some day? +
C. Hey, I was wondering…Do you have any idea what Castiel thinks of me? /

Amber will come to you. (You have to choose your outfit. If you want to get the illustration, you have to choose the outfit of the boy you have the highest LOM with.)

Outfit Nathaniel 29G

Outfit Castiel 29G

Outfit Lysander 34G

Amber is angry because she got expelled for several days. She about to hit you. Lysander / Nathaniel / Castiel will come in between you two. Amber goes home and the episode will end.