Memory Magnification (Level 8)

Memory Magnification
Mickey knows how to get Minnie back!
You need to craft a Dreamlight Magnifier if you want to have any chance of getting Minnie back. It’s going to take some work, and you start by gathering the materials for it.
Now that you have the means to talk to her, you need to find Minnie in the Village.
Minnie gives you a clue as to how to bring her back. Her House must be placed in the Village once again.
Just as you finish preparing her House, Minnie appears. It’s time to welcome her to the Village.
His sweetheart might be back, but she has lost her memories of him. You decide to check in with Mickey to see how he takes the news.
You can get this quest after getting Mickey at friendship level 8. After completing this quest Minnie Mouse will come to your valley. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it.

  • Gather 1 Emerald, 2 Hardwoods and craft 6 Tinkering Parts: Emerald can be found with mining in the Forest of Valor or the Glade of trust. Hardwood can be found at the Forest of Valor, Frosted Heights, Glade of Trust and Sunlit Plateau. Tinkering parts can be crafted from 0,67 Iron Ingots. Iron Ingots can be made from Iron Ore and Coal Ore. Iron Ore can be found with mining at the Forest of Valor, the Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights and Forgotten Lands. The Coal Ore can be found at every location.
  • Craft the Dreamlight Magnifier: you can make it from all the items you just gathered and Minnie’s bow.
  • Talk to Mickey: you can see on the map where he is.
  • Find Minnie in the Village: she will be next to the well at the Plaza. She also wants to talk.
  • Talk to Mickey: you can see on the map where he is.
  • Place Minnie’s house in the Village: go over to your backpack on the furniture tab, you can find Minnie’s House.
  • Use the Scrooge McDuck sign to pay for the construction of Minnie’s house: the construction costs 5000 Star Coins.
  • She’s there! Go talk to Minnie: Minnie will be standing next to the well in the Plaza.
  • Talk to Mickey about what happened to Minnie: with talking to him, you complete this task.

At 00:00 starts Memory Magnification quest.

Tinkering Parts
Dreamlight Magnifier