HSL Episode 19

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 400 – 550 AP
Only Candy 478 AP
Dake 516 AP
Fairy 6 AP

Outfit Dake 15G
Outfit Sandals 7G
Outfit both illustrations 8G
Gift Castiel 3G (Optioneel)
Gift Lysander 4G (Optioneel)
Gift Kentin 3G (Optioneel)
Gift Armin 4G (Optioneel)
Gift Nathaniel 3G (Optioneel)
Gift Alexy 4G or 6G (Depends on what you give him)
Hidden item Orange Sunglasses (head) 50G
Hidden item Orange Sunglasses (nose) 50G

Illustrations: 2 in total. You can get one out of two in a single play through. The illustrations depend on dialogue choices and outfit.

Fairy/Auntie: In the sunglasses store. At the beginning of the episode, when you are looking around at the mall to see if you will meet someone familiar. She will give you a blue dot clutch with pink flower.

Hidden item:
Sunglasses: Choose at the sunglasses store with Dake: Oh, okay! Why not?! You get to choose between two sunglasses.
If you answer that you don’t want to set Lucy up with Dake, you will get the shoes and the illustration with Dake.

Orange Sunglasses (head) 50G

Orange Sunglasses (nose) 50G

Blue Dot Shoes with Pink Flower
Dake will give them to you.


Outfit Dake 15G

Outfit sandals 7G

Outfit both illustrations 8G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in your room. You are choosing your shoes for the mall. If you want the illustration with Dake you should choose the heels, if you want the illustration of only Candy you can choose which one you like the most.

Outfit Dake 15G

Outfit sandals 7G

Then go to the bus station. Iris is there. You will talk with her and then go to the mall.
At the mall, you walk around to see if you recognize someone. At this moment you can also meet the fairy in the sunglasses store. She will give you a blue dot clutch with pink flower.
After you have been to all the places, you will lose Iris her coupon. You can find it in the toy’s store.

You decide to buy stuff for your friends.

Candy: (Choice) (You may choose two boys) (If you do Castiel and Nathaniel at the same time, they will get angry at the end of the episode) (If you don’t choose Armin, he will get jealous at the end of the episode because you will buy something for Alexy) (The LOM depends on the gift you choose)

A. Nathaniel
B. Kentin
C. Castiel
D. Armin
E. Lysander

Candy: (Choice) (You may choose one girl)

A. Kim +15 with Kim and / with Violette, Iris and Melody
B. Iris / with Iris, Kim, Violette and Melody
C. Violette +15 with Violette and / with Kim, Iris and Melody 
D. Melody +15 with Melody and / with Violette, Kim and Iris

You also decide to get a gift for Alexy and Rosalya.

Nathaniel’s gift is in Vingir 1ste floor.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (Take a pencil case.) +5 (3G) (/ if you also bought something for Castiel)
B. (Take a novel.) +15 (3G) (/ if you also bought something for Castiel)

Kentin’s gift is in the Toy’s store.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (Take a rabbit plush.) +15 (- if you had in episode 18 the illustration with Kentin) (3G)
B. (Take a bear stuffed animal.) +15 (3G)

Castiel’s gift is in Julien.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (Take a key chain.) +15 (3G) (/ if you also bought something for Nathaniel)
B. (Take a t-shirt.) / (3G)

Armin’s gift is in the micro games store.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (Take the FIFA) +5 (4G)
B. (Take the SoulSacrifice game) +15 (4G)

Lysander’s gift option are in the Vingir store 1ste and 2nd floor. Choose the one on the 2e floor for higher LOM.

Candy: (Choice) Vingir 1ste floor

A. (Find something else.) (Towards getting the gift on the 2nd floor)
B. (Take a new notebook.) +5 (4G)

Candy: (Choice) Vingir 2nd floor)

A. (Go back for the notebook.) +5 (4G)
B. (Take a Never-Forget gadget.) +10 (4G)

Alexy’s gift option are in the Vingir store 2nd floor and in Julien. Choose the one in Julien for a higher LOM.

Candy: (Choice) Vingir 2nd floor

A. (Take the headphones.) / (4G)
B. (Find something else.) (Towards getting the gift in Julien)

Candy: (Choice) Julien

A. (Go back to get the headphones.) / (4G)
B. (Take a t-shirt.) + (6G)

The gift for Iris, Violette Kim or Melody you can get at Clara. You will buy a keychain, which will cost 3G.

After buying everyone’s gift except Rosalya’s, you will see Dake.

Dake: Since the both of us are here, why don’t we spend some time together?

A. No thanks, you seem to be in good company already, I wouldn’t want to bother you… /
B. That would be great! But you already have company…  /

Candy: (Choice)

A. (Oh no way! I don’t want to stay with him!) /
B. (I’m happy to spend some time with him!) 

If you choose the content of A, you try to lose Dake. Walk around until Dake leaves you at Chez Louis. When you walk further, you see the girls Dake was with earlier. They will try to hurt you. Dake will save you. Go back with him to Chez Louis and then go to the sunglasses store.

If you choose the content of B, Walk with Dake towards Chez Louis to get a drink. Then go to the sunglasses store.

Dake: I like them a lot, I’m going to get them! They would suit you well too! Do you want to buy a pair too?

A. Oh, okay!  Why not?! / (Towards hidden item sunglasses, you get to choose between two sunglasses. They cost both 50G)
B. No, it’s alright, I need to watch my spending! /

Dake: Wait for me, okay? I’m going to go get it.

A. No, I’ll come with you! /
B. Wait, I can pay for your glasses if you want. – 10

Lucy: That’s okay. Lots can happen in a week!

A. (Oh no… I don’t want Lucy to steal Dake from me. I need to make her understand that he means something to me!) / (Towards illustration with Dake and hidden item shoes)
B. (Hmm…This is interesting… I could set Lucy up with Dake and get rid of him nice and easily…) /

If you choose the content of A. You will try to set Lucy up with another guy. Go in front of Clara’s. Then walk around until you see Lucy. Go with her back to Clara’s. The guy seems to already have a girlfriend. Go back to Dake. There, you will make Lucy clear that you like him. Lucy will leave. You go check if Lucy is okay. You can find her at Clara’s. Lucy is all right. Walk around until you see Dake again. If you choose the right shoes at the beginning of this episode, he will get you some shoes. Together you go looking for Rosalya’s gift.

If you choose the content of B. You will try to get Lucy and Dake together. Go to Vingir 1st floor. Then take them to lingerie store.

Lucy: You should take notes Belodie! This is what we call flirting! It will help you with the cute guys at your school!

A. I don’t think we have the same idea of flirting… /
B. I don’t see myself asking the guys from my school to choose my outfit. /

When you go out of the lingerie store, Dake will tell you that he goes surfing with Lucy. Those two leave you alone in the mall. You go looking for Rosalya’s gift.

Rosalya’s gift is in the lingerie shop. There you get lingerie for Rosalya and for you. The gift for Rosalya is free because of the coupon, yours cost 8G.

Outfit Dake + Illustration with only Candy 8G

When you are still with Dake and choose the right choice and outfit, you will get this illustration.
When you are alone, you will get this illustration.

After buying Rosalya’s gift, you go back home.

The next day, you go back to school. Walk around until you have given everyone their gift except Rosalya. Then the prince pall will ask everyone to come to classroom B. You will hear what surprise she has for the school and then the episode ends.